Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ya Allah! Ya Rabbi! Don't Take the MSM Propaganda Ride - Here's The Real Deal On the "Word"...

"Emancipate yourselves from Mental Slavery;
- none, but ourselves can free our mind...."
-Bob Marley, Redemption Song


The comments (by me) below were taken from the discussion on "Herald Continues To Use Allah Word", which were meant to clear the confusion created by the propaganda machinery of the state in the issue of the "Herald" demanding the right to use Allah in their Malay print of their weekly (and that of in the Bible too). It addresses those who believe that the Catholic Church is "being childish", or are making a big deal out of "nothing", or if the word "ALLAH" is REALLY the issue here.

Allow me to begin by saying that this ""Allah" issue, while being painted as being a "sensitive issue" of Christians encroaching on Islamic territory by the MSM propaganda, the truth is far from it.
The truth here is that it concerns the fundamental rights of each and every citizen regardless of colour, creed or affiliation.

What many don't seem to realize that the banning of the use of Allah would give the authorities the right to ban the import of Bibles published in Indonesia, as that is the word used extensively in the Bahasa Indonesia Bibles to refer to "God" (or is it Lord - I get confused). This also gives the authorities to flout the constitutional guarantee of the freedom of worship. The ability of the authorities to dictate terms to churches legitimizes the politicians' interference in "church" and religious affairs - and would set a precedence in trampling upon the constitutional right of each & every citizen to manage their own religious affairs.
As such it isn't simply a "Christian/ Catholic" affair - it involves the right of every citizen.

Should the Muslims wish have their religious rights determined by the authorities , that is their right to dispense with. It may be the reason why the Ahmadiyyahs in Selayang are today under threat of persecution. Maybe it is the same with the case of Al-Arqam - I cannot be certain. However, since Muslims do not wish for opinions from non-Muslims, I shal refrain from commenting on these two "issues".

Earlier this month, the Police attempted to stop "pournami pooja" done for the ISA detainees under the Police Act, as it was probably deemed a "threat to national security". For all we know, tomorrow, they may declare that all churches, temples, other forms of worship has to be in line with government dictated terms - just like in China!
Maybe - just maybe, it is the "China model" of control of houses of worship which our Govt aspires for (which might explain the "close ties" that the "intel" share), in their attempt to cling on to power.

As of now in Malaysia, it is only places of worship that the Government does not have total over. With their ability to dictate terms to religious establishments, their dominance on all aspects of life in Malaysia becomes absolute. They will then dictate to one and all, what we can and cannot do within our places of worship - and our religious institutions loose all autonomy.

To those who have lingering doubts, - don't let yourselves be taken for a ride by the propaganda "nose-rings" called MSM.

It concerns all of us - it is the litmus test of the conscience of our nation,
and consequently, if Malaysians would allow selfishness & Fascist tyranny to triumph over humanity.
Make no mistake about it, and never for a moment think otherwise!

Let us stand together in this issue, and as the Fascists persecute our brother citizens -those courageous ones arrested in PJ for the peaceful anti-ISA vigil - in their attempt to silence the people into submission and Fear - because they fear your freedom!
Let us together stand up together for our rights, just as those persecuted, stood up for ours - and put the fear of God into the hearts of tyrants.
Let together, sing a song of freedom.

So, I give you now a little of Marley's Redemption song (modified a little):-

"How long shall they silence our patriots,
While we stand aside and look?
Won't you help to sing,
These songs of freedom?
Won't you have to sing
These songs of freedom?"

God Bless You.

Anyway, here goes - The following were my comments on Malaysia Today, in an attempt to lend clarity to the real issue behind the "Word":-
written by cruzeiro, January 20, 2009 18:45:28

Do you think this is only about the Catholic church where this matter is concerned?
Hardly, RP - it's about your rights as well! It about the rights of every single Malaysian regardless of color or creed, as guaranteed by the Federal Constitution.
It is ignorance such as yours that makes the United Malaysian Nazi Organization thrive and strip Malaysians of their rights - slowly but surely.

Despite being (supposedly) a Catholic/Christian, I too do not entirely agree with its usage where "correctness" is concerned - however, that is besides the point. It is the right to use the word that is the issue here.
You confuse the "political correctness" of word "Allah", with your "right" to use the word! The former is debatable, while the latter is non-negotiable.

The fact remains that no politician holds the patent to the word, and it is your right to use the word, or any other to refer to your God (if you believe in one).
In fact, you could even call him "Jack", and there is nothing that anyone can do to take that right away from you.

Get one thing straight RP - Your right to freedom worship without interference of the authorities is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution, just as your freedom to peaceful assembly.
Just as the freedom of assembly for the citizens has been stripped with the various acts passed by the legislature through guile & deceit (and maybe even threats/intimidation), this right is also sought to be stripped from you. It is how they encroach and trample upon you, sooner or later!

If & when all is lost, it is people like you (don't worry - I was in that boat once) who start crying foul, oblivious to the fact that it was your own blissful ignorance and gullibility to Nazi propaganda, that was the main factor in encouraging politicians to strip you of your rights!

Once you give up that right RP, there's no telling what you'll have to do to get it back - just take a look at how they try to break up every gathering which they do not approve of, even if the participants are peaceful.
Read the Police Act on top of the ISA, and you'll know what I mean - you are apparently a criminal whether you like it or not, and you live "free" only because they allow you to, and not becos it is your right to be free.

That is what power is all about - they criminalize you, so that you live at their mercy.
Think hard, before you accuse others of childishness when people fight for your rights!

written by cruzeiro, January 20, 2009 21:50:50

The Guru Granth Sahib uses the word Allah to refer to God!
Who are you to say it is wrong and that the word belongs to Muslims and Arabs? Are you aware that Arab christians use the word - of course you are. And mind you, Christianity was in Arabia long before the advent of Islam.
So, since when has this word been unique to Islam? Never.

Now, if a non-Arab Muslim can preach and publish Islamic literature in any other language using the word Allah, can you give me one good reason why anybody else cannot do the same when preaching theirs?

Hell man - I can take a Japanese word and make it English! What makes you say that I cannot take an Arab/ Sanskrit/ Punjabi word to make it Malay?
And FYI, Allah is also a derivative of "El", "Eli" and what not - hence it isn't "arabic" in origin!

This is not about religion, race, or language - don't let yourself get misled.
It isn't about the Herald, the Catholic Church or whatever - that's just the "wayang".
It's more than that, friend - It's about the desire of certain quarters who wish to exercise control over you. The non-Muslim houses of worship are one of the last institutions that have attained a certain degree of autonomy in managing their affairs- and they wish to take that away from you.

They have soiled the Judiciary, the civil service, the parliament, the royalty, the police, the education, the economy, and even society as a whole.
They now seek to twist your mind & soil your conscience, so that you do not believe that it affects you, when another gets persecuted.
Should they get away with doing this, there's no telling what they will do next, to persecute the citizens - this is the last straw.

Do you remember how they recently tried to stop "pournami pooja" at the temple in Kerling lately? This is about them trying to encroach into your house of worship - this being the sole institution that they don't have authority over.

They want to paint the issue as being a sensitive issue, so that they can control even houses of worship that aren't of Islam - which is protected by the Federal Constitution. They will play up more issues as having sensitive repercussions so as to encroach further into constitutionally forbidden territories
It is about Freedom of religion - Article 11!!

Nobody cares if the pagan referred to the moon god, or the kitchen god, or the toilet god, using whatever word!
If to me it means what I like to refer to what I like, it is my choice - what makes the adjudicator of what I believe is right? Like I said, I can call my God Jack, "mawi" or "RP", and it is within my right to do so.
Moreover, last I checked the constitution, it says that it is none of your business.

It is not about the political correctness of the word, RP - it is about your Constitutional Right to practice your faith as you see fit, without the interference of state/politicians!
Allah issue is just where they "test" the waters.