Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Fighting the Jews" .... err ... thru "Islamic sex"- that's HOT & KINKY!!

“Kemuncak cinta kita ialah celah kangkang.
Tangan, kaki dan segalanya terdorong kuat untuk menuju ke situ
[The peak of our love is the cleft in between the thighs.
Hands, feet and everything are strongly driven there].”

Islamic sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world

Obedient Wives Club publishes explicit sex book

October 12, 2011

Previously, the club’s vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamad (right), had provoked an outcry for advising women to behave like “a first-class whore” while in the company of their husbands. — file pic
KOTA BARU, Oct 12 — A Muslim man can have sex with all his wives at the same time, according to a controversial new book on Islamic sex by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC).

Titillatingly-titled “Seks Islam, perangi Yahudi untk kembalikan seks Islam kepada dunia [Islamic sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world]”, the explicit book aims to guide Muslim brides on how to pleasure their husbands in bed.
In its foreword, the pro-polygamy OWC said its studies showed women only gave their husbands 10 per cent of what the men desired of their wives’ bodies.

Malay-language daily, Berita Harian, reported today the Malay-Muslim community was upset the book featured on its front cover the polygamous leader of the outlawed Al-Arqam religious sect, Asaari Muhammad, and also objected to its extremely graphic visuals.
An extract on the back cover reads, in Bahasa Malaysia: “Selaku pemimpin roh, kebolehan yang Allah izinkan kepada mereka ialah boleh serentak dengan semua isteri-isteri melakukan hubungan jenis. Manakala kalau isteripun orang roh, lagilah hebat. Ke mana-mana terbang untuk atau sambil melakukan hubungan sulit itu dalam keadaan lebih nikmat dan lebih ringan dibanding dengan perlakuan yang menggunakan fizikal. Untuk itulah Abuya sedang proses isteri-isterinya ke arah roh.”

In English:
“As a spiritual leader, Allah has granted him the ability to have simultaneous sex with all his wives.
And if the wife is spiritual, the sex is greater.
They can fly anywhere for sex- it is more enjoyable and easier compared to physical sex.
For that reason, Abuya was processing his wives towards the spiritual.”
(Ok- all you ladies who need some "PROCESSING" - please feel free to join Abuya, okay ....)

The paper noted that explicit sex details littered the book’s 115 pages, and cited as another example chapter eight which deals with “how sex becomes worship”.

Kemuncak cinta kita ialah celah kangkang. Tangan, kaki dan segalanya terdorong kuat untuk menuju ke situ [The peak of our love is the cleft in between. Hands, feet and everything are strongly driven there].”

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Isn't Abuya (or Rohaya) preaching "Tantric sex" here?

Adnan: Lynas is a "Racial Issue"!!



Charge them in court- or shut up, Hasan Ali!! Stop the slander!!

"We are a nation rather in love with substance over style (sic), 
with keeping up appearances.
That’s the reality behind the recent decision to exonerate 
the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) 
for the Damansara Utama Methodist Church raid....." 
"Instead of moving forwards, we keep going round and round. 
Saying and doing the same things.

Always championing race and religion; 
always defending our “rights”. 

This siege mentality gets us nowhere. 
It makes one wonder if it’s all a big conspiracy.

Don’t improve our education system. 
We don’t want our kids too smart. 
Smart kids become smart citizens. 

Who question and not obey, like sheep.

The wolves croon to the sheep, dressed in fine wool. 
And the sheep see the wolves and think, they must be one of us. 
When sheep believes the wolves know best, it’s all over.

Terry Pratchett wrote: 
“For sheep are stupid, and have to be driven. 
But goats are intelligent, and need to be led.”

The goats, I fear, have long left the pasture."
~Erna Mahyuni, "Be Malaysian, embrace hypocrisy"
" .... this shows there were attempts 
to influence the people's faith at DUMC last Aug 3."
~ Hasan Ali

Terence Netto- Malaysiakini
2:37PM Oct 11

Catholic Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing today reminded Hasan Ali of PAS, the Selangor executive councillor in charge of Islamic affairs, that he is a “an elected representative of a party that cannot rely on dubious evidence when accusing others of wrongdoing”.

Responding to Hasan’s opinion that yesterday’s statement by the Selangor sultan showed that there was Christian proselytising of Muslims at a function hosted by a Christian group in August, the head of the Catholic Church in the Malacca-Johor diocese said: “More than any other party, PAS has to be extremely fastidious about the evidence before preferring an accusation.”

bishop paul tanTan explained: “Need I remind him his party wants to implement a judicial system - at least in one state in the country - that in the terminal finality of the punishments it encompasses makes the sifting of evidence a matter of the gravest responsibility.

“In leaping to his conclusions in the matter of alleged Christian proselytising of Muslims at the dinner hosted by the Damansara Utama Methodist Centre (DUMC), Hasan has been grossly negligent in respect of evidence evaluation.

“He has done a grave disservice to the cause of the judicial system his party is on record as propounding for the good of citizens in this country.

“People are going to look at the way he has leaped from arbitrary fact to accusatory conclusion in this matter and ask what kind of system is his party propounding that allows a grave accusation to be preferred on a dubious evidentiary basis.”  

azlanTan reminded Hasan (left) that “not only in Selangor but every other state in Malaysia, his party is in contention with the supposedly corrupt and unprincipled”.

“Therefore it is incumbent upon him to hold himself to a higher standard of public conduct and exposition than of those he is in contention with.”

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