Saturday, 9 January 2010

Nobody Trusts Najib's 1-Malaysia Anymore!!

"Mark my words.
Umno is bent on systematically creating
political chaos in the country
to save itself out of the hole
it had dug itself into over the years"

~ Jeffrey Kitingan

Within a short span of 9 months -
with a record number of scandals plaguing the Administration,
with a lame Judiciary,
with Utusan being permitted incitement,
with racism and religious bigotry at an all-time high in Umno's rhetoric,

with terrorism being subtly encouraged by "certain quarters",
his confession of being "powerless" to stop demonstration all of a sudden,
and the BN alliance in tatters,
Najib claims that his 1-Malaysia
is intact"!!!

**Well, in that case - Thomas Jefferson must be my Uncle!!