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Before MUSA HASSAN became the IGP, his superior was then BAKRI OMAR who was dubbed the SUPER CLEAN COP due to his will to fight CORRUPTIONS & getting RID of those from the 'Underground Networks". During BAKRI's tenure as IGP, he even went to the extent of capturing 1 of the 4 so-called UNDERGROUND HEAVENLY KINGS (Pai Kah Lek). This arrest resulted to other 3 so-called HEAVENLY KINGS to flee the country with fear. BAKRI gained a reputation as a CLEAN COP who serves with NO FAVOUR or FEAR.

MUSA HASSAN who was then the DEPUTY IGP was extremely restless & anxious to sit on BAKRI's throne. MUSA HASSAN knew that if his superior (BAKRI) were to continue performing in such a way, MUSA HASSAN would have to wait for another 10 years or so before even being able to smell the post of IGP. MUSA HASSAN simply couldn't wait & thus, he set-up a vicious plan to have BAKRI dropped as the IGP.

MUSA HASSAN laid out a plan to get BAKRI doomed by making use of BAKRI's eldest son as the BAIT . MUSA HASSAN instructed his konco-konco to get in contact with BAKRI's son & they cunningly offered BAKRI's son some F.O.C. Ramadhan Bazaar lots way back in 2005.

BAKRI's son who was then a young & naive guy accepted the offer without even thinking of its' hidden motive. The condition for this offer was that BAKRI's son MUST NEVER allow his dad to know about it. BAKRI's son was later brain washed by MUSA HASSAN's men to sell these FREE Ramadhan Bazaar lots to traders at a ROCKET HIGH price. It was a MOUSE TRAP!!! Potential buyers for these ROCKET HIGH PRICE lots had been pre-arranged by MUSA HASSAN's men.

Thus, an appointment to view the lots was carried out & these pre-planned buyers agreed to buy the lots (even at such crazily high price). However, immediately when transaction was conducted (in CASH, of course), ACA (now MACC) then moved in & apprehended BAKRI's son red handedly. It was a well planned strategy to get BAKRI's son into trouble with allegations of CORRUPTIONS (something the father was fighting strongly against).

When BAKRI's son was caught by the ACA, MUSA HASSAN's dream of becoming the next IGP was almost certain. MUSA HASSAN made a shame out of his superior without his superior even knowing it. Hence, BAKRI had no choice but to step down as the IGP because his own son committed CORRUPTION red handedly (something he promised to get rid of). If BAKRI were to stay on as IGP, it would only bring more shame & humility to the entire Police Force.

Shortly after this case was exposed by the Media, BAKRI stepped down & MUSA HASSAN took over as the IGP. The case of BAKRI's son involvement in the Ramadhan Bazaar lots went into MIA. We haven't heard about this case since then. Perhaps, it could be a closed door deal between MUSA HASSAN & BAKRI for allowing this case to go to TIMBUKTU. It's a typical case of..."If you step down, I take over & I settle this case for you".

BAKRI ignorantly became a VICTIM of MUSA HASSAN's evil plan, while BAKRI's son was used as the BAIT. Even the recently acquitted Dato' RAMLY YUSUF was a poor VICTIM of MUSA HASSAN.

Can you see how sly, cunning & cruel this wanker name MUSA HASSAN could be? He's ever willing to DOOM his friends, colleagues & superiors simply for the objective of becoming the IGP. It's unfortunate he got to become the IGP but we should rejoice as he's going to be SACKED as the IGP.


Bernard, this is the message from my 'deep throat' in Bukit Aman:
Heard something similar when Bakri was retiring. That's why Bakri remarked to close circles that Musa Hassan (MH) shed crocodile tears when the papers frontpaged MH hugging and crying at Bakri's farewell. Since then Bakri has nothing kind to say about MH. I had dinner with another former IGP Norian Mai last night. Norian related how MH's phantom poison pen letters were found in MH's desktop computer when MH was promoted to be CPO Johor after DSAI's case while Ramli was exiled to Sabah. At that time MH and Bakri were best buddies to bring down Norian. So to a certain extent what happened to Bakri was retribution for Bakri's and MH's plotting vs Norian. So Bakri then handpicked MH to be DIGP which he openly told friends that he very much regretted that. What is happening to MH is retribution for what he did to Bakri and the cycle of budaya mencantas continues.

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