Wednesday, 11 March 2009

RM 60 billion .... But Where's My "Cheese"?

Who gave you your standing, it might be answered,
and what right have you to demand payment of us
for doing what we never asked you to do?
Do you not know that numbers of your fellow-creatures are starving,
for want of what you have too much of?
- Jean Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on Inequality

While 'Black eye' case: AG, IGP cleared and, Samy sings and cries for votes, Dato' Seri Najib, our future PM, reveals his package. I don't speak of the alleged 0.5 billion Scopene commission, but the RM 60 billion "mini-budget".
Najib's package was nothing short of explosive - who would've expected something that much? Anwar must've been caught off-guard- he must've expected Najib to be in "denial mode", and unveil a "rescue plan" of nothing more than 30b.
The strange thing here is, although Najib might have got a "hard-on" revealing it, in reality,Najib's humongous package wasn't much of a "stimulus" to anybody!

Take the KLCI today for instance ...KLCI rebound likely not sustainable - Down 4.88 pts to 850.37, with Losers(435) outnumbering Gainers(219). The Markets aren't too impressed with the "fine print" I suppose. As they say "the devil is in the details".

I'm no economist, nor have I read the "mini-budget" in full - and hence I may not undertand the big picture here ...... to me, with a small income, I wonder how it puts money in my pocket. Alright, granted - we will be having less rempits and Indons on a robbing spree, but "where's my cheese" buddy?
Why haven't you given me any tax breaks if I were to hire extra (local) workers in my small establishment?
How come there is no reduction of my income tax, when you compensate those toll-collecting pirates by the millions?

Is this just another quick fix for the NEP Junkies, or what?
Don't tell me ... this is to bail-out those GLCs and big businesses that show a nett loss in their balance sheets y-o-y, right?