Thursday, 18 November 2010

It must be the snake-oil that stinks .....

An idealist believes the short run doesn't count.
A cynic believes the long run doesn't matter.

A realist believes that what is done or
left undone in the short
run determines the long run.

~Sydney J. Harris

“Our aim is to have a buffer of about maybe 20 MPs
to defend
the government
in case Pakatan takes over the government,”

~Haris Ibrahim, Pakatan could face supporters in next GE

An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage,
concludes that it is also more nourishing.

~H. L. Mencken


Yah- I read that.
I also read that Tony Pua was right about what Haris proposes (athough it wasn't 50 seats, as Tony Pua said). Haris WANTS "only" 20 seats- So why don't the activists just nominate someone from the three parties to represent them?
Oh yes- I forgot. These guys Haris proposes, should not be subjected to any party discipline/agenda, nor would they be subjected to any ideological discipline. In short, they should subcribe to any party agenda/manipulation to get what they want.

In other words- Haris wants 20 seats for those who are on their own, possibly with no significant track record of political activism and have already made their money (has about RM0.5 Million to spare)!! This thing is said on the back of saying that "he's providing a pool of candidates to contest where they cannot find better candidates within the three parties?
That too, he wants them to contest "where PR cannot offer better candidates" so that, "We don’t want to see another Perak".

Look at how ridiculous his stand is. He wants to make sure another "perak" doesn't happen, by having candidates who will "defend the Government" but:--
1. He cannot guarantee that these guys will toe any line.
2. He cannot guarantee that they would not succumb to being bought over/ jump ship.
3. He cannot guarantee that they'll even stand up for the Peoples' declaration.

Very niiice ..... In short- what he wants (WITH NO GUARANTEES), is a "de-facto mosquito party" of "independents" supported by the PR to "act as a buffer" - which will abide by no discipline, to challenge an embryonic force that has thus far, (despite all its flaws), has successfully threatened the BN juggernaut and clipped their wings!

They say that politics is a game of "perceptions".
Haris's denial that "It has nothing to do with Zaid" when he was supporting Zaid all along. and RPK's recent comments in "support" of Zaid in his latest column on NHB, would cast a doubt on the minds of many voters- if not just outright confuse them.
Quite a perception- (that 3 parties don't even have 20 guys of calibre among their thousands)- to go into an election, hoping to win, huh?

It is not that I disagree with his opinion about having an alternative candidate pool, so that we have "credible forces in the parliament"......
Aaah, so it is about-"effective representation" in the Parliament, is it?
Hello friend- get real la brader .... Do you even realize that the Parliament is at best, a talk-shop?
IT IS INEFFECTIVE AND ALMOST POWERLESS in the face of the manipulations of the Federal Constitution and religion by UMNO!!!
This is- which come as a surprise to many- The parliament ineffective by design!! If you don't believe me- just ask Mahathir ....
That begs the question- what do you hope to achieve with these 20 "lawmakers", who have created the perception that the three PR parties do not even have this number of guys of calibre to represent them, should you fail to reach Putrajaya, or have a flimsy majority at best?

It is just that I believe that this optimism of a "3rd force" in parliament and assessment of the Malaysian voter mindset is bordering on naivete. You want lawmakers to be effective in parliament, you need to be able to control sentiments on the street. As long as we have apathy on the streets- the executive will overide the parliament!!
Public perception- that is the key... and that is where the "3rd force" thingie will have to do its job!! Anything else, and we will be saddled with the same problem all over again.

We have a system that borders on Fascism- with a "gagged media", impotent judiciary, an Attorney General who doesn't care if he looks ridiculous, indisciplined police-force, scandals galore in the Auditor-General's report, child abduction for the sake of conversion is legalized through the religious courts and where he cannot walk the streets with his friends without violating the "Police Act" (if he doesn't have a permit) - and here is Haris, trying to speak of a blooming democracy- with an effective parliament!!

The way I look at it- this "3rd-force" thingie should concentrate on creating awareness - enough to push politicians to respond to demands made in parliament and in the media. Until that happens, those who hope to bring about the perfect democracy in the perfect parliament, is nothing short of Delusional!

What we have here, is - either an anorexic model who is putting on clothes a little too big for her body or an obese one with pants too tight for his/her bulging waistline, baring abs that's hardly what you'd call a sixpack- and yet thinks that he/she is sexy, and tries walk tall without stumbling in front of the sniggering fashionistas - who control perceptions, minds and hearts.
In short, I think somebody is pushing his idealism a little too much, too far, too soon- and who knows- maybe even hoping that the whole thing would fizzle out, if nothing happens!!

But then again- if the PR parties are willing to provide seats for private citizens who wish to "defend the Government" - who am I to so anything about that ....
Indeed- as RPK says, "Who are the real Trojan Horses?".... but maybe he should've added the word "unwitting" to it.
Something just doesn't seem right......
It may not be Zaid or UMNO farting with glee here - but something sure doesn't sound too right here, and smells to the high heavens (in the so-called "3rd force" issue which the salesman is peddling .... ).

Yup- it must be some snake-oil somewhere .....