Monday, 10 March 2008

Race Politics Rears its Ugly Head - Yet Again

"It will not do to cling to the cause and wish the result away.
Reality does not play mind games.

What is more - to anesthetize the mind in order to abort what comes to birth,
when wrong ideas are conceived and borne in the womb of culture,

will only kill the very life-giving force of the nation that nurtures the idea.
We must learn, in the words of one cultural commenter, 'to live as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves'."
-Ravi Zacharias


The following was a letter from a reader published in Malaysia Today.

Why I don't support a non-Malay for deputy Mentri Besar

For the first time in history, all Malaysians have come forward in large numbers to support the non-BN parties. This support has translated into the sacking of BN into the opposition in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor.

What the Malays have done, is to make a an attempt to work with the other races to support reformasi. It is important that non-Malays do not push the Malays too hard. For them to open up the political space and increase the number of non-Malay, non-BN Parliamentarians and State ADUNs, has taken them courage. Let us be patient and wait until the Malays learn to be comfortable with the genuine sharing of political power.

Meanwhile, those who have the expertise or skills should help the less-fortunate Malays by teaching and sharing our business knowledge with them.

PY Wong


This is an excerpt from RPK's "The Aftermath Of 'The Bloodbath'" :-

"The government must not be race-based, and certainly not religion-based. People chosen to head the agencies in any of the five states must be based on capabilities and not because that person is Malay, Chinese or Indian. Granted, the Federal Constitution of Malaysia may state who can be Menteri Besar while the election promise was, if the opposition wins Penang, then a Chinese shall be the Chief Minister. But that must be as far as race considerations prevail. For thereon no positions should be filled because we want more Malays or more Chinese or more Indians in the government.

If qualifications and capabilities become the criteria, then Malays, Chinese and Indians would automatically be represented at all levels of government. Just give him or her the job because he or her is the best person for the job and the racial balance would automatically happen. You do not even need to try too hard."


Generally speaking, the above to observations and opinions, should be the way forward for the nation, with few exceptions in certain cases, as and when it may arise.

Yesterday, I had received an SMS that has probably been circulating among "Indians" of Malaysia - and it went as follows, (verbatim):-

"Dear all indian pls send sms to Mr.Lim Kit Siang to appoint an indian as MB for Perak.His no is 012-2812828. pls do it right now..."

I'm quite certain that this sms would've gone far and wide, and spammed LKS's inbox endlessly. I wouldn't wanna hazard a guess as to where this sms originated from - could've been anybody, even Hindraf or MIC, for all I know!

[Anyway, I copied the message down and deleted the message ASAP, so as not to be judgemental upon the sender (whoever he was), who was just passing it on .....]

After the earlier sms that circulated about the superiority of a certain party over another, by virtue of the apparent "pluralism" that it practised, I wasn't caught off-guard - and so didn't forward this message nor did I bother to give Mr. LKS a tinkle or sms.

When will Malaysians change in their mindset?
Haven't the racist "Social Contractors" done enough damage, for them to see how this attitude contributes towards racism and chauvinism?

Is it not possible for them to trust another Malaysian to take care of their interests, regardless of "R&R"?

To tell you the truth, after 50yrs of indoctrination and racism, and a gullible public, I'm not so sure myself ......

But I'm quite certain of one thing though - that there will be more "agent provocateurs" who'd try very hard to provoke these sentiments, and create more racists, fanatics, kris fetishists and semi values - and destroy what we fought for, thus far.

The new Opposition under the leadership of DSAI has to be on guard at all times for those who play up the divisive issues of "R & R", to hijack the nation once again.

DSAI, TG Hadi and Mr. LKS have to work hard at reform of the institutions of state, and "reeducating" Malaysians, so as to build trust and understanding. They also shouldn't dwell too long on their "victory", and start a witchhunt or persecuting "enemies" - we need to move on to greater things, although justice should be served as well.

I appeal to all Malaysians to wake up and see the new hope for a united Malaysia, under a new leadership of intellectuals, as opposed to that of racists, gangsters and thugs.

The economy and sectarian interests of "R&R" have to be divorced from politics of nation building at all cost, so as to make room for choice in political leadership.

I call upon all race based NGOs to refrain from making calls for race based "privileges" in political representation. This chauvinism will only plant the seeds of hatred and suspicion. Let us give the nation a chance at leadership without racism.

The Malaysian public has to exercise caution, or simply disregard comments from self-proclaimed pseudo-intellectual political heroes of the past, who today, would like to ride on the popular wave "against PM AAB" - which is actually against the failure of the perpetuated preexisting policies, that has "bloomed" today. AAB WAS SIMPLY "RIDING ON A CONDEMNED CAR", the workings of which, he was ignorant.

Let us ask - who the culprit was, in setting the precedent for the damage to the nation (despite all his "goodies" in the past).
Do not be flattered or be taken in, by those "VIPs" currently courting bloggers in general, so as to make his case, with vested interests - thus hijacking the rational debates among bloggers/ netizens on the web, just as was done to the MSM in the past.

Please be aware that AAB the diplomat, was set up and is just the "fall guy" for past failed policies - not that he's blameless, though .....

It was simply an opportunity presented to us Malaysians in general, although there was a different agenda for some "players".

Let us not squander this opportunity.

Let us strive for a New Malaysia, with the help of intellectuals, instead of turning to political deadwoods for "opinions & guidance".

Let us reject political "dynasties", unless the person has proven his metal - as Mr. Lim Guan Eng. We also hope to see the honorable and graceful exit of the "old guard", who would take an advisory role in due time, in future.

Last but not least, I call upon all parties in power at present, to court more intellectuals and encourage debate, reject authoritarianism, nepotism and have a fully functional democratic succession plan in place, so as not to destabilize the relevant parties and nation at large, in future - as seen in certain cases today.

Let us not be fooled once again, and be foolish enough to surrender our Voice, Human Dignity and Rights, at the altar of Materialism (in the guise "Economic Prosperity")
- for "man does not live on bread alone ...." .

I would like to thank Pak Lah for his polite letter, requesting for support in the recent election campaign. It is very much regretted that the letter reached me very late .... i.e. after the results were out.

And now, .............. a message from Comedy court:


Thank you one and all - for saving Democracy in Malaysia!

I'm truly humbled by the level of awareness created by our leaders.
A special THANK YOU
to our dear RPK/ Malaysia Today, Haris Ibrahim/ The People's Parliament, Ahirudin Atan/Rocky's Bru, Jeff Ooi/ Screenshots, all the NGOs, DSAI, TG Hadi, LKS and all those who worked hard with limited resources to give us all hope, and make this dream a reality!

Last but not least, thank you to all brothers and sisters of the blogging community -

This was a victory of the alternative media over MSM!

I'm humbled by the response of the Malaysians
towards matters of national interest!

This was a victory for all Malaysians - regardless of color/creed or partisan politics.

Let us now go forth and work with the
State and Federal Governments of the day as partners in Nation building!

Truly - Malaysians Boleh!!!!