Thursday, 11 November 2010

Fuyoh!!- The "Tight Discipline" we fear ....

“The reasons (for the low participation of non-Malays) could be
because of a fear towards a tight discipline.
It could be because of a low spirit of patriotism.
It could be because certain ethnic groups had a negative perception
of the armed forces and did not encourage participation,”

-Zahid Hamidi,
Why fewer non-Malays in military?
Low patriotism and fear of discipline, says ministry

Malaysians just don't understand...... The people are condemning him for his statement. Firstly, he's giving the reasons why he didn't join the army- what's wrong with that? Y'see when he's got such loose disclipline in making statements in parliament, how can he join the army? He'll end up being a loose cannon!!
He needs to get his screws tightened first, I suppose ...

Then comes the low level of patriotism.
His patriotism is proportional to the cashflow- and that you don't get when you're a lowdown officer, maah. That's why he chose to be in UMNO!! Clever, eh?
The patriotism he speaks of isn't actually to the nation/King as we might think - it is actually allegiance to UMNO's Ketuanan Melayu and its warlords he's talking about.

You wanna know what "tight discipline" he speaks of? The discipline he talks about is like this:-

- the discipline in letting discrimination and bigotry itself become an unspoken 'discipline' among comrades,
- the discipline in allowing people to dictate terms to you simply becos they are of a "privileged class" of morons,
- the discipline in letting some jobless hotshot/warlord/screwball/philanderer use army facilities/equipments/helicopters for his entertaiment/golfing adventures,
- the discipline in how armaments are taken out of the dept without records (call it an arms heist if you must),
- the great discipline required in sweeping scandals under the carpet,
- the discipline required to get jet engines going missing,
- the discipline in allowing C4 to be used for "Mongolian private enterprise",
- the discipline in not maintaining the arms but ordering sub-standard "new" arms/helicopters/submarines which are below specifications at exorbitant prices,
- the discipline in having nothing to show for the RM billions spent on making OPVs,
- the discipline required to cut corners and make military hospitals below specifications
- the discipline in allowing comrades to die in mishaps due to shoddy maintainance,
- the discipline in letting yourself become the scapegoat in scams perpetrated by superiors,
- the discipline in allowing the boss to make sure you vote BN/UMNO ,
- the discipline in holding the people at ransom,
- the discipline in making sure that the victims/scapegoats in undesirable events/occurances come from a certain ethnicity (other than Malay),
- the discipline in letting the "disciplined" guys be used by politicians to protect themselves from the rakyat,
- apparently some say, even the discipline in gun-running & subversive activities
- etc etc etc

Fuyoh- this is what I call "Discipline" lah macha ..... where else in the world can we get such discipline ah? Nowhere brader- only in Bolaysia ....
These are just "stories" (aka rumours) okay- you shouldn't listen to all these "malicious rumour mongering".
Those who do it are all jealous of UMNO's success at "defending the nation" from its enemies (don't ask me which enemy, okay) and are enemies of UMNO ... err, sorry... I meant- enemies of state. But a little bird said said that in Bolaysia, rumours are often proven to be true after the damage is done la ..... but that is no reason to have a "negative perception" of the defence forces.
A little bit of "Patriotism" should be able to overcome all that .... NOT!

Yes Minister- with such "discipline"
as tight as Saiful's anus,
you can be damn sure that many are afraid of such "tight discipline"!!