Sunday, 11 October 2009

1-Story about 1-PDRM in 1-Malaysia

This was a post on Art Harun's Blog, which I thought, was "hilarious" (definitely not if you're the victim)- in that we now know how certain sectors in our BN Administration's 1-PDRM operates. I thought I just had to have this letter here - just for the record.
Some of the comments to the post were pretty enlightening too - on how to get the "investigation" moving.
I must add that not all of them behave this way - I've personally met some very dedicated and efficient ones (not that I haven't met those who disillusioned for having been transfered out to "timbuktu" on a 24-hr notice for doing their job, and swear to be part of the corrupt system- just to make ends meet for their family - after having "learned their lesson").
Looks like Malaysians have to pray hard - whichever "RACE & RELIGION" you belong to - before setting foot into any PDRM station ......

Anyways, this is what the commenter (sounds like a lawyer to me- same as PI Bala's, I think) Americk said...

Hai Yah Art, these poor people are so innocent. They don't understand how things work with the 'inspector'. Let me tell you how it works.

You are supposed to call the inspector to make an appointment to see him at his office. When he is free he will invite you over to see him. Thats when you are supposed to grease his palm....for what I don't know....but thats the modus operandi. Then maybe something will be done. You think I am talking rubbish? Well let me tell you the number of times I have had problems with the Polis Raja Di Malaysia in my practice. Do you have a couple of weeks free sometime?

My clients have told me that just to release a body for burial from the University Hospital mortuary (after a road accident) a figure of RM5,000.00 is demanded by the investigating officer. I have had police witnesses refuse to attend court even after a sub poena has been served on them because "Lu punya klien belum jelas hutang ".

When I ask my client what this means they tell me this officer had originally demanded RM2,000.00 to allow them to lodge a police report but they only paid him RM500.00 at that time as they didn't have enough money on them.

The list goes on and on. Am I surprised Marina's friends have got no where? No. Try a handout of say RM5,000.00 and mountains will move.

Believe me.

So here goes Art's 1-Story, depicting the greatness of our 1-PDRM:-

1 Story

The following is an e mail which was forwarded to me by Dato' Marina Mahathir. I have obtained her permission to reproduce it here in its entirety. I do not wish to add or subtract anything. I have however deleted the identity of the Inspector involved as I do not want anybody to be accused of character assassination.

I must hasten to add that I have not verified the story related in the e mail although I must say I do not have any reason to believe that the writer was just making it up.

I hope the authority would really look into this matter. If what is said is true, it would be obvious that the situation is getting dire.


"Hi Marina,

This is M.

I'm sorry to be emailing you like this out of the blue, but an incident happened last week and I do not know who to turn to.

Last Friday, as my husband, my 5 month old daughter and I were entering the gate of our house at Kota Damansara, we were robbed by four men on two bikes. Two of them had parangs. One of them held it to my neck as he molested me, and the other one took our wallets, phones, my necklace and my husband's watch. After they got our stuff, they both molested me. When my husband pushed their hands away, they cut his head with their parang and left. K suffered a deep wound, but he is ok now and so is our daughter.

But the purpose of this email is to tell you what happened after. My neighbour called the police. The person who answered the phone said, "balai ni tak boleh handle kes to, awak kena call balai lain". My neighbour made another call and the cops came - after 45 minutes. When they got here, they got out of the car, looked at us and said, "pergi balai buat report". We then went straight to the balai at Kota Damansara, and as my husband sat there bleeding, the officer behind the counter took an hour to take our report - all the while because he was watching wrestling on tv. My husband managed to get the plate number of one of the bikes (either WSP8724 or WSP7824) - one was a Kriss Modenas and the other was a EX5. When we gave the number plate to the police (written on a scrap of paper), he looked at it and RETURNED it to us. He didn't even include it in the report. He also did not include the fact that I was molested. We only noticed these after we had calmed down somewhat. He then gave us the name of an inspector (Inspector X of Mutiara Damansara branch) to call - but didn't include the phone number. At that time, we were too much in shock and in pain to notice. We waited a couple of days for the Inspector to call us, but he didn't.

Within this time, my husband did his own police work. This group of guys do a lot of crime around here. A week before we were robbed, a Bangladeshi man was robbed in the park beside our house - by men on the same two bikes. Yesterday, two girls were harassed and molested in the park by the same people. The neighbour opposite had his friend robbed at parang point as he waited outside his house. Another neighbour opposite owns a Petronas behind our house. Three days ago, his station was robbed by four men on two bikes with parangs. The guys are going rampant because the police do nothing!

Today, I managed to get the number of Inspector X. When I called him, he said, "kes samun mana ni? banyak sangat kes samun la."

I told him the report was made last week but nobody called us. I also said the guys were spotted yesterday. He said, "hmmm, kena tunggu la. saya tengah cuti ni." I asked, "sampai bila?" he replied, "sampai khamis depan kot". I asked him what we were supposed to do in the meantime, and he said "nombor plate ada tak?". I said yes. He asked, "dah ada suspect ke belum?". I told him that was his job. He said, "ah, awak cuba dapatkan alamat diorang, lepas tu call saya. tapi lepas cuti la".

The residents here are getting nervous and as you can see, the police are no help at all. Today, they were hanging around my neighbour's house. When the makcik asked them, "nak apa?" they said, "nak beraya". And rode off laughing.

Once again I am so sorry to send you such a long email, but I was hoping you knew anyone in the police force who WILL help us. The residents here have bought their own arms because they are so afraid. And I am so afraid for my family's safety - having a 5 month old baby in the house. Also my mother lives in the street behind me. I hope you can refer me to someone who will not treat this as just another case.
Hope you are well, and best regards.


End quote


So Malaysians-
Pray real hard,
and think hard,
before you vote for

in our next elections ....