Friday, 17 August 2007

UMNO song - LOL

Look at what they got!!


I really don't understand what the big fuss is all about - so what if Meng Chee rapped along with Negara Ku ...... he never threatened anyone, nor did he trample on the constitution, nor did he rip-off the rakyats' millions.

Oh, I forgot - we need a new bogeyman to whack, so as to drum up patriotism on Merdeka Day!

RPK wrote something about this nonsense that's been going on .... this was what I wrote:

cruzeiro wrote:

For you to say that Melayu bodoh over this issue is a little unfair.

C'mon - even the "others" are playing along, if not silent on this issue.
The ones who wish to voice out, don't get the media attention.

It is the hype created by a select few who are scrambling for issues, to whack a new bogeyman thru the media.

I thot that the stock market, or the RTD would be prime news, but Meng Chee and some politicians got some cheap publicity.

As you say, this is a non-issue compared to the ills & "monsters" that have been highlighted, and yet silenced by them.

"We need a new monstrous bogeyman every now and then to revive sagging spirits, nationalism/ racism, beat the drums of war and rally the masses".

Too bad - this time around, the "monstrous bogeyman" is just a kuchi-rat.


There was this writer who was whacking RPK for his "attitude" too ....

aspa wrote:

Since you have already barred Sajida and Adam,I have to use aspa to come in to show what you have to exposed that; 'This is the Government elected by the majority. This is how the elected Government govern for the BEST benefits to the majority. This is how they decide who to be ISA and not to be ISA. Their main RESPONSIBILITY to the majority who vote them is PEACE.They are paid by the majority and they have to decide what is best for the majority.That is what freedom is all about. Freedom to talk and freedom not to listen.(to your hate site)'

17/08 19:53:51

aspa wrote:

You criticised the Government.

You are also acting as a Government in your own hate site.

You do not practise freedom of speech whereas in this section, you called it 'No holds barred'.

You are also temperamental. You whacked when you are moody. The same you did in "Throwing the cat in the flock of pigeons".

You are actually mirroring your negative ownself, Pete.

17/08 19:59:15

aspa wrote:

You assume a lot in your writings.

I hope I have proven these to you.

You have command a steady flow of followers. This is dangerous because they will believe what you write even though what you write may not be true.

17/08 20:01:52

aspa wrote:

Like I said before, take the challenge and run for election.

See whether you can practise Good Governance.

17/08 20:03:20

cruzeiro wrote:

Dear aspa,
The real test for Freedom, Democracy and Justice is not how it treats the majority and the accolades it receives, but how it treats the minority and dissent.

17/08 20:04:20

aspa wrote:

Talk is cheap, Pete.

The consequences you have created in the mind of the readers can lead to the destruction of others!

17/08 20:04:29

aspa wrote:

A lovely country like this need not be pictured as rotten as what you had written.

This is the Merdeka month. You have successful create discord in the mind of your readers to celebrate our half century of independence.

17/08 20:06:49

aspa wrote:

To prove you are better than the CURRENT leaders in Malaysia, I urge you to run for election.

Then, you, that's right, YOU, implement what you have to lead this COUNTRY.

Are you willing to have the courage to take the challenge?

17/08 20:09:45

orangmsia wrote:

Dear RPK,
"This country is fucked up. The government is fucked up. Umno is fucked up. The opposition is fucked up."

Even more fuckep up when the people still vote for BN & they win big in the coming 12th general election

17/08 20:11:27

yew loon wrote:


ASPA= Sadija


Trying to challenge RPK.

17/08 20:13:14

Transformer wrote:

I agree with you Aspa, on 1 thing. Yes, RPK has commanded a steady flow of followers through his writings, exposing all the rotten actions by the leaders who has been elected to serve the RAKYAT. But what they did is they rape the wealth of the country for their family and cronies. Truth hurts. But I couldt agree with you that RPK has discord our minds. We have brains here. We can think. Some commenters here may be emotional and i for one do not agree with them when they critics the Malays and Islam. They should should be more careful.

But RPK has actually set the foundation right for us and creat a check a balance for the government to build a better Malaysia. Cant you accept that?

17/08 20:16:06

cruzeiro wrote:

Cool it!
Why don't you start writing what you wish, and send it to RPK - I'm certain he'll publish it.
As for standing for elections, you may challenge anybody to do so on any platform.
Remember aspa - standing for elections and voting does not determine democracy - it is the counting of the votes and delienation of constituencies that determines it.
If the EC is truly fair, you are justified in your call - otherwise, maybe some other time, huh.

17/08 20:17:51

Graham Stone wrote:

ASPA - Sadija - BF96 are not the same people even though the appear to be UMNO "Cybertroopers) they have different ISP numbers!!!!!!

Sadija =
BF96 =

All these UMNO - ISP numbers can be traced!!!!!!!!!!

17/08 20:24:54

Transformer wrote:

RPK is not dangerous. He brings light to many of us, who love this country and want her to be lead properly, by uncorrupt and capable leaders. These are the main issues here. I am sure you admit that AAB is not a strong leader and that we can be proud of. As what one of the commenter ask Sadija, just name ONE thing that we can be proud of the PM? NOTHING! He is a loser, weak and dont deserve to lead this lovely country. Can the government do something and go back to basic, serve the RAKYAT and not fight with them?

17/08 20:27:39

Malaysiaputra wrote:

aspa wrote:
To prove you are better than the CURRENT leaders in Malaysia, I urge you to run for election.

Then, you, that's right, YOU, implement what you have to lead this COUNTRY.

Are you willing to have the courage to take the challenge?
Aspa, a good coach can spot the weaknesses of the players but need not necessary be good at playing.

To me, RPK is like a good coach pointing out the weaknessess in the administration .What is bad has to be corrected otherwise it will lead to greater rot.

17/08 20:30:14

cruzeiro wrote:

Yes aspa - you're also right that RPK's articles are hard hitting.
Some people get off on writing - so what.
Just becos he's not giving you a standing ovation doesn't mean that he intends to create discord lah.
He doesn't expect everyone to agree to all he says - many have disagreed with his opinions too, y'know.
And not everyone likes his style of writing peppered with 4letter words - yes, I agree that it's rude. But it's his home .....

17/08 20:30:16

SBennit wrote:

Raja Petra wrote:
By the way Adam. You and Sijada share the same e-mail:

LOL!! .....this is what is called Idiot Tulin.

RPK as the owner/administrator of MT, he can check your e-mail address whenever he wants to. Also, if you are writing from organizations like Jabatan Kastam Di Raja Malaysia, it can easily be detected-remember MT has a sitemeter.
To further zero down on the actual computer is also not all that difficult if you have the right connections in Telekom.

Just as an exercise, someone who I thought needed to be taught a lesson. I lured him to a website (one which I administered). Got some details, contacted my contact who gave me a phone number and address. When I spoke to the person, he got so shocked that he started speaking in Thai or Greek, i dont know....I got scared that he would get a stroke or something. So I apologized and hung up.

17/08 20:31:29

Mama Juwie wrote:


You can't blame bloggers from relying to what Raja Petra is saying. You are insulting the intelligence of the bloggers herein by alleging that the followers of Raja Petra are obsessed with his stories and would believe everything that he says. We are not blind, deaf or dumb. We know what is fictional and what is truth, and truth usually hurts to some.

We are not here because we have to. We are here because we want to. It is the freedom of information that Raja Petra is offering us that invites many readers to stay as regulars. The free flow discussion of this blog may be foreign to your conditioned lifestyle, but you should respect the ability of other readers who are ready and willing to be criticized by you as much as they would want you to listen to their silenced minority views.

This channel is not to spread hatred. It is more of an outlet as well as an avenue to engage people who have ideas and issues. If you feel that we are here because we have no job or other better things to do, then you are wrong.

17/08 20:33:48

Malaysiaputra wrote:

aspa wrote:
You criticised the Government.......
The same you did in "Throwing the cat in the flock of pigeons".

You are actually mirroring your negative ownself,


Aspa would you then say the same to TDM ?

17/08 20:34:15

harminder81 wrote:

Dear aspa,

Since you accuse us the "steady flow of followers" to believe RPK and its dangerous, please prove RPK is wrong and investigate where he didn't "assume" and where proof was provided by RPK. And we will make our mind based on the facts provided.

I would like to be your "follower" too. Until then, it could be dangerous to believe in what you write too.

Funny that you use the term "may", are u a believer in RPK?

17/08 20:40:40

Graham Stone wrote:

The Raja Petra, is a man of wisdom! and is "standing fast" in the battle for freedom and democracy for all races!

Dont shoot the messenger!!!!!!

Dear PM - MT post

The following is TDM's letter which was sent to TAR (circa 5.13) the consequences of which we all know. It was published in MT yesterday.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Dear Prime Minister,

You have become so powerful, both by virtue of your office and by popular acclaim, that UMNO has become subservient to you. UMNO is being held together, not because the members share your ideas on politics, but through a system of patronage and disguised coercion based on Government rather than party authority.

A feeling of power normally grips those who wield patronage, a feeling that they can mould and shape people and opinions any way they please. The leaders of UMNO, the senior partners of the Alliance Government, have succumbed to this disease and, believing that they no longer need to heed the opinions of their supporters, they disregard them at every turn.

Laws have been hurriedly passed without prior consultation with the representatives who have had to "sell" these laws to the people. Tax innovations have been made and discarded with complete disregard for the disrupting effect on the public. In the main, Parliamentary sittings are regarded as a pleasant formality which afford members an opportunity to be heard and quoted, but which have absolutely no effect on the course of the Government. The sittings are a concession to a superfluous democratic practice. Off and on, this strength is used to change the constitution. The manner, the frequency, and the trivial reasons for altering the constitution have reduced this supreme law of the nation to a useless scrap of paper.

Your Ministers and the Cabinet are vested with this decision-making authority. It is obvious that only the most capable and experienced should be made Ministers and be in the Cabinet. But independent Malaysia has chosen to treat membership of the Cabinet as a reward for loyalty to party chiefs and acceptability to the Prime Minister. Once appointed, no amount of dereliction of duty could affect the position of a Minister. On the other hand, even if the Minister performs well, failure to remain on good terms with the Prime Minister means removal from the Ministry.

Your Government of mediocre people is bereft of ideas, is unable to understand the limits of their authority, and is generally unable to rule. All the while, however, your Government is busy on devices to perpetuate itself. These devices are so transparent and so lacking in subtlety that they achieve just the opposite effect.

May I remind you, Merdeka has brought power and wealth to the new Malay elite. Politics is found to be the panacea. It provides a shortcut to everything. It makes possible the attainment of positions of immense power. These Malays are in a position to acquire riches.

At first, this might seem grossly unfair. These few Malays - for they are still only a very few - have waxed riches not because of themselves, but because of the policy of a Government supported by a huge majority of poor Malays. It would seem that the efforts of the poor Malays have gone to enrich a select few of their own people. The poor Malays themselves have not gained one iota. With the existence of the few rich Malays, at least the poor Malays can say that their fate is not entirely to serve the rich non-Malays. From their point of view of racial ego, and this ego is still strong, the unseemly existence of Malay tycoons is essential.

The various races in Malaysia are differentiated not merely by ethnic origin, but also by many other characteristics. These characteristics are important. How these characteristics develop is another matter, but when races compete in a given field, these characteristics play an extremely important role. The Jews, for example are not merely hook-nosed, but understand money instinctively.

The possession of these characteristics means little until different races come into contact with each other. Jewish stinginess and financial wizardry gained them the commercial control of Europe and provoked an anti-Semitism, which waxed and waned throughout Europe through the ages.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the vast majority of Malays are feudalistic and wish to remain so. A revolution, which starts off by preaching the destruction of the established monarchical order, will therefore fail. It will not win the support of the majority of orthodox Malays. In any case, the monarch has done no real harm to the Malays or to anyone else. The maintenance of the system is no doubt costly, but being separated from power, the ruler cannot constitute a tyranny. Besides, a Malaysia without rulers would mean the complete eclipse of the Malays. It is the rulers who have in the past furnished and continued to present the Malay character of Malaysia. Remove them, and the last vestige of traditional Malaysia would disappear. It is essential therefore that the monarchy remains.

To take on an adversary when it seems to be beyond one's capacity is courageous. To calculate and assess one's chances first is to exhibit cowardice. Time and again this inability or unwillingness to measure the odds against them has led to defeat and disaster for the Malays. The courageous or brave Malay is usually foolhardy, and because he is likely to do things without thinking of the consequences, the average Malay treats him with fear and respect. The ordinary man knows that it is not worthwhile to incur his displeasure and that it is safer to let him have his own way. The ordinary man therefore represents the other extreme when principle is easily set aside for the sake of safety.

Even feudalism can be beneficial if it facilitates changes. The political Rajas of today can, therefore, institute change if they themselves are willing to change. Such a change would spread rapidly. If the indications are that there should be a change in the value system and ethical code, then the leaders can lead the way with the certainty that they will be followed by the masses. In a feudal society, if the leaders fail, then there is little hope for the masses.

Mahathir Mohamad

In a Press Statement released by UMNO's Secretary General, Senu Abdul Rahman, reported by the Utusan Melayu on 6 June 1969, he said:

"Mahathir Mohamad ceases to be a member of the UMNO Supreme Council with effect from today, 12 July 1969.

This decision was taken following the wide distribution to the public of Mahathir's letter (above) to Tunku Abdul Rahman, President of UMNO Malaysia.

Letters containing important matters should first be discussed by UMNO's Supreme Council, especially in view of the present situation in the country.

The action taken by Mahathir is seen to be in breach of the party's etiquette and is capable of damaging party solidarity and the government which the party supports."


The impression I got was that RPK is suggesting that TDM may get expelled once again ..............

Anyway, this is what I wrote:-

cruzeiro wrote:

fireduck wrote:
Only problem was that he had 22 yrs of absolute power to change things - drastically - but he didn't.
He thought people would change with "progress" - he was a man in a hurry, and was more concerned about efficiency and expediency.

That is what led to his rule being perceived as a dictatorship.

A "dictatorship" is about control. Without a smart man for a "dictator", the "dictatorship" would lead to regression into corruption and chaos.

It's just too bad that he didn't realize that real progress does not come with money alone, but also a vibrant democracy, without the centralization of "power".

He was a visionary, but he had overlooked the issue of succession - if only he (or our current leaders) could do something to correct it now with the benefit of hindsight .....
17/08 11:40:33