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March 24 2009

bukitselambau2.jpgA phase of repression descended on Malaysia as Najib Razak seizes control of the reins of power, even before officially taking over as Prime Minister, and unleashes his brutality and violence on the people.

Last night, a rally of about 10,000 people from all races was mercilessly attacked

by the police with tear gas and acid-laced water cannon minutes after I began my speech in Bukit Selambau. Scores of people were arrested including my chief of staff, MPs, and senior aides to the Chief Minister of Kedah.

To justify their iron hand tactics and blatant violation of the people’s fundamental liberties, the police have claimed that the rally was illegal. These are baseless claims as the event took place on private property and adhered to the rules.

Last night’s show of brute force is but the latest in a series of harsh and dictatorial action by the government under Najib against the people. Also yesterday Suara Keadilan
and Harakah
were banned
by the Home Ministry without any justification. These events only too starkly remind us of the cruel and authoritarian style of leadership under which Malaysians suffered for many years. The police force has become a band of marauders. The press is muzzled and those who speak the truth about the abuses carried out by the ruling clique are arrested, beaten and bullied.

The institutions of governance serve the interests of an elite clique which will exceed all boundaries
of the law to retain power. A return to that era would be a disaster for this country and people of consciencebukitselambau1.jpg around the world should condemn these unscrupulous actions.

It is quite clear that despite his superficial offers for cooperation and bipartisanship, the olive branch which Najib Razak extended to the opposition early this month is really a dagger in disguise.

In two weeks Malaysians will once again return to the polls in three important by-elections. Once again all forms of trickery, cheating and bribery will be employed by the UMNO led BN government in order to defeat the opposition. But we are confident that Malaysians will register a referendum, much like they already have done in Kuala Terengganu and in Permatang Pauh, against the brutal and inhumane policies of the government. The movement for change and reform in Malaysia will push forward and will succeed.


Umno's New PM, New EC, New Demo(n)cracy. (UPDATED)

"We're all vulnerable.
Those who think they are safe are mistaken.
No matter how much you try to play safe, you are never safe.
If more and more people stand up,
then the people in power will probably think twice."

- Zaid Ibrahim, former Law Minister and Umno member

Tear gas fired at Anwar ceramah (Malaysian Insider)
And from Xavier Jeyakumar's Blog:
Dr Xavier and team have regrouped and are making their way back to their lodgings for the night.
They have UNCONFIRMED REPORTS that about 30 people were ARRESTED.
[Pls note that this is an unconfirmed estimation only]
Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has managed to leave the chaos zone in Taman Ria, Sg Petani.
Many of us are trying to locate friends that have run in every direction possible. Many people were injured in the chaos that ensued after the FRU opened the water cannons on the crowd.
The crowd was fired upon from the BACK !! They had to no idea that the attack was coming. Many people had brought their entire families along to hear Dato Seri speak.
Tonight has proved that BN before-then-&-now has got to GO !!!
The police and FRU have secured the perimeter of the ceramah area. The police even dismantled the TENTS, confisicated the ROSTRUM and all THE PA EQUIPMENT.
6 People Arrested :
1. Ibrahim Yaakop (PA MB Kedah)
2. Senator Zamri
3. Yusmadi
4. Azhar Ramli (S/U AMK Sg Petani)
5. Hafiz Ali (AMK Kedah : S/U Perhubungan Negeri)
6. Gunasegaran (PA kepada Calon Manikumar)
10: 25 pm :
The FRU continue to fire the water cannon and tear gas on PR supporters.
The crowd of about 5,000 people have dispersed with the FRU on their tails. Many ran into the nearby housing areas (Tamans). The FRU gave chase and continued to fire tear gas even INTO THE HOUSING ESTATES.
10:00pm - Monday, Taman Ria Jaya, Tapak EXCO, Bukit Selambau

So - after Ali Rustam, Norza Zakaria, the Class-F Contractor AGM, and then the Banning of Suara Keadilan and Harakah, that (the above FRU running amuck incident) was the Big news last night, with new further updates still pending as of mid-day today.
Obviously, Anwar is is gonna be "target practice" with every move he makes, and the PAS's man-with-a-mole on his left cheek and his short sidekick will be tempted by the devil with access to federal power. The little bird says that apparently, the short sidekick has already been offered a lucrative post, (and just like the FRU who wish to get a pat-on the back, for firing on peaceful men, women & children) he's salivating at the prospect of a powerful cabinet post like Pavlov's dog.
The best part of it all is the fact Mr. Mole & sidekick think that they are being very smart in doing this for a "higher cause & glory" and "rewards in the hereafter!!

It is definitely a prelude of things to come - after Perak, Selangor and Kedah are now in great danger of being sabotaged through the various instruments of state. The DAP in Penang meanwhile, although will survive, will be probably be faced with some element of "subversive activity not amounting to violence".

Obviously, we are seeing a new phase of authoritarianism in a Malaysia which espouses the Mahathirist "Asian Values" of "Daddy knows best". No effort will be spared to corrupt into submission, anybody and everybody who does not fall in line. Resistance to Umno has to be Futile, and failure to achieve this is not an option.
What we are seeing is a "class-war" (if not "civil war") in the making - probably 10yrs down the line - unless of course the corruption offered by Umno is rejected unanimously by the people. The Raja-raja Melayu should also seek greater legitimacy from the people instead of Umno, so as to kill the seeds of widespread social unrest which is now being planted by the corrupt.

In the coming days, we will be seeing a new brand of "debonair leadership" under the Najib regime. The "Mahathir clean" Muhyiddin will be the No.2, and Mahathir Jr. will be the next "firebrand" groomed to ascend a hierarchy, so as to perpetuate a political dynasty which screams out loud- "honour among thieves" and "let's plunder & rape".

Despite the fact that there is an urgent need to salvage the instruments of state by holding Umno together (vis a vis BN), it is shameful that they have to resort to totally "Mugabe tactics" at every turn. such is the state of affairs in a Government which dishes out "Class-F contracts" at every elections (not to mention the heavy requirement of Police presence).

Speaking of elections, on top of the fact that tear gas which is finally finding its role in this Malaysian brand of democracy, the "independant" Elections Commission has also found an "unblushing" new role as a Government agency.
Of course - it is in the interest of "national in-security", so as to maintain the role of pirates in Najib's RM7b, then RM60b package which he flashed lately. It is now made clear for all and sundry that the EC's role is to perpetuate this, while pretending to be the guardian of democracy for the ignorant proletariat which the aristocracy despises.
Najib of course did flash his smaller RM3.2b package to Class-F contractors lately - but that's a different story.

The following write-up by YB Khalid Samad says a lot about the integrity of the Najib formula under the Mahathirist thumb.

The new role of the SPR

MARCH 24 - Heard about the new role being played by the SPR in Selangor?

They have now become part of a committee formed under the PM's Department responsible for the implementation of a program called 'people centric'.....

If this does not constitute misuse of public funds, I do not know what does!

When the Minister in charge of the ICU (Implementation Coordination Unit) under the PMs department, being the unit responsible for the implementation of this programme, was queried about the matter in the Parliament, he refused to respond. He neither denied nor acknowledged the allegation nor was he the least embarrassed about its disclosure.

In fact, there were those from the BN who even responded by asking, "What is wrong with it?"

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