Thursday, 21 August 2008

"Anti- Intellectualism" to the fore!!

The following was an email I received from an anonymous surfer.
Wondering what it was all about, I went to the link he provided - it went to a Blog entry by our ex-PM -
So the email was from a "pirate", plagiarising - my humble apologies to those with offended "sensitivities" .....

A truly sad entry it was - raving and ranting about "intellectuals", while playing the apologist for the uncultured.
It probably reflects how much he despised this group of people who can potentially educate the masses on civilized conduct. He appears disheartened that there are efforts towards intellectual discourse, although with resistance from unthinking groups/individuals/moles.
It is amazing that one should delight in the ignorance of the masses, instead of educating them on proper conduct through civil behaviour.
As it has been written, so it is - that those who suffer from "insecurity" and a severe inferiority complex, need to "paint others black, in order to appear to be white" ....
It started with a self centered - "I was amazed..." - well, so was I, with his rationale!!

(Those who are interested may find your own way there, or use the link in the blog roll if it works ..... I keep the link on my bookmarks, 'cos I try to understand the man's mindset/logic in his winter years)

Anyway, I don't wish to go on about apologists for Neanderthals - so here goes the email ... (truly I say - it wasn't my job!)

2008 General "Erections".

1.I am amazed that there are still people in this country who think that the racist parties "won" the general elections because they promised a more sectarian society with racism, religious bigots and whatnots, including of course doing away with the “Kuttyism Acts” (KA).

2. Do they think that the swing; the mass desertion of the Malay villagers from the Kuttyists, the Chinese from KataNothing/Sukun parties and the Indians from Semi Value in order to vote for the opposition parties, was due to their wish to see the abolition of the KA or to seek for greater corruption, or desire for greater repression, for gag orders and closed discussions at illiterate levels?

3. Are these the subjects that "Little Napoleons", entreprenuers and pirates, the Ali Babas, the S-Class contractors talk about in the karaokes at "stuporous" levels?

4.Do they care that our fascism is not as repressive as the Nazis or Stalinists? Do they care about gutter politicians' barks by nincompoops who want to display their imbecility?

5.If they, the imbeciles think or believe that these high-flying people, pirates and Ali Babas voted for the opposition because of these ideals, because they have become very mature, because they want to see change, then think again. Go down to the very "gutter" level of these Jet-set voters and try talking to them about your ideas.

6. You will find that their concerns are about their pockets, the price of Dom Perignom, contracts for them and their children, some of whom are dropouts, their mega-businesses, the scam-development for their cronies and political slums, their dissatisfaction with their treatment by Ano-retentive officers and their Prostitutes not visiting them etc.

7. Whom do they blame? They blame pre-existing UNMO Baru and its leaders and the kowtow-ing KataNothing, Sukun, SemiValue. In particular they blame the Prime Minister, Dolawi's predecessor.

8. Why did they blame Dol's predecessor? Their reasoning was simple. Under the previous Prime Minister they were very much better off with borrowed monies; the prices of goods did not go up too high, their incomes had increased through corruption, the officials were more attentive to side-income and so were their wakils – which could be kept under wraps, etc etc.

9. Besides these there were no other changes. The Kuttyist Pirates were all still there just like before, being led at the local and national level by unthinking politicians concerned with holding posts which gave them opportunities to enrich themselves, getting JPs (Justice of Peace), Datuk-ship, Tan Sri-ship, TUNships, NUTships and other sinking ships, kissing the PM's @$$ in order to win his favour. They cared more for what they could get from him than what they could do for the people. And his response was to favour these nincompoops and not the pirates. These nincompoops and party animals would keep him as their President and therefore his Premiership. For the people he proposed more Racism and repression in the future.

10. The people did not object too much to the corruption then. It would be good if they got a piece of the goodies themselves. But the ex-Prime Minister did not bother. Comfortable with the support of his party people he saw the need to bribe the people, so the people owed him everything.

11. They regarded him as being responsible for all their misfortunes simply because all these misfortunes were planted during his time, or more crudely it came from him. So it seems to them.

12. One of the things that the Ali Babas did not like was a lack of gratefulness shown by these Racists. They, the Ali Babas were too scared to protest over this show of ungratefulness on the part of the ex-Prime Minister and his minions. But they felt strongly about Kutty's lack of gratefulness, especially as he let his minions show crudely their ungratefulness- calling for Sodomists, Anti- Semitism, Chinese blood, Al-Maunah, KMM, Project M, cursing and condemning the people who had been responsible for their exalted position as Ministers etc.

13. The people feared the reaction of the then Government and did not voice their disgust at such uncouth behaviour. But that did not mean that they were prepared to overlook such displays of ungratefulness. And so the first time they felt free to express their views without fear they did - by voting against the Barisan Nasional, after the dictator was gone.

14. And so the BN lost. But the Kuttyists did not win, certainly not because the Ali Babas liked the Kuttyists. They won by default because that was the only way the erstwhile Ali Baba supporters could show their dislike for the lack of contracts, which they blame for their problems. The Ali Babas lost, the Racists and Kuttyists really did not win.

15. The idiotic Racists should be able to see this. But they wanted so much to believe that they had convinced the Kuttyists and the voters about their ideals of liberal Racism, their imbecility, negotiated deals under OSA etc etc. that they took the apparent success of the people as being due to their cheating and the electorate being convinced of the kind of politics the Pirates preach.

16. And so when recently neo-Kuttyist party members behaved in the Kutty ways, reverting to good old racism and religious intolerance, to disliking sensitive issues to be openly discussed, to regarding those of their own kind joining the liberals as betrayers, they became unhappy at what they consider to be treachery on the part of the neo-Kuttyists.

17. But the neo-Kuttyists led by the wily master of spin, (Mr. Kutty), only made a show of being liberal- being advocates of Racism, being above equality, being against justice and being all the way with the nincompoops. They have every intention of being all these. But it was good politics and a good way to hoodwink the naive intellectuals and their even more naive followers.

18. The “Sodomists” and the nincompoops had allowed themselves to be led by the arse, up the anal path. The hard nosed real pirates, especially of the world, are laughing.

19. It is time the nincompoops realise they were being duped by the Master of Spin, the pious Mamak who is also the bosom pal of Mugabe, the neo con-artist Fascist, the killer of conscience, the supporter of Racists, Pirates and of the Brainwashing schools etc. etc.

20. But idiots will not admit they have made a grave mistake. They never see. Carry on dreaming. Hold your muzakarah, discuss what you like. You are driving the people nuts, pushing them back to their good old Kuttyists racialism. You are helping to hold up a regime that is incompetent and thoroughly corrupt. You are helping to destroy this country – the Kutty way.