Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Can someone please do this to some of our BN Politicians like "Kinabatangan", "Pasir Salak" etc?



Please feel free to nominate other characters like Nazri, Mr. Chris, Ker... sorry- Rembau, Semi-Value, Supra Maniam A/L K. Veloo, and others of the same calibre ...

I now have the perfect candidate, since his boss is keeping a low profile -
He's been in the limelight quite a bit these days - ever since whacking some people and reporters at Amcorp Mall, and he's been on a roll ever since!!!

This is the guy who claimed that the PJ vigils dispersed peacefully previously when told to do so. This is the guys who denied that the people were ordered to be attacked by his underlings at Amcorp Mall.

He is the boss of the guys who refused to help a victim of landslides at Bkt Antarabangsa. I wonder if he's also the boss of some thieves who stole from victims ........

He's a Bully, who harasses children and has a sadistic fetish for causing inconvenience to peaceful citizens. He loves to confiscate licenses and permits of poor, hard working lorry & bus drivers.
I'll bet you if a Umno big gun's drunken under-aged son was caught driving a BMW, he would kiss that kid's feet before clearing the way for the kid ...

Yes he harasses unarmed civilians with the arsenal at his disposal, thanks to "you-know-who". He isn't man enough to face the people with the power of reason, I suppose.
The only "reason" he knows appears to be brute force.

To know who this character is, read

JERIT cyclists detained and tortured in Rawang police station