Monday, 20 December 2010

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BREAKING NEWS: Lawyer Rosli Dahlan Acquitted

After 3 years (since 2007) of seeking justice against offences he did not commit, Lawyer Rosli Dahlan is a free man to resume his legal practice and rebuild his family life. Less than 1 hour ago, Judge Abu Bakar Khattar acquitted him without his defence being called.

Finally, we see justice done, although the pain, agony and humiliation that he and his family suffered as a result of the action of the Attorney-General and MACC cannot be erased. He has been a victim of selective prosecution.

Those of us who have been following his case on this blog must now wish Lawyer Rosli Dahlan and his family a good future from 2011 onwards. I congratulate his Defence Team led Dato Kumaraendran for a professional job well done. They put up an excellent fight to win Lawyer Rosli’s freedom.

What about DPP Kevin Morais?

One lingering question remains and that is of DPP Kevin Morais. He lied under oath and the Attorney-General should open a file and investigate DPP Morais on charges of perjury. This is a serious matter and must not be swept under the carpet. No one is above the Law or below it.—Din Merican

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