Thursday, 24 March 2011

1-Bolehsia PORN- Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang!!!

1-Bolehsia Porn Producers'
Post- Media Screening Premiere Press Conference

Getting rave reviews, the Producers of Bolehsia fledgling porn industry has today passed a milestone in their endeavours- they have now come out of the closet to boldly go where no 1-Bolehsia has gone. They have unashamedly admitted to their identities which until today, was behind dark glasses & caps.

"the trio decided to come out in the open and admitted to staging the private media screening on Monday morning, while calling for a royal commission" -MalaysiaKini

(Anyways, the screening at such a premier hotel- which provides extremely good security to all its screening patrons - had managed to evade the extremely efficient Police Special Branch (although the whole country knew about it).

The initial review was a cloak and dagger affair- hosted at a premier hotel with the audience having to surrender all electronic gadgets/telephones- just in case they attempted secret recording which could have violated their copyrights. All members of the selected audience were asked to wear "jubahs" for unknown reasons- some said that was to allow more freedom to "Mrs Palm and her five children". Others said the producers were seeking approval of the clerics ... we will never know untill they have another press conference to clarify the details.

The high quality of the production has now gained the approval of the de-facto law minister (for their noble intentions, of course)- and they have embarked on a mission to gain Royal Patronage of the Bolehsian Monarchy.

According to the Law Minister of Bolehsia, what matters is the intention with which you watch people bonking- if you mean well, it is perfectly legal. Otherwise, you go and "mandi bunga" or see your Bomoh (like Pek Mo of Sarawak la).
“I'm speechless... all of this coming out,” he said with a look of disbelief- ehem ..... he probably wasn't wearing the "jubah" as prescribed by the wise producers.

All Bolehsians are truly heartened/ "terharu" with such a consciencious Law Minister.
Many have volunteered to watch porn to corroborate details of each and every porn movie in the market.

The 3-in-1 Ministry can now boast that 1-Bolehsia can now be the Porn Hub (in addition to being the IT, Green technology, Halal Food, Eco-Tourism, Islamic Finance, Money laundering, Sodomy, Rempit, Bohsia, Illegal Timber/Petroleum/Immigrant, human trafficking Hubs) of Asia, which the "little red dot" down south will envy. It would definitely help churn the economy- considering the number of jobless grads and the rempits on the streets. With this money, despite beind cash-strapped, the multi-billion dollar mega-projects they want would be easily financed- brilliant isn't it?

Getting back to the point- Casting aside the reports of a sleazy history (of pedophilia on the record of "certain people"), they bravely persevered in producing its porn for a niche market of consumers (especially the fans from a certain party led by a pornstar) with a voyeuristic fetish. (One producer did boldly invite other politicians to emulate that pornstar & himself to quit politics when faced with sex scandals).
Wikipedia's list of Top 100 Most Popular Pornstars of of the world (just google it okay) have all confirmed that they're elated with such a positive response from Bolehsians and have also volunteered their services to help the "Trio" in their bold endeavour!! This with the presence one one particular person on the production teamapparently gives the much needed confidence to the children of Bolehsia to achieve Wawasan 2020 and become "developed"!!

The trio of "Datuk T" requested that Royal Commission be formed to give further credibility to their production with comments from Wan Azizah, Lim Kit Siang and poor old TG Nik Aziz.. Apparently, to add more color and life to the review board, they wished to add the horse-trinket loving KITAr Party President/Chairman, Zaid Ibrahim and even the "don tok shit 3 times" Ibrahim Ali to be on the "review board" which should have the Royal Patronage. Ibrahim Ali was totally in support of the Royal Patronage because according to him, it should be done to "to get a proper perspective,.....”.
Yes, indeed- a "good perspective" helps ...

To the Datuk T team- Bravo!!
You guys are what Mr. 1-Bolehsia (and PERKOSA) would call "Cemerlang, Gemilang & Terbilang"!!