Monday, 13 September 2010

"FB"-ciency at your service?

My matters with regard to telephone/streamyx/banking etc are usually conducted online or through "authorized personnel" most (if not all) of the time, simply becos I cannot leave my workplace. Phones could be transfered without a hitch, with just a phone call. Those good ol' days, before the "co-piratization" trend of "one who believes that meritocracy is racism".

Lately I was faced with the same predicament- (which I had mentioned on my FB page some time back) .... I needed to do something about my phoneline/streamyx- (something which I could once do without leaving my home/work .... )
Going thru the TMPoint website was pointless - it is the most useless website .... they had no downloadable forms, no customer feedback on problems, no transactions possible - practically no avenue to do anything beyond seeing their "latest offers"!!
Now why would anyone wanna visit their site if there wasn't anything they could do there?

Calling them was useless.
After following the instructions from the automaton on the other side & pressing God-knows-what buttons for this & that, the "customer service executives" (who are usually busy) are trained to say only one thing in very polite language - "Go to TMPoint to sort out your problem, mate - I'm just doing my job here"!! (If it was streamyx, they'll tell you to do the usual cable gymnastics & rebooting everything before they take your complaint or resetting things- but I must admit that they're better of late).

So, what which once could be settled without a hitch by phone, in the 1-Malaysia Boleh spirit of "Rakyat DiUtamakan, Pencapaian DiDahulukan"- today, I, at the instruction of "DYMM" TMPoint "have to go to TMPoint" to get the very same things done!!

Accordingly, I went to the "DYMM" TMPoint's office which was "fortunate" to see me - a faithful customer ....
Even as I walked in, I was so disgusted with what I saw - I saw people being told-off, and were leaving disappointed. Poor consumers probably didn't know how to get things done, & took it all sitting down ....
When I aproached this jackass at the counter, he just told me off without batting an eyelid (& sans courtesy), that they were "offline" and hence, "Tak Boleh Buat Apa-apa"!!
Somehow, I managed to have them "get cracking or else ..."("my own 'courteous' way, la)!!

Yes- from "offline" (while being able make collection of payments only!!),
tthen tried "we'll just callect data",
then "we'll do our best",
then "it'll take a week",
then "it'll take 3 days",
then after the prodding & threats - "definitely 24-hrs",
and have the free phone delivered too my home, on top of that!!
One lady, seeing how they (TMPoint) suddenly got working, came complaing to my better-half .... apparently, this "offline" response had been going on for more than two weeks!!
Really didn't know that this was what the people on the street faced on a daily basis.
**Makes you want to scream out expletives while pulling on your hair, doesn't it?

In the interest of keeping my end of the bargain (since I managed to get things done), I will not expose the location of my experience, nor the faces/names of those who put me in that predicament. Anyways -this phenomenon (of "Rakyat DiUtamakan, Pencapaian DiDahulukan") isn't as isolated as it may seem .... and I also kinda put it behind me.
Today though, I got a pic (of I-don't-know which office) from a friend in my email :-
(it definitely wasn't a "photoshop" job, as there were two shots
- and note the man waiting at the counter.
I have also removed parts that may identify people/place
They say "A picture paints a thousand words" ....

Apparently, this is something that goes on in many offices in the civil service, while customers wait!!
They are definitely not "private sector" by any measure ....
Who cares about the private sector anyway - if they go bankrupt & die out- that's their funeral. This is the civil service & the corporotized, monopolized (& piratized) public sector we speak of- for which we pay taxes!!
Yes - I've experienced this myself in certain other offices, which I wouldn't want to mention- lest I "ruffle feathers" - but I certainly hope Mr. 1-Malaysia's henchmen can do something about this "FBciency-at-work" disease ......