Friday, 30 January 2009


"...Don't expect us to remand all of them
without first conducting an investigation,"
-Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, 'We have to investigate first' , NST

One more "brownie point" for Khalid!!
Very "educational" - Never knew that the police were so "judicious" in remanding murder suspects ....

The "foot in mouth syndrome" epidemic which has plagued many an Umno/BN warlord appears to be spreading real fast - and he's probably been been terminally infected with it ever since the arrest of the peaceful vigil participants on 911!!!
The disease must be spreading to his higher centres and appears to have muddled his "faculties" - hence his numerous poor judgements & "faux-pas" since.

This is the most "Hairan Al-Amazing bin Pelik Al-Bodoh" quote coming from a copper!
That too, in cases that have been classified as MURDER 'ONE' (alright .... maybe it's two)!!! - by none other than out very own Attorney General!!
Can you imagine having criminals running around un-remanded while "investigations" are being carried out?
Okay .... they may not be running around - just "reassigned to desk jobs" - I'm sure the Malaysian public, Amnesty International and the International community will be so "proud" of PDRM for their righteousness, efficiency and transparency in their relentless pursuit of law enforcement .....

We all know that the Police forces collect information to be used in a public court to get people convicted. Security services gather information that does not necessarily lead to people being prosecuted and in many cases needs to remain confidential.
However, in a case which is of public interest, and MURDER at that, isn't a remand order at least in order?

Let us all be sure of one thing- no amount of increase in the Police force will enforce law & order, if there is a lack of ethics and justice within force (in carrying out their duties). It breeds nothing but resentment among the people whom they have sworn to protect, and robs the force of the respect that is due to them. As such, they unwittingly become the enemy of the society.
It breeds terrorism, when they who are entrusted to protect have lost the respect and confidence they need.

Paul Bremer, a foolish American top civilian administrator of post-war Iraq, once said,
"There are 40,000 Iraqi police on duty around the country. If they detect an attack about to happen, the police are the ones who are supposed to stop it"
By shutting down a tiny newspaper, Bremer created an enemy instead of buying the loyalty of Iraqis and turned Sadr, a little-respected junior cleric with a limited following, into an overnight hero to restive Shias, and a new American villain.
We all know what followed ....
A similar situation unfolded in Southern Thailand after the quelling of what was supposedly a "Muslim uprising" - that became the beginning of the end for Thaksin ....
It would be a little out of line for me to suggest anything pertaining to the Umno/BN regime (in light of the events which have unfolded in Malaysia of late), and as such, I shall refrain from speculation.

When you have police officers who abuse citizens,
you erode public confidence in law enforcement.
That makes the job of good police officers unsafe.
-Mary Frances Berry
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan - I believe, Khalid has been a little "stressed out" for some time now (incidentally, since 911), and may need a "holiday".
Hope you do the right thing, Sir.

"The toilets at a local police station have been stolen.
Police say they have nothing to go on.
-Ronnie Barker