Tuesday, 2 September 2008

"For Attention Mr Chris:- Education's Prestation Under DEB"

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11 August 2007 BANGI:
The "Kampung Boy" is now Dr Lat.
Cartoonist Datuk Mohamad Nor Khalid, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Anthropology and Sociology by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on Saturday.
"I've never heard of a cartoonist being awarded with an honourary doctorate before.......
"But we don't really work for this (honourary doctorates)," said the soft-spoken man, who has been "doodling" ...., even before he started school.
- eTawau

Malaysia Today had me "bowled" - they published a link to Pragmatic Revelations, which showed an advertorial in NST (Aug. 26) as above.
I was totally unaware of it, as I gave up on the MSM newspapers long ago for "news" - gave up on NST 5 yrs ago, & the Star- three yrs. I confess however, that I kept buying Star for a daily dose of Calvin & Hobbes ....

That advertorial on the Honorary Degree, definitely had me laughing my pants off! Not so much because of the horrendous Kampung English coming from an Institution of higher learning, but that NST could have actually published it at all!!
And they actually published an apology stating that it was unfit to be published in the first place saying,
"The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad, as publisher and printer, hereby expresses deep regret for inadvertently printing the advertorial, which was unfit to be published. The advertorial was produced by University Tun Hussein Onn....."
Was NST trying to do a Nasty on Mr. Chris, in illustrating the quality of the "educational excellence" under the NEP "education blueprint", or were they simply stating that the Editorial board is made up of knuckleheads?

It reminded me of the doctorate awarded by UKM to Lat - that genius of a cartoonist - and his response to it (above).
How I loved his caricatures of politicians - still remember his caricature of the race for the DPM post during Hussein Onn's time. In it, he had Mahathir, Ku Li, Ghazali Shafie and one other character. His caricature of Tan Sri Kadir was hysterical. Mahathir however, probably wasn't much of a fan - Lat caricatures of Mahathir were totally classic, but became increasingly rare and "tame" as Mahathirism took hold.
I really wonder what Lat would've had to say through his cartoons in these interesting times with interesting characters ......

Getting back to the point - it appears to me that dishing out degrees or paper
"quali-fictions" under the NEP since the Mahathir era has become some sort of joke. They almost treat it like the tin cans with titles which they dish out for a fee .....

I wonder if it is because Mahathir had no respect for the sancitity of any institution (be it the Media, Royalty, Judiciary, Security or the academia) or simply that he was turned off by intellectuals and the idea of freedom.
The "rise of the kangkungs" definitely was propelled to the mainstream institutions during his time .....

That is the legacy of the man touted as the father of "modern Malaysia" today - mediocrity at the extreme.
However, he always blamed the people for his failures - although it was he who set the stage for it, and led all the kangkungs by their noses, to satisfy their greed for status, riches, "glory" and power.
They accepted his arguments, and happily admitted to be failures ...
Using their religion/skin as "merit points", he made sure that they were uncompetitive, and would be eternally indebted to him for the "rights" granted. He created a whole generation of "drug addicts", living in their psychological ghettoes, waiting for their "right" to the next NEP/ Ketuanan "fix"....
That being the case, they were easily manipulated and twisted to suit Mahathir's political ambitions. Just as he made them, he believed that he was entitled to break them .....
When their "durian" disappears into thin air or into pockets of "pseudo-entrepreneurs", they always have the industrious "Nons" to blame, threaten or whack as scapegoats (despite having paid their taxes) - maybe even call for blood, as a rallying call.

It therefore comes as no surprise that any intellectual who did not "fall in line" was somewhat scorned, ridiculed, victimised or penalised for various "misdemeanors" through the MSM (like you know which).
Is it any wonder that he appeared to despise intellectuals and their opinions?
Is it any wonder that they have come to believe that it was their right to be walking with crutches for eternity?
Is it any wonder that after 25 yrs of indoctrination, that they believe that "the nons" are simply squatters, whose job is to pay taxes, so that it may be squandered by the rent/favour seeking "tuans" who wave their kris, call for "Chinese blood" or threaten a May 13? That too, the education ministers ....

What we have seen is a pattern/ trend of events, which has worsened over time. They had every intention of shaping the minds of the future generations to think in such a manner - right from Razak's time, when Mahathir was propelled to the education portfolio. Then came the AUKU, Najib, Bahasa Baku and the one & only Mr. Chris.

So, the vulgarity of "Altantuya", Chris, The Bung, Adnan Yaakob, Syed Yusof (ex-Jasin), Zulkifli Nordin, Ahmad Ismail, Bulbar, Nazri, Fairuz, Lingam, UiTM VC etc etc etc - are simply the manifestation of a legacy crafted over a generation ago.
Even if they were to apologize, I seriously doubt that they would actually understand what they were doing, let alone mean it.

Just like constipation which is relieved with much pressure- Najib's delayed apology ("if it offended the sensitivities of .....") on behalf of the culprit, stinks.
Those who fall for it must be so totally deluded and devoid of any self respect. Should their allies have any sense of self respect, they would demand at least a public apology and resignation from the culprit, even if criminal charges aren't made against him for questioning the citizenship of Malaysians.

Nothing less than a total overhaul/revamp of the decadent system which is perpetuated by pirates of the constitution would do - and that can only come about by booting out these pirates!

We have 14 days to Malaysia Day on September 16 ....... let's hope for the best!