Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Crouching Monkey, Wounded Tiger - Ep. III

"It is like the phases of grief in death of a loved one.

You have denial, loss, anger, sadness, and then you come to accept it."

The monkeys are crouching in corners, and the tigers are wounded.
That appears to be what is happening right now in Barisan National.
The wound was so incapacitating although it wasn't that big, cos the tiger was sick to start with.
For UMNO Baru members, it was almost death itself (one really died!), which is why I started with the quote about the 5 stages of grief in death.
That appears to be what's going on within the main members of the ruling coalition - there appears to be no direction, except towards damage control after some denial.

After taking stock, death, squabbles and resignations the "stage of loss" is now over.
At present it is the phase of anger.

Politicians are right now gung-ho, shooting in the dark at anything that supposedly is moving, and hoping to strike a chord with the people and media (bloggers too - Kelembai will vouch for that!).
What it needs now, are some bogeymen to whack - and like magic, Kuli and TDM have appeared with their weapons fully loaded. They are definitely shooting away like cowboys .....
All of a sudden, for these two dinosaurs out of nowhere, democracy in UMNO Baru became the most important thing!

Kuli & Mahathir, who were silent about the dictatorship in UMNO Baru since its inception, have suddenly "realized" its folly!
Surprise, surprise - It is now their mission in life to "reform" UMNO Baru!!

At least Mahathir enjoyed the fruits of his labor ... Couldn't say the same for poor 'ol Kuli though.
I really wonder what kept Kuli silent for all those years - Mahathir must've done a real good job on him ...... pathetic, it sounds.

Freedom of expression & democracy is now vital!
Room for dissent is now so important!

Malaysia has become a "Police State" - horrors!!!
Mahathir never interfered with the judiciary - it was all the tribunal's doing on their own free will, over a neighbour's spat between TSA & YDPA!
The tribunal should apologize!
Roti-Man now appears to be on the defensive & openly claims to have done well - gone are the humble words, "History will judge me....". (Speak of "masuk bakul angkat sendiri" .....).
Mr. Mahathir, my little toe is laughing .....

As Raja Petra has said, AAB could have set things right in his years in office, but had chosen not to. It was simply becos the taste of the "stolen fruit" and absolute power was simply too sweet to let go - no wonder TDM stayed there for 22 yrs!
There's now plenty of mudslinging going on. Although the mud slung in the "love triangle" of AAB, Kuli & TDM is like watching mud-wrestling, it would leave all of us "high & dry". Pretty entertaining for some, but leaves you empty with a few bucks short.
Certainly hope that the mud-slinging and hot-air would stop, and all of them either sit down and talk, or call for an EGM and challenge the leadership once and for all.

All this bickering will get the investors very jittery - not to mention the Malay community (who are being made to feel insecure with the racist rhetoric of Kuli).
Yup - it definitely would get the Malay community quite nervous.
It is specifically meant to make the Malay community feel "dispossessed" in the face of losing political power to "orang asing" in Penang. (That should tell the "orang asing" who have lived in this country for generations, that they never had any power at all under UMNO Baru doesn't it? That they were merely eunuchs in the UMNO court, although they had somebody at the helm as a show-boy!)

Oh yes, it has got many a sympathetic & patriotic Malay scurrying to "Save UMNO Baru", Demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara - Sympathy and fear, sure are powerful magnets.
The sympathetic seem to have quickly forgotten that it was the mental slavery (perpetrated by "certain parties") that they were subjected to, that is at fault for their current predicament! .
But then, we all know how the saying goes ... "Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat" - so I guess, to some unthinking people, emotional decisions give great comfort, despite the empty belly.
(Hey- the empty belly can be blamed on "orang asing", Singapore, white-man or the Jews, right?).

But I suppose, I have greater confidence in the Malays - they aren't as gullible and emotional as before. They are more urban & educated now. They also know the level of corruption that is prevalent and that the pie is shrinking as a result.
They also know that they too have much to lose, should they over-react or get emotional & irrational.
It somehow seems like somebody is planning for something "big" (after the failed "che det" attempt by a wannabe lately), so that it would justify a coup d'etat within UMNO Baru and "emergency" for the nation.

Of all people, I least expected Raja Petra to come up with the 5.13 story as a backdrop for his "reasonings", should UMNO Baru implode.
"May 13? What May 13?" - That was something I remember reading in the Corridors of Power section of Malaysia Today. And I remember someone who was quite brave in the Barisan Rakyat rallies saying something like "Langkah Mayat Saya or orang Melayu" or something like that .....
Hmmmm - I wonder if it was just electioneering hot air!
To think that some people think that UMNO Baru "NEEDS" to be saved now by a "Unity Govt", after all that it has done to the people and the nation .... yes sir - I'm sure Tok Guru, LKS, Karpal and LGE will be ecstatic about it!

The excuse that we need to cave in to the threat of economic blackmail just doesn't cut it, RPK!
You don't work with blackmailers - you KILL 'em (at least jail 'em). Period!
If caving in to blackmail is what being Malay or Malaysian - I want no part of it!
That too after being accused of being too chicken/ turncoats to vote for PAS/ S-46 in earlier elections!
Now we abandon all that "idealism" for some juicy peanuts like beggars? The "Chinese" should remember the allegation that they "don't have balls", right?
No thank you, Pete!
Hope you at least enjoyed the "teh tarik" you had (hope you had company...) when you came up with this idea!

Anyway, I definitely do understand his concern, but isn't that subscribing to the "fear & apathy" factors that has kept despots in power thus far?
As I had mentioned in one of my comments, nobody suggested or handed them the Kris to be shoved up where the sun don't shine ..... if it is done, it will only be done out of their own free will - just like how they orchestrated the events that led to their electoral debacle.
Nobody put them up to it (I would reserve my comments where Mahathir is concerned, though - but he's one of them too!).

Of course ..... all this while, the monkeys are crouched in a corner, hoping for the dust to settle - only then can they start monkeying around.
When the monkeying starts, the voices of the UMNO Baru dynasties will ring loud and clear once again - the disdain which aristocrats hold for the masses will be seen in its full glory, back with a vengeance.
But that's another story, for another time .....

For now, with the threat of economic blackmail in the air (not to mention the subtle threat of 5.13 from the most unlikely people),
I'm beginning to think that PR should now go on the offensive and win over all BN MPs and grab power at all cost to kill off these blackmailing thugs ......... even if it means buying them over like goats! They can be dealt with later.
As Smith says, "Hang the ethics" and screw the Blackmailers!
Yes - Go for it PR. Go for it DSAI, Tok Guru, LKS!
Just Do It!

Just can't wait for the final phase of grief in political losers - the acceptance of political defeat/ death!