Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Who is King?

However, the home minister said that Bersih could still apply for a permit for the July 9 gathering using “other methods.”
-The Malaysian Insider

“Are the police out to show that they can make lives miserable?
At the roadblock itself, the police officers were
not even looking at the cars… they were busy chatting,”
“I have only one thing to say to the police: if you think you are doing a service to the nation by such acts, think again.”
Thousands left fuming over roadblocks

A) Tuanku Mizan

Tuanku Mizan granted an audience to BERSIH


She's having a pretty good time ...

C) Najib

-Najib passes stadium buck to cops

D) Mahathir

"They have political motives", he says- while supporting Perkasa.

E) Hishamuddin

“Nobody can just walk into the palace,” Hishammuddin said.
“Just because Tuanku met them doesn’t mean the rally is no longer illegal,” he told a press conference here."
The Registrar had said last week that
Hishammuddin ordered Bersih to be outlawed.

F) Gani Patail

the organisation was still deemed illegal by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) under advice from the Attorney-General
and would remain so unless the Registrar said otherwise.


The police have continued making arrests in connection with the rally, most of them for wearing yellow T-shirts with the word Bersih emblazoned on them in a clampdown that has also seen Bersih being declared illegal.
Despite Bersih moving its rally indoors, 1,200 police personnel will continue with their refresher course.

H) Khairy Jamaluddin

He's tweeting from Athens .... & trying to be a hero in Gaza.

I) Ibrahim Ali

The right-wing Malay group president, Ibrahim Ali, told a press conference today that he had already made it clear that regardless of whether Bersih’s rally is illegal or not, Perkasa would still maintain its stand to hold a counter rally.

Tweeting PDRM's "job well done" in KL (Kesesakan Lalulintas)

(NOTE: PDRM is advised to heed "intelligence" advice
& look for
plastic Molotov cocktails & parangs
behind temples or in flower pots near Sogo

like that brilliant copper- Amar Singh- suggested)

KL Traffic Update

Daniel Lee
by imokman

KL Traffic Update

KL Traffic Update

KL Traffic Update
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