Thursday, 13 November 2008

Offensive "Spin Doctors" ......


The intended title to this post was supposed to be "Spin Doctors on the Offensive", but it turned out as above - and I thought I'd let it be. It shouldn't have sounded the way it does - after reading the "spinterview" man of Malaysia Today, it was a spontaneous thing- if you know what I mean ....
There were two very interesting articles on Malaysia Today, today!
Both came for the man who contributes oneliners and a few questions in the Face to Face column on Malaysia Today - the one and only IMRAN Imtiaz - don't mistake him for Malik Imtiaz of Disquiet who defended RPK recently.
The most "enlightening" of his "spinterviews" was with Rocky of Rocky's Bru
(the link to the blog has since been removed from Cruzinthots)
I tell you, Guys - This is just a new "Mathias Chang" in the making ....

The two articles are
1. Stephen Doss Strenuously Protects Khairy Jamaluddin-A Rejoinder
2. Every Man A King

Here's a comment from one reader in the first article:
I myself have my own disagreements over some of Stephen Doss's writings, but he does have his points, which begs the question - What is yours ?
As Mr.Doss puts it succintly when he refers to you " a young man not well versed in political happenings"

I tell you what Mr.Imtiaz, just put on a pretty suite and stick to what you do well- as the "The Interviever " in " face to face" series of articles.

because it seems that you are out of your depth, and political analysis does not seem to be your forte.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

and another ....
written by SCM, November 13, 2008 10:24:47
Hey Imran, you seem to be doing exactly what Steven Doss is doing for Khairy, but for Mukhriz. How are you different from Doss? Did you actually say that Mukhriz had to "beg for his rice bowl to be returned to him"? Rice bowl? Wouldn't it be more accurate to use the term "gold inggots" or "diamond mines" to be returned to him? This Mukhriz guy and his family raped us for 22 years and have become one of the richest families in the WORLD. And you refer to this billionaire as an underdog?

Well, as far as I am concerned, they are both dogs. One is a mutt while the other is a mutt with a fake Oxford degree and parades around like a slimy worm.

The latter article was a diarrhoea of words that ran 1800 words - and I couldn't bring myself to go far ....
Among the words (written in bullet-form as "you-know-who") were these:
1. The problem with this country is that we have nominal and displaced persons on the fringes of mainstream society that try to make a name for themselves by taking pot shots at upright citizens. Malik Imtiaz Sarwar is one such person who hopes to gain some selective notoriety by not only displaying his bias for all to see but has also resorted to personal attacks against Mukhriz Mahathir.
5. Our judicial system in its trials and tribulations throughout the years has met up with various "incidences" which has created unhappiness, particularly in respect of the 1988 judicial crisis- which the bar council and disgruntled lawyers have unilaterally spun as a crisis. It was actually a wind of change for the better under the prevailing circumstances during the premiership of Tun Dr. Mahathir whom had the unpleasant task and had to accept the unpopularity of disciplining the rebellious judges who had abused their positions thinking that they are all supreme– over and above the law- believing that no action can be taken against them.
15. The writer also seems to rely on Zaid Ibrahim (former de facto law minister) to strengthen his arguments. For the record Zaid Ibrahim is hardly a maverick but a total political failure. ..... Nobody knows really what reforms he intended to carry out in the first place. In this regard, the writer needs to be reminded that the outgoing PM and Zaid together with the bar council held a dinner in honour of the rebellious judges with the sole purpose to hit back at Tun Dr Mahathir and attempted to humiliate this great statesman. The act of paying compensation to the rebellious judges is an ultra vires act and it involves public money which was paid by the government not only for the dinner but also for the said compensation. No country in the world particularly a Commonwealth member country will resort to such an ultra vires and unlawful act.
(Bold Italics, mine)

Now for some interesting comments to the above ....
written by Jit Dharma, November 13, 2008 12:38:38
Mr. Imran, anyone who calls Mahathir a great statesman must be retarded.I think
that you fancy yourself as a kind of intellectual/ hired gun/mercenary. I don't
listen to the hot air expelled by our so called 'intellectuals', because like you, they are mostly airy fairy wimps lost in the high of listening to their own voices. Give me an indication that you and your 'observations' are unbiased and rooted in the real world, as for now you come across like a blind idiot.
Mukhriz Mahathir? Are you trying to sell this clown to us? Please lah, even the
security guard in my area is more of an intellectual than you. Get a real job!!

written by temenggong, November 13, 2008 12:49:27
Imran, I read the piece on 'all the king's men' and did not find anything you describe. It is a call to put judicial reform upfront! What's wrong with that?

I think you are barking up the wrong tree, or perhaps a stooge for the Mahathir clan.
"The Rakyat of all races, class and creed have thrown their support behind him (Mukhriz)."

You are a joker, Imram! Even my arse is laughing!
smilies/grin.gif" border="0">

written by SocratesI, November 13, 2008 16:42:59

What a Crock of SH*T !! It is amazing what lengths these Barisan Najis and UMNO minions will go to, to ampu their masters' B@LLS and tripod them to ever dizzying heights !! IISY takes the cake in this respect, and has earned my undying ODIUM for all his warped and perverted reasoning, his rose-tinted skewed vision, and the stink of his verbal diarrhoea !!!

He must qualify as THE master "Bodek-er" of Maha-Shithead and his dynasty !!Is there a spitoon in the house ... can't rush fast enough to the bathroom to throw up ... aaaaarrrggh ...

There you have it Guys
- this guy knows the problem with this country, and it is personified by Malaik Imtiaz Sarwar!!! At least that's what the "beneficiaries" of this write-up and the political masters of the writer thinks ...
Wanna know why this guy writes this "crock of sh1t" (as socrates calls it)?
Fazda commented on the former "crock of sh1t" to give us a clue as follows...
written by fazda, November 13, 2008 17:47:04
Wanna know why this Imran guy sucking up to Mahathir and his baby son?

Read here:

(If the link doesn't work, click the following - Living In Glass Houses )

Sad that we have one of these twisted specimens, with a practically defunct "spinterview" Face to Face column in Malaysia Today ...
We await for more "crocks of sh1t" from this guy - on Face To Face/ Malaysia Today ....
Yoohooo - Mathias .... where are you?
You've been upstaged!
You're no more the "King of Spin" .....

Artificial turf for schools?

Published: Thursday November 13, 2008 MYT 1:38:00 PM

The Education Ministry is looking into the possibility of using artificial turf in some schools as the maintenance cost was cheaper compared to managing real fields.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the ministry was pioneering the use of artificial turf in certain areas to see if it worked.

“All Singaporean schools use this but we are not sure if this will prove suitable for us as it is quite a different feeling compared to playing on a real field,” he told reporters Thursday after presenting a trophy to the football team from SK Alam Megah 3 for winning the Piala Raja Muda Selangor 2008.

He said the ministry was upgrading the fields of the 34 schools involved in the football competition as a reward as the effort put into the event “went over and above the call of duty”.

“The cost of repairs for the field of this particular school, SK Sekyen 24 which hosted the competition is RM198,000 as it had drainage problems,” he said.

The other school fields might not have the same problems so the cost of repairs could be less, he added. ....

For full article click HERE


With the upcoming Umno elections, we need more avenues to dish out contracts under 9MP. That may assure more contracts for maintainance, quality of which Bolehsia is well known for.

Our boys & girls need it! Without it they cannot be that cemerlang, gemilang and temberang "Tuans" required of NEP!
How else can our students achieve academic exellence!
Without these astroturf pitches, our children cannot compete with the Africans, Chinese, Arabs and most importantly, our much hated bogeyman - Singaporeans......

Mr. Chris, you're a genius!!