Monday, 11 July 2011

BERSIH 2.0- The Voice of a Nation's Soul.

"Unfortunately, we are a society so paralyzed
by symptomatic solutions one has to wonder whether
we will learn anything from this mindless atrocity."
~Where is the Spirit of Merdeka?

"Lastly, but surely not the least, the
award goes to… jeng jeng jeng…
the IGP for saying that only 6000 people joined the rally.
I suggest the IGP changes his glasses and
call a new tender for calculators soon."
~ Art Harun




"It will not do to cling to the cause
and wish the result away.
Reality does not play mind games.

What is more, to anesthetize the mind

in order to abort what comes to birth
when wrong ideas are conceived
and borne in the womb of culture,

will only kill the very life-giving force
of the nation that nurtures the idea."

- Ravi Zacharias