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21 charged with illegal assembly - All Malaysians next?

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(The Star) A total of 21 people, including a Member of Parliament (MP), two state assemblymen and a Catholic priest, were charged in the Magistrates Court here with taking part in an illegal assembly and failing to disperse when ordered to do so.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, Selangor executive council member Ronnie Liu, Kampong Tunku state assemblyman Lau Weng San, Reverend Father Paulino Francesco Miranda of the Church of Divine Mercy and the rest all pleaded not guilty.

They were arrested on Nov 9 last year under Section 27 of the Police Act for allegedly taking part in an illegal assembly after several warnings to disperse were ignored.

The gathering was a candlelight vigil held at the Petaling Jaya City Council building here on Oct 9 last year to protest the Internal Security Act, among others.

It was organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, also known as Bersih.

They face a maximum fine of RM10,000 or a jail term of not more than one year for each charge or both.

Magistrate Rozina Ayob allowed bail of RM1,500 each on one surety and fixed March 10 to mention the case for trial.


Meanwhile, in another development, the PDRM has yet to allow/ refused/ disallowed a second Autopsy in the case of the death of Kuhan. Khalid had apparently said that the report of the autopsy said that death was due to "lung infection"!!

Hmm ... I wonder what organism is so intelligent & potent in a Police station to "selectively infect" only on those in custody - this must be a very special kind of MRSA which attacks so suddenly that it is impossible for those around him to provide medical care.
It probably attacks so suddenly after the person drinks water and causes some sort "breathing difficulty"... maybe it's the variety that throws boiling water on victims ...
My guess is the victim suffered from Acute Pulmonary Oedema/ Cardiac asthma due to "unknown" causes. (The reason I suspect this is given in the previous post - after all, this "infecting organism" must be too intelligent to "infect" the head/brain or the presentation would have been quite different....).

Khalid denied that police had anything to hide and argued there was no provision in the law for them to order the second post-mortem.
“Even if we allow the second post mortem, what if they (family) are still not satisfied, there will be no end to the matter.”

What "Hamid Albar" logic (as expected) from this "defender of children & protector of peace"!!!
Incidentally, it isn't for him to speculate on the eventuality, is it?
There have been numerous precedents wherein a second autopsy was done to ascertain the cause of death - Why then does he refuse?
This is probably a first, where request for autopsy is concerned, and anyone would smell a rat!!
The family should probably refrain from cremating the body until an independent Pathologist/Coroner conducts the Autopsy.
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Below is the Video of the above case ....


Police Brutality, Shootings and Deaths in Custody

Photos of the funeral procession yesterday

The Malaysian DJ Blogger is Married–January 23,2009

A Fellow Blogger got Married today - Din Merican, to Dr. Kamsiah.

To the newly Married couple - Congrats, & God Bless you!

MAS - Why Wasn't The Victim Given 1st/ Business Class B4 Take-off, & The Bigot Arrested on Touchdown?

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A Sample of MH - Malaysian Hospitality??

Horror flight MH161: Bigoted passenger was M'sian
John Low | Jan 22, 09 4:10pm

We refer to the letter

Horror flight on board MH161.

Malaysia Airlines regrets and views the matters raised by Mrs Radhika Iyer-O'Sullivan very seriously and we initiated an immediate investigation into the matter.

The results of our investigations show that the passenger who was given a seat next to Mrs Iyer-O'Sullivan was not allowed into Karachi in view of insufficient travel documents on arrival.

From an immigration standpoint, if a passenger fails to provide adequate documents, they can be turned away by the arrival country though airlines will still to treat the person as a passenger.

As such, he was not assigned to a separate seating area.

It is truly unfortunate that a Malaysian chose to behave in this manner, particularly on a flight filled with multi-ethnic passengers. In checking with our in-flight supervisor and crew, they themselves, too, were shocked by his behaviour.

The in-flight supervisor made a judgment call to provide Mrs Iyer-O'Sullivan with an alternative seat, instead of one for that passenger, because they needed to remove her from that environment.

This was aimed at ensuring that the crew could keep a closer eye on her, and to prevent any reoccurrence of the earlier incident.

Throughout the flight, our cabin crew kept a close watch on both passengers. During the constant rounds, the cabin crew was glad to note that Mrs Iyer-O'Sullivan was resting and they assumed that the rest of the journey went well.

On arrival, the male passenger was only allowed to leave the airplane after all the other passengers had disembarked. Our ground staff were on hand to meet him when the cabin crew handed over his travel documents.

We truly regret the incident and have offered Mrs Iyer-O'Sullivan service recovery beyond the norm. We are currently in discussions with her to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

The writer is manager, Customer Response, Malaysia Airlines.

Note to You Mr. Manager:-
You say you "provided service recovery beyond the norm"???
What kind of a Hare-brained answer is that??!!
Shame on You, Mr. Manager from MAS!!

If I were Mrs. Sullivan's family, I would sue the pants off you for willful negligence, emotional trauma and endangering the victim's life!!

You better come clean on this MAS - shame on you!!