Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We now Speak of The Federal Constitution - for ONCE!

Perak Sultan: Explain social contract to young generation
TAIPING, Oct 22 – The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, today proposed that the social contract be explained at educational institutions to enable the young generation to have an in-depth understanding of the pre-independence agreement.
- TheMalaysianInsider

First reading the above statement from HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, I (and I'm sure I'm not alone here ...) was disappointed that he was indulging in "Umno-Speak".
Upon reading it a second time, it struck me that what he said was very significant - he asks all of us to adhere by the consensus of our founding fathers who were part of the team that drafted the Federal Constitution!

Tuanku has made a very good statement here in subtly stating that the "Social Contract" as we know it from the BN goons doesn't exist!
Note the fact that he mentioned the words - "the pre-independence agreement".
That means what he actually recognizes as the "Social Contract"

He doesn't speak of the NEP, which did not exist then.

He specifically mentions what is meant by the words "Social Contract" - the agreement & spirit of the founding fathers that culminated in the Federal Constitution and the Declaration of Independance.
Therefore, the only Social Contract we have is the Federal Constitution!!

Having said that, all I can say is the Social Contact as Umno interprets it is HOGWASH.

Nobody disputes the fact that the underprivileged Malay need a helping hand. Nobody disputes that we need to preserve the Malay identity of the land. Nor has anybody challenged the authority of the Rulers (except Umno on a couple of occasions - including calling some "natang").

Anyway, for this message to be transmited to the young ones, how do we do it without getting rid of the racists who man BTN and the civil service?
How do we do it with Umno warlords in power, buying position & power like it were trinkets?

(The only answer to me at least is the dismantling of the BN racist regime!!)

Daulat Tuanku!!