Thursday, 16 June 2011

The dialogue:- Of Pet-Lovers and "Commander WHO"


"We have, I fear, confused power with greatness" -Stewart Udall


On behalf of all the pet-lovers of Taman Amansiara,I'd like to thank YB William Leong and the Timbalan YDP of MPS for their sincere efforts at resolving the tensions & conflict in Taman Amansiara, by having the dialogue yesterday. They were most cooperative & concern about the developments that have taken place in Taman Amansiara.
(It was a disappointment to many of us when it was announced that Dr.Razif, whom we were "eager" to meet, would be represented by his underling at the meeting).
The MPS Legal Advisory wasn't represented, nor was the Dept of Veterinary services.

As in most places, there are a couple of dog-owners who have posed a problem to the neighbors- the reason for which we desired guidelines, to educate the people. The JMB, being "paralyzed" in this matter as a result of MPS's inability to cooperate (due to the sabotage of a certain "little napoleon"), hasn't been able to help in achieving this.
Therefore, as of last night, we pet-owners have made our own efforts at identifying the "problem households", with the help of a complainant at the dialogue.
(Note: As of 7.6.11, I have resigned as a member, to avoid having a dysfunctional JMB paralyzed by conflict- and to concentrate my efforts at resolving this matter).

However, these are small issues which only require some education & understanding of the circumstances. It has to be noted that one dog-owner is quite defensive about it because of the insecurity & trauma he & his wife have suffered as a result of a previous incidents (robbery/assault).
Other allegations mentioned by complainants remain to be verified.
Meanwhile, it has also come to my attention that there has been in the past, a Malay family with dogs, which has since moved out- presumably due to "social discomfort".

Back to the dialogue we had yesterday .....
While I'm willing to accept the efforts of YB William Leong and the Timbalan YDP of MPS towards achieving an amicable settlement on this issue, there are concerns over the uncompromising & extremist-like approach of the anti-pets lobby (and MPS Councillor Husnal) which create conflict in Amansiara- which has begun to take some racial undertones (despite not having expressly mentioned anything to that effect).

The "anti-pets lobby" also made it pretty clear in their statement yesterday, that they aren't willing to compromise, or work based on consensus even if their concerns are addressed- and wish to dictate terms to all others who live in peace in Taman Amansiara (based on their understanding of the law- like as if they were experts).
They had nothing else to base their argument on!!
And they just went on & on "flogging the dead horse" of "rule by law" ...

It was for this reason that one speaker (En Halim from the JMB- who was supportive of pets in compliance with the JMB guidelines proposed) specifically mentioned that he does not desire for things to descend to that level. En Halim was one of the attendees of the Meeting chaired by Tuan Gunaraj, and is a signatory to the letter of support submitted to MPS.

After the dialogue,when YB William & Tuan Gunaraj had left, Husnal approached me with what appeared to me to be feigned goodwill & a constipated grin. I demanded an apology from him for dividing the people & provoking a conflict in Taman Amansiara- for which I held him directly responsible (as he had confessed to st0pping the licensing & regulatory process).
I also demanded the same of him for psychologically traumatizing my wife when his underlings from MPS had come around in plainclothes taking photos (just three days after he promised to refrain from any action)- on a Sunday!

“So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannise will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent,
and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods,
religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.”
- Voltaire

Husnal, (aka "Commander WHO" at his website which teaches "tactical psychology" apparently - LOL!!) proceeded to speak like a "Little Napoleon" claiming that he was only "following the law" as he sees it, he that he can do it- because he's in authority.
Husnal also insists that MPS cannot license any dog (despite there being two licensed dogs with Amansiara address), "because the law says so". He says that he doesn't need to charge us in court, and can proceed with seizure- "because we are the authority"!!
(This is also despite the fact that MPS Legal Advisory has previously agreed in a Meeting chaired by Tuan Gunaraj, that we do have the right to keep dogs!)

Husnal mentioned that the "status quo" (as he mentioned at the end of the dialogue yesterday) means that- no action will be taken, as long as there are no complaints ... and in the event of a complaint, they would proceed with issuing compounds & seizure of all dogs in Amansiara!!
Husnal also dared/challenged me to sue him/MPS & bring a court order if we cannot accept that, and wish to keep our dogs!!
I have many witnesses to this unbecoming words/conduct of his.

Now- Intellectual amoebas do not understand the difference between the "rule of law" and "rule by law". They do not understand that the law is meant to help us achieve an aim- and not made, for the them to be used with total disregard of circumstances.
He cannot understand that "that Mankind isn't made for the law - but that the law is made to serve the best interest of Mankind".
(Or else, we would've all been behind bars for having an "illegal assembly" as per the Police Act yesterday- for not having a police permit.
The Police Act 1967 section 27.5 (b) stipulates that a meeting .....
"in which three or more persons taking part ..... shall be deemed to be an unlawful assembly, and all persons attending, found at or taking part in such ..... meeting ... for which no licence has been issued, ...... shall be guilty of an offence"!!
As for those self-righteous "holier-than-thou" guys and "Commander WHOs" of the world, who wish to "abide by the law" - I have no idea if they intend to volunteer to be arrested for this "crime" of an "illegal assembly" which they have unwittingly committed yesterday)

They have no understanding of the law, but presume righteousness in their ignorance and bigotry. These are the "Little Napoleons" who pander to the antics of extremists for political mileage, and effectively destroy the rule of law in this beautiful nation of ours.

We must stand together to fight the evil of Extremists & "Little Napoleons" who wish to hold decent people at ransom and turn this country into a state devoid of love & compassion.
We need to save Malaysia from these unthinking bigots who insist on the "rule by law", so as to feed their chauvinism & egos.
Let us stand together for a better tomorrow to make Malaysia great again.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
~ Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand



  1. Totally agree with you! Denying something which was supposedly a promise. Who else is going to trust his words?

    I was totally disgusted as to how some people behaved as though dogs are some really dangerous creatures! A health hazard, a noisy creature, dangerous.

    Do you think a dog safely secured in within its house compound would attack you if you did not trespass or put your precious little fingers into its parameter? He is just trying to protect his property just like you would chase a trespasser away from your property!

    What about those children who threw stones at the dogs who is in his house? You have the rights to harm our dogs but cant even take care of your loiterring about kids on the road?

    Dogs are 'angels' sent from heaven. So are other animals, get a life people! Stop this cruelty by asking us to give our 'family' away...

  2. Believe me when I tell you, that there are divisive forces at work.
    Some are manipulated into making "choices" too.

    Right from the start, some people knew that this would be a divisive non-issue (especially between Malays & non-Malays)- and so, they created & exploited it.

    There have been in the past, some other agent provocateurs who even wanted to exploit "other non-issues" to create conflict in Amansiara among the Muslims & non-Muslims.
    (They were soundly told off by yours sincerely, thank you).

    Although it was mainly Malays who made their stand known, there are some non-Malays who are also on "that team", who desire this conflict- make no mistake about that.
    Of course- Some are just naive, "diplomatic" or innocent. So it wasn't really a "race" issue, as some people feared or tried to make it out to be.

    There are many bigots in office (and on the streets) today, who haven't changed much. They are there because they are opportunists & accidental heroes- and don't care about the social paradigm shift decent Malaysians desire.

    In some cases, the unexpected windfall of an office and power gets to their heads- and arrogance sets in (hence their delusions of grandeur "in authority").

    Hence they pander to the bigots, hypocrites & racists- desperate to make something of themselves, they will work with BTN, PERKASA or any other group which preach hatred and sectarianism.
    To all these small-time unthinking politicians, as long as it gives them political mileage- even if it disrupts/divides society, it's still fair dinkum.

    This is the sad truth- it's a learning curve for many, and many don't make the cut by reverting to their "old-school" methods.

    Maybe, just maybe- we experienced some of these flunkies ....



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