Friday, 20 November 2009

Are We Any Different?

Do the advocates of ISA realize the mockery of humanity represented by the ISA?
The untold horrors of detention without charge and/or trial, is one of the instruments of intimidation which a government which thrives on violence and brutality would advocate.

As noble as the intentions of such a law may be, it cannot be executed in a righteous manner - as its very existence itself allows those in the corridors of power to act with impunity upon fellow men and women. It is by itself an affront to the rule of law. It is a law that is beyond the laws it is supposed to come under.

Today in Malaysia, we have many who advocate the ISA in ignorance - that it is a licence to play God, and deny you your humanity. A thousand excuses will be given to keep it in place, while they ignore the reasons for for abolishing it - just to facilitate the rule of pirates in power and feign patriotism. They claim that it is a necessary evil to protect their rights - the very rights which this evil is poised to take away.

Little do they know, that it is meant to make you accept against your will, a subhuman status in society. It is meant to break your human spirit, silence you and render you into just another beast of burden which would silently toil the earth for its master - for slops in return.

There are indeed "many ways to skin a cat" - but The ISA is just not one of them, if we were to take humanity into consideration.

Below is the Press Conference of an ex-ISA detainee from Singapore, Dr Lim Hock Siew:-