Friday, 20 June 2008

Sometimes, Love Just Ain't Enough


"However, Sultan of Selangor Sharafuddin Idris Shah said he would cancel the entire football tournament after learning of the group's plan.
'If this is going to be so difficult, we might as well hold this a
nnual event in Singapore,' he said of the Sultan of Selangor Cup match."
- PAS calls off Protest over "Sexy" Singers, Malaysia Today.


These zealots remind came to mind, when I received this e-mail from a friend ....

If you were around in 1919
(just before the prohibition started)
and came upon the following poster ........

Would you quit drinking?

With such beauty - I know for sure, that I'd need a Chivas - on the double!
Such is the image of "Love" that hyperventilating zealots give Religion/God.

"That party is founded on love, love for Islam.....".
So sayeth Raja Petra in Malaysia Today, time & again.
Maybe so, maybe so .... but I'm in no position to come to such a conclusion, as I haven't said the Kalima.
Kalima Tayyab is the testification of faith in Islam. By uttering this Kalima a person is purified from disbelief. An impure person becomes pure. This purification is spiritual.)
There is nothing an impure person like me can say about "love for Islam" or right & wrong - all I know is what I've read, experienced & seen among many a Godmen - which incidently, leaves much to be desired.
Moreover, as some Muslims may say, "Islam is beyond reason & logic" - anyways, to them, what good can the impure minds know, right?
(I'm sure the jock-phobic, intellectually-challenged, holy, illiterate Bangla I met some time back - who knows the Quran by heart, can enlighten me on these matters ....)

The impure me however, isn't so sure about that "love" - it seems to me that despite their conciliatory gestures of late, they are still by & large, plagued by frustrated party-poopers who are quite assertive.

What we see now, may just be the start.
These guys have the fire of repression, envy & frustration in them, and aided by vindictive sore losers, is enough to burn Malaysia into an Arab cultural desert [where the only sign of culture, is a silly desert Bedouin war dance performed by ugly, bearded men .... where the beauty of the women (and catamites, too!) are only for harems of the holy elite ].
Only then can Malaysia hold its head high up among the 'virtuous', to the envy of the civilized world ......

"They" say Islam is beyond human reason & logic.
Maybe so - as long as it doesn't contradict the interpretations of "elite" Godmen, I guess.
(Who says religion is different and should be separated from politics?
It is often just politics of a different brand altogether, that seeks legitimacy/credibility without reason or logic, through a "God". Truth has nothing to do with it. Statecraft or spirituality is a different matter, though ...).
Maybe their brand of Islam is beyond others' Islam too - I don't know, and I wouldn't dare to guess (lest some whacko starts a campaign to tattoo, in the name of God). With the many different ideologies, each of course think that they are "infallible".
In fact, these Godmen are not only beyond reason & logic, but also beyond this world and live in "virtual reality"- they probably cannot be peace loving citizens of any nation on earth! They should live on .... maybe Mars or Mercury? [The
SETI Project should probably look closer to home ;-D]

Just like PKR & DAP, PAS is now on a "political high" after the winning streak of March 8 under the pact with their "allies", and they who are "feeling left out" wish to show it - albeit with an Islamic twist.
The "firebrand" pro-theocracy faction need their day in the sunshine too ....
That was what the threatened protest was all about - a show of power, out of "love".

How can anybody not agree to it - it is about encouraging "love"!
These are events in KL that they believe, results in the many a child "used" by grandfathers/bomohs for entertainment, illegal abortions, ketum/ codeine/syabu addiction, illiteracy, unemployment, ignorance and idolatory in some godforsaken kampung in the backwaters of Kelantan, Terenganu, Pahang or Perlis.
(How can I forget - actually, even among some elite politicians, in urban localities too... but at least they don't walk around in robes or 'ketayap' for tea parties)

Never mind all that - they at least "cover-up", and the don't force *jocks on the "firebrands".

Ella and Mas Idayu on the other hand, don't - and with the increased cost of fuel, the poor guys have to fork out cold-hard cash for jockstraps*!
They are sexy, successful & very 'desirable' - plus, they are beautiful, have nice hair, wear leotards- which will not allow the robed & jock-less holy men from performing their fardu kifayah or fardu ain.
Yes - Their derriere can damn you to hell! The devil sits right there to shake your faith. Can't any virile man understand that? That's all that matters!

Who cares if it doesn't make sense ....
Who cares if the evils that they hope to discourage happens more in the closed & uneducated communities that they encourage .....

Who cares if they are more prevalent in the very community they alight from.....
Who cares for the schools ...
Who cares if the kufr are denied their rights ....
Who cares if tourists don't turn up....
Who cares if businesses take flight ...
Who cares that the "culture of the kufr" isn't the real reason for these ills....
The argument that, "it is beyond logic, brudder ...." - will answer all that.
Abu Bakr, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan , and Ali ibn Abi Talib would've been awed by these unreasoning minds that defy all logic...

What matters is, these guys get some share of the limelight, even if it allows political rats in power to destabilise Pakatan Rakyat - the only opportunity we've had in 50 yrs to set things right for the future of our children.
Some don't seem to realize that while religion may be their strength, it is also their Achilles Heel - that it is easily used by their adversaries to emasculate them.

Never mind the plunder, rape and suffering that the people have to endure - the idea of sexy successful women will damn you to hell, should these 'enlightened ones' not stop the concert!
Didn't they know that many a reasoning mind would gladly go to the 'human reasoning' hell that they preach?
Or that many are quite comfortable with that, even if it gets their jewels in a twist?
Why would anyone wanna emulate these "god-men" anyways, for heaven's sakes - now that definitely is beyond logic & reason!

Yep - Sometimes, love alone just ain't enough ..... common sense does help!
For others though, maybe turbans, robes, camels or goats will do just fine, thank you.
Is that our culture or what?

Faux PAS?

(For info on the loving 'Rage-Boy', click here.)


..... So anything the Prophet did not do and which are creations of the Western kafir (infidel) are to be shunned. I suppose if the police had not come to take him away he probably would have burnt his car as well and gone out to buy a camel or a horse.
This ‘example’ frightened me to hell (well, probably my beer would take me there as well).
..... "Nevertheless, I still remember my late mother’s wise words, “Many a true word is said in jest.” "
- Raja Petra Kamarudin, Loony Malaysia, Feb 29 2006.

I once asked a doctor friend of mine in jest, “I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs, don’t womenise, am careful with my diet, exercise regularly, and sleep early. How long do you think I can live?”
He replied, “With that kind of lifestyle what is there to live for? It’s not much fun is it?”

-Raja Petra Kamarudin, Throwing the Cat among
the Pigeons, NO HOLDS BARRED