Friday, 25 July 2008

"Supremacy", to "Unity in Sodomy", to "Emergency out of Love".

"That the Malays have been taken for a ride for far too long, since Merdeka till now, without anyone realizing it, or know how to solve this problem affecting the Malays, so that they are not trampled upon." -"Melayu-lah", "…AND REALIZED HOW THEY HAVE ....?", Malaysia Today.

"It's easy to mock people like us for saying things like "I will never die for this country"; it's hard to accept that this country has never given people like us a reason to die for it."
- John Lee, Infernal Ramblings

Nik Aziz, never really articulates his ideas too well - although he's quite straighforward in his statements. His statements are usually quite "simple" ("simplistic" actually, to many ....) - it doesn't go far beyond one word - "Islam".
(For the life of me, I cannot figure out what that means, considering the fact that he cannot bring himself to agree with ideas of "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"). I could be wrong here - but in his book, it probably means - "No to Inul, Transvestites, High-heels/ Lipstick, sexy successful women".
"Sodomists" (ask MahaDet what that means), graft, corruption, equal rights and "reason" are probably not okay too- but we don't speak of such things .....

Last he says,"'Umno should dissolve, PAS should also dissolve. Set up another party on condition that it is based on Islam'.
Although he speaks of an "impossibility" (probably in jest), to pour ridicule & scorn on the "mu-zakar-ah" or "mu-raba-lah" (or was it "muqabalah"?), - does he mean that in order to "unite" Malays, they must dissolve PAS to create another "PAS"?
If it is not to create another "PAS", is there something wrong with PAS as it is? Doesn't he realize that he's sending out wrong signals?

Umno has however decided to play up the issue to reinforce the "emergency" in the state of affairs of the Malays - who badly need to be emancipated from their mental slavery" as a result of 50 yrs of "freedom" under BN rule.
The bogeyman here, is of course the "Kafir", as quite eloquently articulated by the "brave Malay Nationalist" who goes by the pseudonym - "Melayu-lah" - such great thinking faculties .......

What "Malay Unity" means to some is "the unopposed dominance of a single party, so as to stifle debate and dissent, and perpetuation of elitism, crony capitalism and oligarchy".
From their perspective, it is the only way forward for their "Religion & Race" - in total submission to "Leadership" of the captain of the vessel.

What do we want for ourselves? - one might ask ....
Yes - We want "Melayu Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang".
What do we have before us?
It's none other than "Melayu Terkilan" - which is interpreted as being due to the conspiracy that presents as "attacks" from the local and foreign bogeymen. And creation of the "terkilan" works so well for Pirates, there's no real need for the above slogan to materialize.

Umno's unrelenting quest for "dominance" as the sole heir to the throne - at whatever the cost (despite MahaDet's sentimental "confessions" lately), has today led to further destabilization of the nation.
Umno and the people it claims to represent are at loggerheads with each other. So much so, it appears to be at odds with every conceivable institution of justice and democracy. All these institutions of democracy are supposed to be "in his majesty's service"!

It appears to be a game of - "either I rule, or I destroy what has been built, for you to take over".
This also includes the subversion of unity within the Pakatan, which is the people's mandate.
All these are quite consistent with the "divide and rule" or "subversion/destabilization for stability" or even "war for peace" creed, by which some parties rule.
This, in "Pirate-speak", is the so-called "Malay-IslamUnity"; of which Nasharudin of PAS asks "What is so wrong ....?" (Sigh ......)
Yep - such "brilliance and clarity of thoughts" is hard to come by .... I won't say anymore.

Things are so bad that Malaysia is on the verge of an officially declared "emergency" that would require suspending of the parliament - so as to bring forth some "gunboat diplomacy" as in 1969. Accordingly, the issues discussed by the online media include the below:-
"the Conference of Rulers, could determine the outcome of Malaysia's deepening political crisis, which has stoked murmurings of a possible snap election and also the possibility that a state of emergency could be declared".
-Royals Start To Flex Their Muscles, The Malaysian Insider.
It doesn't really take a genius to figure out who the scapegoat, should the "Emergency" be officially be declared .....

Quite sad that Pirates seek to build a democracy that choses to ignore (read "subvert") the very institutions of Democracy, upon which they are supposed to build a nation. They don't see it as subversion or racism or "religious chauvinism", though.
It is called none other than "Ketuanan Melayu", "Unity in Sodomy" or "Emergency out of Love".

With geniuses like "Melayu-lah", Nasharudin and Hadi at the forefront of "Unity" through "mu-zakar-ah", is it any wonder as to why Pirates have been having having a gala time in Malaysia?

Now - Isn't it an oxymoron for a Pirate of the Constitution (of all people), to wonder if we "love" the country?

"We are all the beneficiaries of the policies of those early people who lead this country. The systems and policies they initiated were excellent. If they seem not to work today it is not because they were bad but it is because we do not have their caliber. We have become very selfish and too materialistic. This country has given us much.
Is it still the country we love? I wonde
r! "
- Mahathir,

Maybe I should stop reminiscing about the good old days......
but I wish things are much better than today......

I just want what is mine.”
Benny Lim, Canteena, Bangsar