Monday, 3 October 2011

But I was talking about MCLM, Pete ..

Cruzeiro is one of those who oppose the MCLM
and would like to see ABU.
I hope, therefore, he will focus on ABU
and not write articles such as this: (LINK.)
Articles like these may turn the people against ABU.

- RPK, Consistently Inconsistent, No Holds Barred


Dear Pete,
Thanks for the exposure- Indeed, I'd like to see ABU, but ....  oppose MCLM? Ouch, man!!

Come on Pete- don't paint me black like this ... with a heading saying "Consistently Inconsistent" and saying that I'm against MCLM .... they'll get the impression that it is I who's being inconsistent and not the Islamist lobby/PAS/Syariah Courts with their promises.
The best part is, I was talking about what MCLM stands for - in case readers missed out on the words on your spin:-

"Y'see, Pete- It is just that with the many incidences of the Syariah encroaching upon the civil liberties of the Non-muslims, and the ever silent "Liberal Muslims" whom you expect us to have confidence in, start cowering at the prospect of being labeled as "apostate/deviant/liberal/Jew/westernised etc etc"- so what do you expect?"

This article turn people against PR?
I don't think so, Pete- it is what PAS is doing to itself, PR and consequently Malaysia. In my humble "misguided kafir-harbi opinion", PAS is doing Islam a great disservice by making Hudud almost the raison d'etat of Islam- when it is far more than that.
In fact, if I'm not mistaken they've even said so themselves- that they'd be willing to abandon PR (so much for their promises eh?).
If they can throw threats around, why can't voters do the same?
Maybe they just don't care - just as they don't care about the reality in Kelantan & Terengganu ...

No Pete- I'm not against MCLM.... and yes, I'm for ABU.
(Just for your information my MCLM No. is  LM 000015, okay) .

Featuring Pak Yeh- Hudud "UnIslamic"?

"Hudud PAS" tidak Islamic

Hudud PAS tidak Islamic kerana guna "lahwal hadis"(hadis palsu).!!!
Hadis palsu.??? Allah yang kata,bukan Pak Yeh kata.
Rujuk Quran 31:6 "Ada orang guna lahwal hadis(hadis palsu),untok sesatkan orang lain dari jalan Allah,tanpa pengetahuan, dan menjadikannya(jalan Allah)sebagai bahan tertawa."
Hudud PAS senang di salah guna oleh Hakim Ulamak yang bodoh dan gila.!!! 
Bila salah hakiman, tangan sudah terpotong,nyawa sudah hilang, semuanya tidak dapat di kembalikan lagi.!!! Salah guna"hudud lahwal hadis bunoh urtad" berlaku di masa dulu dan sekarang bila Muslim Sunni tudoh Muslim Syiah murtad dan sebaliknya, yang engakibatkan berjuta2 kematian dala perang.!!!

"Hudud Quran sahaja" yang tiada potong tangan, bunoh penzina berkahwin, dan bunoh kerana murtad telah saya tafsir di rencana "The ying and yang of Islamic Law"..rujuk link.

Nasihat untok PAS :

Politik bukannya undang2.
Politik adalah ekonomi.
"Politik Islam" adalah "Ekonomi Islam"/"Ekonomi Bermoral".
Undang2 adalah untok kawal ekonomi yang bermoral(Islamnomiks).
Undang "ekonomi bermoral"/Islamnomiks adalah cara indirect mengkawal moral Muslimin.

Mana lebeh penting.??? Negara tiada korupsi/negara bermoral/negara Islanoiks ke ?? ? ataupun "negara tiada pencuri,penzina dan pemurtad"/negara hudud.??? 
"Negara Islam" boleh di namakan "Negara tiada korupsi" ataupun "Negara Welfare(Sadakah)" untok di terima oleh yang bukan Muslim dan yang Muslim.
Apa guna di naakan Negara Islam aca Saudi, tapi aseh di jajah oleh British dan America.???

Pandai2lah PAS bermain politik.!!! Jagan lah melatah bila Dr M cubit dengan isu hudud.
Jangan lah sampai PAS sanggup karamkan kapal Pakatan Rakyat kerana hudud.!!! 
Itu perbuatan yang sangat2 bodoh.!!! Tolong kawal dan nasihat N.A.!!!

Moga Allah beri kita "merdeka" dari pemerintahan kufur dan korupsi.!!!

Arrogant (& "Holy") PAS- ready to abandon (and be abandoned)

The non-Muslims should take a deep breath, sit back, and relax. Don’t get emotional. Don’t launch Islam-bashing campaigns. Trust the liberal Muslims.
- RPK, To ponder upon further


As I wrote long ago on this blog (and also on Malaysia Today a few years ago), I agree- "we need a Martin Luther etc etc etc in Islam" .... well said, Pete.
However, please do not look at it from from the Muslim perspective alone.
You need to understand that just as the Muslims can suffer from the "siege mentality" the "nons" aren't immune to it. While I can understand why the Non- Muslims feel threatened by the likes of PAS in a majority Muslim country like Malaysia, I cannot say the same for the the Muslims - especially the ones from the less intellectually inclined ("HIV busting", rape advocating, ignorant, Horny Toads- see video below)and more "primitive" PAS leadership/members.
*********************************************** ***********************************************
So, for now, I shall restrict myself to speaking about the perspectives of the non-Muslims.
Now RPK wants us to tolerate and understand the "holy and Godly" miscreants from PAS- just because they are "500 yrs behind time" ...
I have a better idea- why don't we just go back to  the middle ages, and make TGNA (who is ignorant of the fact that there is a high incidence of HIV among married women in Kelantan) our Guiding light?

Y'see, Pete- It is just that with the many incidences of the Syariah encroaching upon the civil liberties of the Non-muslims, and the ever silent "Liberal Muslims" whom you expect us to have confidence in, start cowering at the prospect of being labeled as "apostate/deviant/liberal/Jew/westernised etc etc"- so what do you expect?

"Hudud wouldn't affect the Non-muslims"- so they say .... well they said that about the Syariah Courts too .... promises, promises, promises.
(Remember that it isn't just about snatched bodies or conversions alone, mind you- but also money/property/family/children as well. Some say it is a very Islamic thing to do- it's "taqiyya in Jihad", they say ....).
So what happens when the Muslims break their promises?
And what happened to these "Liberal Muslims" then, may I ask? Their "distinguished silence" (or cowardice in facing up to the ignorant "learned ones") doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it?
You want them non-Muslims to sit down quietly and lay their hopes on these guys?

Wouldn't the silence give the impression to the bigots that they have tacit approval?
You want the Muslims to get the impression that the Non-muslims don't object to the injustices meted out by our civil courts as a result of the encroachment of the Syariah Courts?

From what I see, many Muslims today are more concerned about the cloaks of religiosity, rather than core of spirituality in Islam.
When will PAS grow up (after 60 yrs, mind you) and realize that "It's the economy STUPID"?
Why are they so obsessed with they trapping of religiosity when problems abound in the states they administer? Are they trying to hoodwink the people into believing that their failures are due to the lack of HUDUD?
Is it a red-herring they're dangling to shift the blame for their failures- just as UMNO is doing? They aren't so different after all aren't they?

When will PAS stop whining like a spoilt brat over HUDUD? Why can't they just abide by the Federal Constitution, and leave these divisive issues for the day they attain the confidence of the vast majority of Malaysians?
When will PAS realize that there are far bigger issues like fraud, corruption, unemployment, poverty, ignorance, superstition, indiscipline, incest, rape, women's rights (abandoned wives, single mothers, polygamy) etc etc etc which need to be addressed before trying to make themselves appear to be "better" Muslims by screaming HUDUD?
When will PAS realize that it takes a lot more faith to understand, than to be understood?
I'm not clairvoyant, Pete- you tell me .... 500 yrs maybe?

For my part, I somehow get the feeling that PAS arrogance is beginning to rear it's ugly head- even before it can attain federal power.
Maybe they're not good enough for the likes of me .... and they'd rather be abandoned by the non-Muslim voters, than put aside their ignorance.
So, maybe I'll consider abandoning the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.
Yeah- maybe I'll stop the whacking of PAS, sit back, relax, and hope that PAS will grow up in 500 years.....
Maybe I'll stick to vouching for DAP & PKR for the time being, and campaign against PAS wherever they contest- just too bad for Pakatan Rakyat, eh .... and let Malaysia be damned in the hands of UMNO.

BTW- I must reiterate here that I believe what you say about having a little faith in Muslims to stop the siege-mentality among them .... yup- non-muslims should stop their whack-a-fiestas, be a little more tactful,  sit back & relax a little - provided, the rational/liberal Muslims can be more outspoken, not be obsessed about the so-called "Muslim unity" and give them a little confidence.