Saturday, 15 January 2011

Just Another Comment... on Syed Mokhtar the "tycoon genius".

The following was a comment on SakMongkol's recent post:-

Anonymous, 15 January 2011 15:09

It is not that we like Pakatan Rakyat but it is just that UMNO refuses to change. The ordinary rakyat is fed up.

What has been the highlight of the idiots of UMNO recently ?

1. The return of Ummi Hafilda, on prime time news no less. This really has to be the joke of the century. This is the best that UMNO can do.

2. Syed Mokhtar to buy Northport . He owns everything . For whom ? He has debts in excess of RM25 Billion. UMNO says there is no danger to the banking system as his debt is fenced off. Please - we are not fools. A debt is a debt . He has breached the law on the single customer limit.When he was negotiating abroad for various projects , his Arab partners literally laughed at his incompetency.

The Saudi Arabai Jizan project partners literally could not believe that Syed Mokhtar was the best Malaysia cpould produce. The same with the proposed Zain Mobile deal with the Kuwaitis. The Kuwaitis were not willing t do business with such an idiot . The Iranian gas project collapsed as Syed Mokhtar did not deliver on any of his promises.

At a meeting with the Iranians he assured them his investment in Iran would be kept a secret from the UN and the Americans. How stupid can you get ? The Iranian JV was splashed on the front pages on Malaysian newspapers ?

This guy can only survive in Malaysia as he has the two key traits loved by UMNO - stupidity and corrupt. Syed Mokhtar buys assets and monopolies from the government and borrows from UMNO banks ie Bank Muamalat , Bank Islam and Bank Rakyat . He cant survive outside this system let alone Malaysia.

He does a lot of business with Rosmah Mansor. Mumtaz Jaaafar is Mokhtars key ally right now acting as go between for Rosmah Mansor. Please ask around. Mumtaz i sthe key gatekeeper for Rosmah.

I know all this as I had front seat audience of Syed Mokhtars dealings.

3. All we hear of UMNO nowadays is kahwin . Everyone is getting married. Taib Sarawak is married and the flaunting his billions in public. Macam mana Dato sak ?

UMNO is doomed. If UMNO is reelected Malaysia will be doomed.