Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Defending Hypocrisy :- 'Syed Hamid condones killing of Non-Palestinians?'

From MalaysiaKini:-
'Syed Hamid condones killing of Tamils?'
Jan 13, 09 1:03pm
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‘Is he saying that the police will allow anti-Israel protests but will crack down if they are about Sri Lanka's civil war? The latter a decades-old war that has claimed more than 30,000 lives?'

On PSM: Police stirred up protesters

Mahendran Balakrishnan: I was one of the people who went to the Gabungan Anti-Perang vigil. It was a shock to all of us that the police acted against humanitarian concerns worldwide and cracked down on this anti-war group.

It clearly shows the covert operation that the government of the day is doing in support of the Zionist state. What really shocked me was the idiotic remark by the never-impressive Syed Hamid Albar.

‘These people were not demonstrating on the issue of the Palestinians. They were actually demonstrating on the issue of Sri Lanka. The placards showed they were in support of Sri Lanka. Let us not mix the issues.'

Is he saying that the police will allow anti-Israel protests but will crack down if they are about Sri Lanka's civil war? The latter a decades-old war that has claimed more than 30,000 lives?

I can't avoid drawing the conclusion that Syed Hamid actually condones the killing of Tamil Hindus while at the same time paying lip service, pretending to be against the killing of innocent lives.

Its sad that the BN can't even differentiate between politics and humanitarian concerns over such a global issue. Syed Hamid owes Tamils around the world an apology.

Bsvanan: What did Syed Hamid mean when he said ‘Let us not mix the issues?' That we can only question Israel for killing the Palestinians but not Sri Lanka for their Tamils?

He thinks only Palestinians have the right to live and not the Tamils?

Syed Hamid, how is your action is different from Israel then? Anwar is right. BN is Israel v2.0.

Welcome to Malaysia, where only issues pertaining to Muslims and Malays are a big concern. Others can die.

Sitha: What is this Syed Hamid Albar is talking about: ‘Let us not mix the issues'?

Who cares where, man, the point is innocent people are dying. Does it matter where they die? Or what race they are? ?

Are we really sincere in what we feel for the Palestinians? If yes, then we should feel the same for the Sri Lankans or anyone else for that matter.

Is the government really sincere? Arresting the 21 who gathered for anti-war vigil clearly shows that the government is not.

BN (or is it Mahathir?) has a friend in Mugabe .......... and vice-versa?

Mugabe takes a holiday in Malaysia as Zimbabwe crumbles

HARARE, Jan 13 — While the people of Zimbabwe struggle with cholera, hunger, hyper-inflation and violent repression, president Robert Mugabe has decided to take a month-long holiday.

The 84-year-old leaders wife, Grace, has been accused of withdrawing £60,000 (RM330,000) from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to pay for the trip to their family home in Malaysia.

Thirty days after Mr Mugabe declared the cholera crisis over, the UN has revealed the death toll is still soaring with 1,778 confirmed dead.

Many people remain weakened and impoverished by one of the worst periods of pre-harvest hunger in years and 90 per cent of pupils are not attending school.

Most teachers are now on indefinite strike, meaning a charity set up last summer to pay school fees for impoverished pupils is now using its funds to feed youngsters and their families.

One child Educated Horizon has taken under its wing is 14-year-old Chipo. She had been selling tomatoes during the day and her body to truck drivers by night for 20p (RM1) a time.

The teenager from Chivhu, 100km south-west of the capital Harare, said: “I have two young sisters who look up to me, so I have to work hard. Whatever little money I get will help.”

Educated Horizon now feeds her family to keep her off the streets. London-based volunteer Herbert Dzinotyiweyi said, “We used to have the best education system in Africa. We were the lucky ones. How is the economy going to recover without an educated population?”

Mugabe’s spokesman defended his actions. He said the president was not so much on holiday but on leave to reflect on the Zimbabwean crisis. — Metro