Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Arabic Day

Today I wish to indulge myself in all thing Arabic, so as not to seem biased against them - Hey Man - there cool things about arabs ....... Like, like, ....... like ......
Ah yes - crude oil, the desert sands, Islam, IEDs, suicide bombers, the veil, falafel, kebab, belly dancing, yeah man ..... and many more.
And today I'm enjoying Arab culture on YouTube - and I dont care if you think they are uncivilized scum of scum!
So here goes ......

Funny Arab Guy

Next, we have belly dancing (Rated PG18)
Arabic belly dance from Lebanon

Here's some very "touching" music, about the sad predicament of an arab
Hey There Khalilah

Let's move on to more pleasant stuff, huh?
A-R-A-B Rap

Now just to round it up, we got -
Some funny arab rap

That's all for today .... I'll write no .... publish what I wrote soon enuff!

Kau Ilhamku