Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hate Politics "Education" - for "Bolehsian Nationhood".


"The 35-year-old history teacher had on two occasions last month called Indian students in a Form Four and Form Five class ‘black monkeys’, ‘Negroes’ and ‘keling pariah’. She had also said that Indians came from dogs and prostitutes and that the community's youths did not have testicles and that its women constantly menstruated.
- MalaysiaKini

About 1,000 demonstrators, including activists from UMNO and PAS, gathered outside the Bar Council building holding placards that read "Don't challenge Islam," "Long live Islam" and "Bar Council, don't play with fire”; racial slurs like "pig", "traitor" and "go back to China" were also thrown about.
-Jed Yoong


Is it any wonder that we had unthinking "defenders of God" hurling obscenities?
These mindless masses thought nothing of the insults that a "teacher" hurled at children who don't even know what hate is.

After all, when the Ministers of education can make hate speeches, call for blood and scream out fascistic ideas - and be applauded by unthinking masses who consider them "patriotic", why should these "small fry" be persecuted for calling people names?
Maybe it's their way of encouraging the other racist partners in the "holy alliance of pirates" to shout out,
"Melayu kayu! Melayu Layu! Melayu Kampung! ...." or whatever else. Had this happened, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a couple of C4 military-grade plastic eplosives go off at venues related to the "Nons".
But of course these things cannot and will not happen, because the "Nons" have more "civilised & grateful" leaders - political pirates or not. The "Nons" who are their partners also tend to keep silent and smile despite the humiliation - and this has been interpreted as "gratefulness" by an "illustious intellectual Muslim" who's clueless about the Law, and does not helm the nation anymore.

Yes - that's what they call it - "Gratefulness", for the abuse & intimidation.
Here are a whole lot of "grateful faces" - at least Mahathir and all BN members think so ...

They believe that the "partner Nons" are grateful for being spat on their faces!!

That is also why you will see these very "Nons" who have no sense of honor or shame, campaigning for their venom spitting "coalition members" at Permatang Pauh despite being treated like scum and spat at by their political masters.

Hence the pindrop silence of our education ministers (past and present) when these perversion of sensitivities are perpetrated towards innocent children in schools.
In their book, it probably wasn't unIslamic and "acceptable" - simply the agenda of the day, so as to make them feel "superior" under their "coconut shells".

Take a good look at our politics, education system and civil service, wherein shameless bigotry is practiced - anything said to humiliate a Non-Muslim or a Non-Malay is "kosher".

Neither side (BN, Keadilan or PAS) would do much to condemn these bigots, because "it isn't politically wise" to do so - especially when nearing any elections where the votebank is with the Malays. Of course there will be whispers of objection made with such hesitance, that one is disgusted with the statement itself!!

Yessir - for the Malay votes, you need to preach (even if you don't practice) Racism, Aparthied, Hatred, Supremacy and/or religious bigotry.
Accountability, good governance, justice, ethics, morality and what not cannot be used as political currency ... it buys nothing!

  • You need to reinforce the idea that Islam and the Malay race is under siege - that the cannibalistic Jews/Chinese/Indians/Kafirs will barbeque them for dinner if they don't vote for their "God or Race".
  • To be the Malay Leader, you need to give tacid approval to hate speeches or humiliation of the "Nons", despite the "coughing" disapprovals made in press statements, for fear of losing out on the "extremist/seige mentality" vote bank!
  • The blood-thirsty ones who scream for Chinese blood, and Kris loving education Ministers will meanwhile just "transfer the delinquents" as a "punishment" for such "misdemeanors".
The true blue Malay "leaders" will meanwhile stand their ground in silence while calls for discrimination is made, and be the "Malay Heroes"!
That's the definition of the words "patriotiosm" & "nationhood" in Bolehsia for you ..... if you don't like it, tough luck buddy!
"Reversion" may help, though ..... try it out!

That would probably explain a whole lot about PAS and their recent surge in "Islamist rhetoric" and the ulamas' suggestion that Hadi be the next PM should PR come to power -
or the stale rhetoric about banning alcohol/gambling (while they drink out of cups full of haram taxes),
or that maybe one day suggest that Inul/Avril Lavigne should wear burqas during their performances to make it "kosher".

I'm quite certain that the architects of our education system will laughing their guts out seeing all these while they burn in hell
and our education minister (and the Malay/Muslim "intelligentsia") remain silent.

The education and political system definitely did well in training many Malay leaders who are devoid of the alien characteristic of 'conscience', to develop forked tongues ....
Here's something "new" from our MSM about a very "honest" leader, which would be very "convincing" (and he wants to talk to the Lawyers!!!):-

IPOH: PAS Youth head Salahuddin Ayub plans to invite the Bar Council for a dialogue with the party. Saying that his duty at the “embracing Islam” forum was just to keep the peace, he blamed the Bar Council for not explaining ahead the objective of its meeting which came to a halt when demonstrators stormed the venue in Kuala Lumpur. If the Council had explained fully, distributed pamphlets or conducted a publicity campaign, it would not have led to protests, he said. I felt it was my duty to be present to defuse a quarrel should it have erupted. The Council should give ample notice instead of giving an impression that it was an open forum organised under a cloud of secrecy,” he said.
- The Star

Where's the smoke coming from....
Is somebody's Pants ... no- it's "jubbah" - on fire?
And knowing the notions upon which the country was built, soon it will be dear old Bolehsia's turn to burst into flames ..... PR, Anwar, Hadi, Islam or not!
Maybe that will give us a express ticket to heaven and hell.
Well PAS & Gang, Go to your Heaven
- I'm sure your hell will be quite heavenly for me!!

Anyone else interested in PAS's Hell out there?
See you there, guys!