Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Intellectually Bankrupt & Shaky Govt in the Making?

This was an election that was "won" by the non-BN parties in cyberspace, with minimal financial capital - much of the credit, IMHO is due to our passionate cyber activists, RPK & Haris Ibrahim. But of course, the sound understanding between the leaders of the various parties, the economic factors and Anwar's manouverings completed the picture.
(Did you see Bangsar? It was so damn ugly - BN simply aided in global warming and destruction of rain forests of Borneo/ Johor/ Pahang, by burning precious money on toilet paper and ugly billboards for posters of their Party symbols and "iconic" bosses).

The recent events that translated into an "unprecedented rout" of the ruling BN "coalition" has set of numerous analyses and shaken up the political hierarchy of the nation.
There'll be more to come, amidst the wave of euphoria on the "opposition front" and the turbulence in the BN.

The "opposition" (which isn't exactly that, by vitue of the fact that it controls half of peninsular Malaysia) should now fine tune their "MOA" to create a formal coalition, without really upseting the delicate balance that is required, so as not to "offend" or "threaten" any sector of society - more so, that of the Malay majority.

Being more of an "intelectual and urban coalition" (relative to the BN, which only survived becos of rural/ heartland Malay votes), they should strive to penetrate and appeal to those in the heartlands, where the role of the internet is very much limited.

The "Chinese" dominated DAP should to do a lot more, to win the trust of the Malays, and reassure them that their rights wouldn't be trampled upon. It should try very hard to shed the image of a Non-Malay party - first and foremost, by giving due respect and prominence to the Bahasa Malaysia/ Melayu (or whatever you call it) and the Raja-Raja Melayu.

The same could be said of PAS (which is dominated by Malay Muslims), where the dominance of conservative Malay Muslim members may be a source of anxiety among the others.

PKR on the other hand, has to maintain its "non-racial" platform, play the role of a "centrist" party and thus make greater inroads into the heartlands, and refrain from taking up the narrowminded "race based ideas" of BN, that can easily break its bid for political dominance.
Despite my "fears" I'm quite certain that PKR has a fairly sound ideological foundation (that needs to be built on and reinforced from time to time), so as not to be a victim of the "R&R" rhetoric that it would be faced with in the near future.

It is also hoped that they wouldn't fall victim to the desire for cheap tin-can "honours" that propagates the corrupting elitist ideas of the "UMNO Baru", and thus allow themselves to be 'bought over'.
It would indeed be nice to have leaders being addressed as "Yang Berkhidmat" or even plain Mr./ Encik so-and-so, with no pretentious pseudo-elite titles to their name which makes a mockery of the royalty.

In addressing the needs of the urbanites, I hope that this new "coalition" Govt-in-waiting gives special attention to the real "Pribumis" - the "Orang Asli" - make sure they are not neglected or cheated by "crony capitalist developers". Compensate where necessary. Protect their unique way of life.
They deserve a great deal more, to be able to play an active part in Malaysian society - and they do not ask much.
Educate them. Have special schools for them. Help them integrate at their own pace.
You will be blessed by all caring Malaysians (more so, by those from Sabah/ Sarawak) for the Compassion that you show them.

As I read the numerous analyses, it appears to be that the BN needs to do plenty of soul-searching to reform the coalition and discard the outdated ideas that it holds on to.
Being reduced to a "rural" party, that has actually been propped up by votes in Sabah/ Sarawak and rural Peninsular Malaysia, it has lost control of all the developed and educated "goldmines" of the nation.
The leaders however come from a different backround of urban elites, who are actually aliens to their rural supporters .
The apparent "support" that they apparent got was the result of "overturned vote-bearing sampans", bad roads/ weather, sheer ignorance and gullibility to fear mongering (remember RPKs "oily man story"?) and the divisive political rhetoric of "Ketuanan Melayu".
As such, it is only a matter of time before the information revolution takes place in the heartlands, and threatens their so called "strongholds".
Perhaps there will be attempts to stifle the "K-economy" in these constituencies, and promote "conservative orthodoxy" so as to maintain their appeal in these areas.

Statistics show that BN had merely garnered 49% of votes in the peninsular - that too with the questionable conduct of the Election Commision (in various constituencies and the abandoning of the indelible ink, under suspicious circumstances - albeit, with newer conspiracy theories endorsed by the AG & IGP).

One could almost picture the physical, psychological and emotional trauma suffered by the members of BN (especially UMNO Baru), with the passing on of En Zakaria Deros and the public apology of his son on National TV.
I wouldn't be surprised if all the Psychiatrists/ psychologists in town would have booming businesses very soon ............ (Philip, Steven, Paul - you've got "durian runtuh" coming your way, boys!)

It is an open secret that there is a furious power struggle that is taking place within UMNO Baru, which chooses to demonize AAB for his "weak leadership", when in truth, it was the intellectually/philosophically bankrupt party created by his predecessor that couldn't withstand the onslought of the internet and more open policies that AAB introduced.
(In sexist culture of Wanita this & that of BN, the women of course don't really figure in the equation - although Azalina's rise may never be challenged as of now.)

TDM of course, now chooses to wash dirty linen in public, while aspiring for sainthood. Don't worry TDM - I'll e-mail the Pope to set you off on the fasttrack to canonisation - you're truly whiter than white!
And of course Mukhriz (of the Tongkah Medivest, fame) has plenty of UMNO Baru Pemuda support, and is worthy (at least more than KJ, the pseudo Malaysian) of more cookies and a higher post in the echelons of power - possibly even a ministerial post ...... and get the dynasty rolling.
Good plan TDM!!!

As for the other "partners" in the alliance, having been practically wiped out, one might wonder how they can maintain their relevence and remain players on the national stage.
Both leaders of the main component parties have declared that they wouldn't seek ministerial posts, but would "work towards revitalizing" the respective parties that cater to sectarian interests and "race politics" of a bygone era.
As for the "mosquito" coalition partners of the "divide and rule" ideology, they have been rendered irrelevant - so much so, that various ideologues have recommended that they merge to cover up their impotence, and support the "big guns".

I wouldn't be surprised should the turbulence have major repercussions on the "social contract" that has been questioned by the voters, with the current mandate.

Being ideologically bankrupt, and bereft of any intellectuals in all their component parties, it is quite possible that the new line-up of the new MPs & Cabinet, would be weak at best.
The weak ruling coalition, which has depended on the propagation of an ideology of hate, fear and apathy among the rakyat, had thus far depended on a huge mandate that stifled all forms of debate in parliament to rule the nation.
This culture has bred a generation of ignoramuses who rose to the highest echelons of power, and proudly displayed their idiocy while hiding behind their comfortable majority like cowards - more so after the purge of (practically all) intellectuals over the last 25 yrs.

Who I wonder would be the chief whip in parliament, that will face the formidable line-up of intellectuals in the "opposition" bench!
Could Najib, Rafidah, Azalina, Pak Lah, Nazri, Khairy, Nor Mohd Yaakop, Shaziman Mansor, Johari Baharom, Mukhriz, Hishamuddin, Bung Mokhtar or any one else measure up to the formidable & dynamic line-up of DSAI, TG Hadi, LKS, LGE, Tian Chua, Karpal, Sabu, Gobind, Jagdeep, Azmin, Ramasamy, Santiago, etc etc etc?
Seriously - I have my doubts - they'd probably be torn to shreds before they can say "Altantunya", "Ketuanan Melayu" or "Social Contract"!!! Sure would be good fun to watch - no wonder Semi Value and OKT don't wish to take up ministerial/ senatorial posts!!

Cabinet line-up would be shaky at best with "outsiders" stating their agendas in their attempts to "revitalize" their selfish interests!
Hope the rakyat don't fall for the bribes that would soon flood the nation, and sell their rights and souls once again to the devils in disguise (alright ... some only have plastic surgery, toupees, liposuction or "stem-cell" infusions).

Having said all these, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a mid-term election that would be "organized meticulously" by the "revitalized" alliance under a new & "terror" leadership. That would definitely be quite a C4 to the people's ears ......
This may pave the way for a crackdown on all dissent and intellectual debate (maybe even "cyber-terrorize" with troopers, the critically acclaimed blogs/ internet) ala "Ops Lalang" of the good ol' dynamic, stable & economically robust days of TDM.
With Pak Lah alone (sans KJ) this possibility would be minimised. No wonder, the call for him to quit!
The "neglected ones" are probably just itching to get their dirty hands into the cookie jar ..... not that the current crop of hands are clean anyways!

We just have to wait and see the fallout of this elections on UMNO Baru, and all the pieces will fall in place .......

NOTE: All opinions expressed above are personal perceptions (aka "Cruzin Thots") - and as such, they are very much "debatable".