Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dances with Wolves - Pandering to the Devil's Alternative

"When shame is jettisoned, the mind becomes an "incredible" thing"

“I feel very sorry. In future, all Malays and Malaysians will be stupid.”
- Mahathir

"When the issue of the Unity Government first surfaced more than a year ago we should have maturely and rationally debated the matter and tell the political leaders what we thought of the idea."
"What has the fact that he is
Mamak got to do with it?"

"So why should PAS not also make secret deals if that is the best route to attaining power?"
- RPK, The Barisan Nasional Disease


Yup- why shouldn't PAS plan their own form of deceit, together with their grandiose plans on a racist/sectarian platform, right? After all they too are politicians who are interested in only one thing - power (albeit, wearing the Islamists' robes and goatees). Well I wouldn't say the same about TG Nik Aziz, though - he is a man of principles who has my utmost respect, even if I may disgree with him on various matters.

When the idea of an Unity Government was laid out in MT time and again, I was one of those who opposed it - mea culpa, mate. The reason for this was, simply the fact that it was such a bankrupt idea that did not address the philosophical ramifications of doing so. That too, it was laced with a very subtle threat of a "May 13", should it not materialize.
It was simply a short cut to perpetuate the status quo of racism and apartheid that is loved by the privileged elite, while the commoner is left in the dark.

Since it did not materialize, one side has now resorted to indulging in political blackmail, sabotage and subversion, which it is well known for. This side, does not believe in strengthening itself or puging itself from the evils that it it is plagued with, but resorts to weakening the opposition through the workings of its grimy hands which incidentally, many have been coerced into bowing to and kissing.
But hey - that's politics, apparently. Incidently, so is war.

Today we have RPK lament the poor quality of "debate" on Malaysia Today, while suggesting that the comments section be closed down. It is quite "striking" that he has pointed out the word "mamak" (yeah - of all things!!), which is hardly derogatory, as an example of the way readers comment. This, is after all the vulgarities spouted by "somebody" many a time. And this "somebody" actually took pride in the fact that it was an "oh so, so totally no holds barred section", in which anything goes!!
You can mention any profanity you like - but of course the word mamak is an exception here.
That's forbidden. Taboo.

That's is all because of just one man, who remains the epitome of the hypocrisy which many of us choose to pander to- simply becos we are enslaved by his charisma (and probably money/ power). Especially when it is with reference to a racist hypocrite whom I'd love to hate, and yet cannot, but really admire for his political mastery at manipulating the Malay mindset. Despite not being a true blue Malay (just like many others, I think), he had single-handedly turned the many among the Malay masses, into a community of mindless racists, subservient to material gain at the expense of morality and ethics. It was all done in the interest of making the Malay community masters over the "nons" - and him being a "mamak" had nothing to do with it, mind you!!

Never mind if it all sounds like the crab is teaching it's offspring to walk straight- but it has to be taboo. We can even advocate colluding with pirates in the name of "educating" them or preaching salvation - even if it is an abomination.

Yes - "teh tarik" (the mamak variety or the holier-than-thou variety) with some people can do that to you sometimes...... and even make you suggest playing marbles with the devil.
In fact, after the "teh tarik", we can even suggest that the the politicians who fervently invoke godly verses pray for a Unity Govt in the hereafter -form a unity government between heaven and hell. Better still, cut the deal on their evil platform, when the dark side is stronger that you!
And Voila! We then don't have to worry about retribution in the hereafter do we?!

That would be good, wouldn't it?

As for Mahathir's stupid quote in today's Star about Malays and Malaysians, I might just have some shocking news for him-
many Malays and Malaysians have been forced to be STUPID since his 22 years!
And yet - we have prominent people, pandering to his alternatives .......