Monday, 6 August 2007

Jalur Gemilang or Stars and Stripes?

It is normal practice for our leaders to portray images of our "freedom fighters" come Merdeka Day celebrations every year.
I'm almost humbled reading about their exaggerated sacrifices "demi agama, bangsa dan negara" ..... or so the story goes.
However, when I look beyond the need for national heroes, all the apparent "sacrifices" seem quite hollow and stinks a little.
What sacrifices may I ask, these Meno lackeys made for an independence that was virtually guaranteed by Roosevelt? The only sacrifice I can assume they made, was to subdue their greed for the impending wealth or windfall that came along as fruits of their "labor".
If at all anybody knew what freedom fighting was all about, it was Dato Onn Jaafar who went to India, and the much maligned people who literally fought with guns against the British.
And during that time, all these usurpers who took over the mantle of leadership from Dato' Onn, collaborated with the "white Masta".
Dato' Onn was an ardent admirer of the Indian struggle for Freedom. People like Gandhi, Nehru, Shubash Chandra Bose etc, etc, were his Idols. So much so, according to some reports, he was there on Independence Day. He was a man of honor, who didn't let his religious affiliation affect his judgement, and sway him to the Pakistani theives.
I have no doubt in my mind that he would've led a movement for independence, even if it wasn't served to him on a silver platter.
The UMNO that he had formed with the sole purpose of opposing the Malayan Union, was suddenly transformed into a racist party bent on grabbing power. If it wasn't for Dato' Onn and the British, Malaya would have been just another "banana republic", with the repatriation of all foreign labor that made it a gold mine.
Dato Onn is strangely forgotten in the celebrations every year - at best, he's just a footnote, where Tunku and Razak are giants.
In my opinion, if not for Dato Onn, we wouldn't be where we are today. So, Dato Onn and not Tunku, was the real Bapa Malaysia. Unfortunately, he died a sad man, his ideals, forgotten. It is sad that his progeny chose to toe the line that UMNO drew.
Having made it clear that the so-called freedom fighters never fought for anything except their selfish interests, who then fought for Malaysia and all other nations of the mighty British Empire?
None other than those who bled on the beaches of Normandy - yes, The Americans! It was a precondition that Roosevelt made to Churchill in return for the active participation in WW II, without which we may be under the brutal regime of the Axis powers. It was the New World Order that was envisioned by the Americans.
Should we then pledge our allegiance, at least in the global political game to the USA? It doesn't really matter if they had other things in mind
How many Malays, Chinese or Indians died for Independence? Just a handful compared to the hundreds of thousands in India over a century.
Nevertheless, the people of Malaysia then, made a choice in choosing the leadership, albeit without foresight- a choice that may not be ideal, but was fairly successful, considering the circumstances. It was a choice that we have to accept, and hope for the future.
Due credit needs to be given to the past leaders for this fact.
For our past leaders' efforts, despite their imperfections - one has to acknowledge their contributions.
Let us not forget that this is our country - and that is what it will be, whether we like it or not.
As we separate the wheat from the chaff, let us all be proud of our beautiful nation, Malaysia.
Come what may, even if USA is the most powerful nation, I would with all my heart, pick the Jalur Gemilang over the Stars and Stripes.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!