Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Democracy, "Asian Values" & Mahathirism

"All praise for democracy, the best system for politics ever invented by man.
But being invented by man, it is not free from imperfections.
It works only if you know these imperfections and their limitations."

- Mahathir, CHE Det


Here is a man, who destroyed the very doctrine of "separation of powers" in Malaysia, singing a very "off-key" democratic tune!
Probably what he meant to say was - "All praise for Mahathir - the man with 'many ideas' ..." - the one man who "saw the imperfections" in democracy, and hence manipulated it to suit his whims and fancies - and justified his dictatorship. He went on to mention that the loser should accept the winner, (without articulating how one should become a winner) - and in his "trademark" fashion, went on to paint his opponents black ..... just so that he would look white.

This is the man who destroyed the once sterling reputation of the Judiciary. Today though, foreign investors would shudder at the prospect of having to sign a deal under the Malaysian system. Here is the man who saw it fit to send judges to boot-camp, sack them, vilify them and create a subservient civil service of the institution - talking about "limitations of democracy".
This is the man who claims that India practices "too much democracy"(Mahathir probably means to say that India was better-off during the emergency, under the rule of Indira Gandhi), while China is supposed to be better (becos it now has money & can bring development??)!!

In Mahathir's definition of democracy, it is supposed to be limited to those within his circle of friends and family - the chosen elite who would be eternally grateful to him for the freebies he dished out through licensing, privatization, APs, mega contracts and what not. The rest, who dissent are meant to just STFU.

In fact, after getting the original Umno de-registered READ HERE (yes - it was his people who got it de-registered and not Ku Li's - as they would like it spun) after his fallout with Ku Li, the Umno Baru he created was nothing more than a training ground for unthinking servants and lackeys, devoid of any element of democracy - it was a select group whom he chose, who casted votes, made all decisions and ruled Malaysia by default. With an Umno enslaved & devoid of democracy, he now had all of Malaysia at his disposal- to do as he pleased.

We all know what happened to the PDRM after Musa Hasan was promoted to become the IGP, (after his role in certain events). No- don't blame him ..... it was Mahathir who decided how the PDRM had to be run, and Musa was simply entrusted to do the job - and obviously, he did it "well". Ever since, Law and Order was only as good as the elite it served and the money it churned.
Civil society? What civil society are you talking about? They're all simply enemy agents who seek to demonize him for his compassion!! Irene Fernandez can vouch for that .....

Mahathir loves to hide behind his "doctor" name and justify his actions "as a doctor would seek diagnosis and a cure" (as he said in History Channel) - the only problem was, he did not see his patients as humans but simply as "cases" to be dealt with. (Shamelessly advertising his ignorance of democracy, he confesses that he does not care much for the law or legalities.... "a cure at all costs", was his idea of statecraft/democracy).
He did what he alone believed to be right, at whatever cost - even if it robbed his patient of his/her humanity. To him, his patient (I speak of "democracy", here) was simply a commodity which should serve him - which he can also trade-off, so as to further his personal agenda. He actually said (on History Channel) that a patient should be allowed to voice out his complaint without interruption, so that he could be treated - well, we all know what he prescribed to the victims of ISA/Ops Lalang, Anwar Ibrahim and also LGE.

History channel's Mahathir biography, was hardly "face-saving" in its presentation!!
None of his corruption, destruction of institutions, lies, "failed ventures" or brutalities were revealed. In the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit, instant millionaires were created out of thin air overnight. Nothing was mentioned about the financial mega-scandals (read OPV/ PKFZ/ Perwaja/ Bakun/ Bank Islam/ Bank Bumiputra/ MAS- Tajuddin/ Renong-Halim Saad etc).
Memali, Ops Lalang, the details of the constitutional crises, how he beat Ku Li in Umno elections, Sabah elections/sabotage, illegal "bumiputras", the corruption of the education system etc, etc, etc - nothing was mentioned!

History channel was bordering on shameless ...
Param was the one saving grace.
Even Jomo's & LKS's comments were very "guarded" or constipated, rather (for which they must've been paid handsomely) - to lend credibility to the whole show. (I just wonder why Anwar wasn't interviewed as well, when Mahathir could assert Anwar's "guilt" in the show .....)
It was all nauseating at best!!!
History Channel seemed to have been paid to create a hero out of a corrupt despot, who was bent on creating a culture of piracy to produce a super-rich Malay elite who lived off handouts and a band of tycoons from crony capitalism, through daylight robbery!!

Indeed, "All praise for democracy, the best system for politics ever invented by man" - but it Mahathir's case, it is only good when it can serve his agenda .... thus it's "limitations".
It doesn't matter to him how one "wins" - the ends, justify the means.
That dear friends, is Mahathir's idea of a "perfected democracy"...... no wonder he clamours to be recognized as a "Dear Leader" (just as in some other despotic regimes).
So much for the know-it-all - our very own "Mr. 10%" ......

Word has it that Mahathir has recently been started on a new medication for his aging grey matter.
He's apparently on
T. Arsepirin 500mg tds these days ...