Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Racist's "Reasonings".


Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. Education and free discussion are the antidotes of both.
-- Thomas Jefferson

"For them you are racist only if you talk about Malays and their need to catch up with other races."
"If you talk of the imagined plight of other races in Malaysia, and make ridiculous statements that the Tamil Indians in Malaysia are facing “ethnic cleansing” when you know that no such thing is happening, it is not racist."
- Mahathir Mohammad (

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The above two cartoons taken from the website above is actually very significant with regard to what I wish to write. .
Although they refer to the American state of affairs, the same ideas are propagated by apologists of Racism in Malaysia.
These cartoons were first put up on this blog in my entry on 22/04/08 entitled, Racism, Makkal Sakthi, HINDRAF and ISA.
In it, I had criticised the racist nature/platform of Hindraf's struggle, although legitimate the reasons may be. The racist would definitely jump at the opportunity to use racism as a defense against the charge of being a racist - an sure enough, "the old dog" has used it in his!

Waytha, Uthaya - somebody seems to love your ideas, and he thinks people followed you blindly to rebel! I guess you could say the same about him too .... you're now the benchmark that he seeks to emulate in his "statesmanship", anyways - Bravo!!!

How low can one go?
When it comes to "gutter politicians", they can never go low enough, apparently!
As the "defense" puts it, "If I'm racist, what about them?"
It was precisely the argument that was anticipated in writing the piece on Racism & Hindraf. So predictable these racists are, aren't they?

This man however has upped the ante, though - he claims that the grievances of Malaysian minorities are purely imaginary!
What he argues to say is, so what if the people cannot accept the racism and bigotry of the education/ economic system, "Ketuanan Melayu" is so very justified in churning out mediocrity and billionaire pseudo-entrepreneurs who leech on the people!
That is what makes them "Tuans" - the ability to leech off the "Nons".
He cannot deny this fact, as it was he who admitted that the the Chinese pay most of the taxes that these "Tuans" leech on. They leech with glee, via artificially inflated costs of all products of GLCs in the market (through negotiated contracts classified under OSA), indirectly taxing the people - Malay "Tuans" in the kampungs and on the street included, mind you.

How can you be the "tuan" if you don't drive the economy, he asks.
All I can say is, you'll drive nothing if you don't know how to drive your own car, buddy!
You don't want your people to be able to "drive or repair their own cars", but complain when "the driver" demands a million bucks (while wearing a grimy Pagoda t-shirt) to get it going in good order from A to B - so that you guys feel like "Tuans" in your Gucci suits!!!
What matters apparently is, that you get to feel like a Tuan - so that you can keep whining and arguing that unless you subjugate & steal from the driver, you cannot really be the "tuan".
Seeking a solution by learning to drive, doesn't figure in this guy's equation at all!

He feels it is "inferior" to drive a car for someone, even if you take pride in your job!
Speak of a perverted sense of insecurity or an inferiority complex - Sheeesh ...... you're such a snake-oil peddlar masquerading as a Doctor. Or plain demented.
Only thing left to say is - shame on you TUAN!
The saddest part of it all is, this guy honestly believes that he's right! To make matters worse, he has some die-hard zombies who believe in this rhetoric.

It is also his warped sense of logic that says the people reject the Malay language - His first entry in his blog was in English. Speak of the Pot and the Kettle .....
Why would I wanna speak the language of the race that discriminates others & demands to be respected as tuans, instead of earning it, anyway .....

He wouldn't admit that the education system he boasts about has alienated communities and driven a wedge between them. He asks if there are other nations having vernacular education - with the practice of meritocracy in education, there would hardly be any need for it, Dear Sir! It was the insecurity under racists that created a demand for it.

The vernacular education of Malaysia is a legacy of the colonialism and the NEP/ " racist social contract". It served to isolate people into their own psycho-social ghettos, and thus make them conveniently vulnerable to the racist agendas practiced by certain elitist administrations.

There has been no effort on part of the Kutty Administration to integrate education systems and practice meritocracy in their 22 yrs in office.
Racism and 'religiosity" was used and abused to the hilt, to discriminate against those deemed unworthy, by virtue of Race or Religion.
Its strengths (I speak of Mandarin schools only - the Tamil schools are write-offs, anyway) have been enhanced, due to the mediocrity of the Malay medium education that has been infused with racism and bigotry. People flock to the Chinese/ Mandarin school, simply becos the system in the Sekolah Kebangsaan stinks - and you gotta be a "genius", to even ask why many don't wanna speak Malay!
This "gutter politician" polarized the people, and made them regard another "race" as "the enemy" - just as he does now!
That's RACIST! And he still has the audacity to ask if he's racist ........

Here is a system he propagated and justified in the name of "Ketuanan Melayu", that has corrupted the society into resigning itself to Racist policies, wherein anything that one does in the civil service/ government, one has to be subjected to the humiliation of racial and/or religious profiling.
People are humiliated every day through rejection.
This has evolved into resentment and anger (not to mention migration of the cream, while attracting the neighboring scum instant bumiputras).
Does one need to wonder why people even resent anything that preaches "Ketuanan Melayu"?
People don't "hate everything Malay", as he wants you Malays to believe - only the stupid idea that a pseudo-bumiputra Moron has to be "tuan" or get preferences/privileges simply becos of his skin or creed, after 35 yrs of "level playing fields". (No wonder he loves Mugabe, huh?)

He even goes so far as to criticise the 'west', prolly meaning OZ-land, (wonder why not the Jews as usual) about how they treat their "indigenous" people, without really taking a good look in the mirror. (He's forgotten - probably Alzheimer's - about the predicament of the real Malaysian indigenous tribes, obviously). I'm certain any Sabahan or Sarawakian or the pribumi of W.Malaysia will have something to say about that ...
As usual, he needs to paint others black to make himself look white - the hallmark of one with deep-seated "inferiority complex" or insecurity.

It is sad that he has to even ask if he's racist at all, in comparison to another man who stood up for the downtrodden, for nothing in return.
Going on about this demented geriatric is rather tiresome and repetitive.
The way I look at it, he isn't even half the man I thought he was ..... I've given up on this guy.

"A rattlesnake, if cornered will become so angry it will bite itself.
That is exactly what the harboring of hate and resentment against others is
- a biting of oneself.
We think we are harming others in holding these spites and hates, but the deeper harm is to ourselves."
-- E. Stanley Jones

"You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity."

-- Bobby Seale

Let it be known that I bear no hatred to the person concerned.
The ideas he'd advocate though, are quite despicable
- hence the harsh tone of the above words I've used.
I apologize for not updating my earlier piece as promised.
It's just that I was so disgusted with this Racist in his winter years,
that I had to say something on his perverted logic.