Wednesday, 24 September 2008

"Lollipops for the Compliant Masses"

(This is a follow-up to "Ghosts in our Minds ...")

Abdullah Promises To Consider Release Of Hindraf 5


Promises and more promises .....
Can we actually believe anything this old man says?
Here's a man,
who claims that FDI is pouring in,
who says the economy is strong and flourishing,
then blames anwar for flight of capital,
backtracked on numerous policy decisions,
has broken almost every word that mattered,
and is practically a lame-duck within an intellectually bankrupt party
that has regional warlords openly defying his orders!
Even more embarrassing is the fact that members of the party openly call for his resignation, although the powers are concentrated at his feet (thanks to CheDet for that)!

But then again, who knows - this "promise" may just bear fruits, as they're practically grabbing at straws and on their knees for any support they can get. The possibility that they'd choose to hand out "Lollies" to those who cry foul cannot be ruled out - after all, they've done it for fifty years, and many Malaysians have begun to not just acquire a taste for "Lollies" but even demand it!! (read Ghosts in our Minds .....)

The recent events speak a lot for the credibility of a Government that has actually squandered its mandate in the 12th GE.
By some Democratic standards, the majority that they garnered is actually, quite respectable. Not so in Malaysia, where the "leadership" in manned by a bunch of dimwits who need to arrest without trial, to "protect" a citizen.
Being insecure, instead of challenging revolutionary and constructive opinions they actually incarcerate the proponent under the Internal "Security" Act - for their own political security and not that of the Rakyat!
Having failed in efforts to rile up racist sentiments, in this battle of ideas, they have only one other weapon - religion!

The simultaneous arrest of Raja Petra, Teresa Kok and Tan were timed and designed to paint a picture of "racial & religious" conflict/ tension", and portray RPK as an "enemy of Islam". However, it practically fell flat, as the people know of the real unblushing culprits who are today running around happily wearing the image of "the emperor's new clothes".
(One emperor still sits on decision/policy making bodies, which incidentally endorsed a lame-duck president, while another even plans to contest in party elections!)

Even religious laws drafted thousands of years ago ago accord the right for a fair hearing based on laws of the land. In Malaysia though, the dimwits believe that such Jahilliyah laws are necessary to protect a religion (namely, Islam), by defying the very tenets of the religion they wish to protect!
Islam provides for a fair trial, as far as I know, Mr. Hamid Albar!
This is the impression I get, after I having read the opinions of many an Ulama and certain papers on Islam - but who knows - I might've misinterpreted the message.
If this were the case, I would appreciate it if someone would enlighten me ...

Pardon me if I'm wrong here, since I'm no expert on Religion, let alone Islam - but this argument coming from Mr. Hamid Albar about insulting Islam, is surely an oxymoron when the Syariah Courts should be called to adjudicate, right?
What are the religious authorities doing when the tenets of faith are desecrated?

Know well the discontent and loss of credibility/popularity in arresting the recent victims of ISA, they are now resorting to various methods to once again appease the public. They may soon try to "contra" with the release of others to calm the public sentiment.
Very soon, Big-daddy will try handing some "Lollies" to those who cry foul .....

Should this happen, the "HINDRAF - 5" may soon be released so as to display a "compassionate" face, and win the support of a sector of society. In the process, there will be "others" who will use this as ammunition to fire up racial sentiments, by saying that it is a manifestation of Malay "powerlessness".
Well Pak Lah and Umno, if this is the idea running through your minds, I've got news for you - It ain't gonna work!

The intellectual bankupcy manifested in this cluelessness, is why they cannot handle the less than 2/3 majority in Parliament, so as to function - far from the argument which Mahathir gives about the necessity of a "strong govt" to maintain order in a multiracial country like ours.
Although they have managed to garner a majority in parliament, it is a well known fact that in reality, should we consider "gerrymandering", "money politics & state instruments" campaigns in the equation, what we actually have is a minority Government.

Yes Sir - It may actually be an illegitimate Government that we have! It is possibly just a Government of dimwits selected from the elite of certain parties.
They speak for only a small minority at that, who are intent on their vice grip on power and given to playing realpolitik at every turn, and holding the the nation at ransom.
Without the ISA, the UMNO/BN Government will fall like a pack of cards! They cannot live without it, and they know it - it is the one piece of legislation that ensures their continued rule.
That is why Mahathir said that a vote for BN is a vote for ISA - hence, the only way to get rid of it is with a new Government. And there's no two ways about that - those who believe otherwise are simply living in La-La Land .....

All said and done, it will take some time before the people can wrest power from these pretenders on the throne - maybe the idea of a "unity government" as suggested by RPK isn't too bad an idea after all. At least it'll get them used to the idea of "democracy" , as opposed to the sham we now have in place.
But it has to be transitional/ caretaker in nature
- until fresh elections are called after reforming the election Commission, Judiciary and the Security Services.
Only then can we have a truly legitimate leadership.