Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Now do you understand the word turncoat?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010 Super Admin
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Is Anwar that naive or stupid that he cannot see the false fa├žade that Zul is wearing on his face? I think Anwar may need to spend a second term in the Sungai Buloh Prison to wake him up to the reality of what is going on in the real world.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Neither Umno nor PAS will touch this mongrel with a 10 foot pole. Nobody trusts him - except you - since he spent some time under ISA (apparently for you!!). But then again, so did Ezam with his 10 boxes of secrets. You gotta be a real shithead not to see what Zul is up to .... the umpteenth time round.
Meanwhile, Anwar pussyfoots around this mongrel as he subverts the party and Pakatan Rakyat!!

His option will be the likes of PERKASA - he'll find his bigoted & racist friends there!!!


He's giving YOU & the PR his middle finger!!
"Gag order" - my sweet laddus, Anwar!!

Religious persecution: Who's the threat to National Security?

Of late, there has been much anxiety among Malaysians from all walks of life, on the state of the "nation" - there is a very clear & present danger of chaos & terror reigning in this country. Signs towards that happening abound all around us.
Politicians from a certain party (Ummm... No - I won't say who they are) play the "judas goat" and lead the unsuspecting sheep to the slaughterhouse. They say that this & that are "sensitive", and dictate terms to those who hold different convictions- oblivious to the Freedoms enshrined in our Federal Constitution (which is the One and ONLY Social Contract that we have).

As if the arrogance displayed by these quarters when they prevent others from practicing their faiths isn't enough, we have leaders playing the apologist for these terrorists and subversives. They neglect to lead their people by informing them on the precepts laid down in the Holy Quran, or even the Federal Constitution, for that matter.
"Leaders" claim that they are bound by the dictates of the masses, even if they were acting out of ignorance. We now have "Leaders" who follow the ignorant masses, instead of guiding them. The idea That the Federal Constitution has to be defended at all costs for the integrity of the Nation- that they have to be right when we may wrong, is lost on them. Instead, these self-proclaimed leaders go around preaching their moronic rationale to justify subversive activities in the name of "sensitivities", instead of enforcing discipline.
While they go around threatening violence on peaceful citizens (when not arresting them), these self-proclaimed "defenders of God" & zealots preach that they advocate peace - and hence need to take preemptive action!
Such hypocrisy coming from those who are supposed to be defending the Federal Constitution is at best, nauseating.

In the light of recent events, not just the non-Muslim community feel threatened by these thugs - but also the peaceful Ahmadiyyah community who also suffer persecution from the authorities. They ask - "If they are to burn churches today, what is to stop them from doing the same to us?"
Now watch the following videos and decide (if you haven't already) - who are the subversives?:-