Monday, 21 July 2008

Truly "Toxic"! Truly Malaysia!

"The important thing is not whether I get sent to jail or not.
What is important is that the world is told that they are attempting, yet again, to fabricate evidence against Anwar Ibrahim.
And that is worth going to jail for".
- RPK,
How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar


I'm humbled by your selflessness, Pete!
Hats off to you RPK - May God bless you!
The people may yet find our own selfless Mandela in a nation devoid of true heroes....

Things have been getting a little messy "up there", of late.

Malaysia is today, a "Truly Toxic"State - it has been prevented from attaining true Nationhood by certain greedy politicians/ families, who have been clinging to their power to extort legally. Yes - we have dynasties running the show, although they don't carry the titles of "royalty".....
It is all done in a very "constitutional" manner, mind you - they have laws that protect them from the masses.
They have the apparatus of state to play with and avenues to enforce their will even if the law doesn't permit it.

These guys Hold the State at ransom - they threaten "instability", should they fail to control/ retain power.
Memali, KMM, Al Maunah, Suqiu, Anwar (.... oops sorry, Boss!) - we just need to give them a label and advertize them as "enemies of state" - just like all tyrants did in the past - and the people can be hoodwinked into submission.
Who cares if the architects of many an "instability", got their "ammunition" from "instruments of state" - what matters is absolute power to plunder, rape & run the lives of people who work for an honest living.

If the laws don't suit "our" agenda of "national interests",
"we" can change it to suit interests, by fast-tracking "new laws" - through a subservient and impotent parliament. (We all know who designed the political rhetoric of the "social contract" and the post 5.13 ideas - so we won't speak of them.)
The laws support these actions, and hence they are perfectly "legal" and "constitutional".
If there's dissent, some "enlightened leaders" recommend a "kursus in dishwashing", so as to understand and accept "the creed" of the ruling party.

To say otherwise, would be "Sedition".
(There's a law for that as well, in case you didn't know - so watch out if you say anything "somebody" doesn't like.)
The impotent "legal" system, like eunuchs, are designed to serve the perverted fetishes of their masters (more so since the 80s)- be it in sodomy/sedition/criminal defamation charges, pedophilia,robbery, religion, murder, bombs, development projects (aka white elephants), Mongolians, human ab-oral orifices, kangkung paper qualifications or even good ol', plain apartheid.
The list is endless, really.
They say that it is "Law", but it is really, plain good ol' politics.
That's right, pal - The law is advertised as being for the good of the masses, but actually meant to protect the "elite"- and the swindled imbeciles who prop these guys up and the ignorant public swallow up all the propaganda, and keep asking to be swindled over & over again .........

"A little bird" says that that we actually have been living happily in a "virtual Emergency" for 50 (fifty) years, although it is only becoming more apparent now.
The PDRM and army are apparently already on high alert, and "dry runs" are the order of the day - at least that's what "a little bird" says.

How I loved reading about "President" Gen. Marcos/ Imelda's bomb blast in Manila those days, which brought on his "compassionate emergency Government" under the military.
Aahhh - Bombs .... C4!
Just love the sound of it. Anyway, I hear that we already have an "Imelda" ourselves, who incidently, might have a fetish for Bombs.

Now, all we need is some "destabilizing force/ reason", and voila! - we can declare an emergency for real, mate!
We can suspend the Parliament, "ground" anybody without charges, "messy DNA" samples, media (even though is a constipated one anyway, at present), and RULE with an iron fist.

The state called Malaysia, can never achieve the pipe-dream of "nationhood" - at least not with these "Toxic" guys up there.
Yes - these guys are Truly Toxic, Truly Malaysia .....

What we need is nothing less than a process of purging of all the "toxic elements" in our "body politic".
We need a total washout (somewhat like a bowel washout), so as to truly "Detox" Malaysia.
No need for any DNA evidence, C4 or fast-tracked laws .....

We need a Political Detox.
Nothing less will do.
The recovery from the "detox", if it happens will be painful,
but at least the children will get to live a decent life.


The Following was taken from Malaysia Today - Your Favourite News Portal!
(Pardon The "Lazy Blogging")

We welcome Prime Minister Badawi's assurances that Musa Hassan and Gani Patail will not be involved in the investigation of the police report filed by Saiful Bukhari. Although this seems to contradict the Prime Minister's earlier comments that he had full faith in the police to act professionally in this matter, the gradual realization of the lack of credibility and integrity of the police in handling its investigations, including that of Anwar Ibrahim, is a positive sign.

This credibility would not be so easy to restore by simply reassigning these two individuals who are currently under investigation by the Anti Corruption Agency. As the heads of their respective organizations, it is reasonable to be skeptical of the ability of the Police and Attorney General's chambers to act impartially in the investigation. At the very least they should be put on immediate suspension pending the outcome of the ACA's inquiry.

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim's counsel will remain cautious in the prosecution of the pending investigation and will vigorously oppose any measures or actions seen to be beyond the boundaries of the law.

Since the brazen arrest of Anwar Ibrahim by a squad of balaclava clad commandos, his subsequent interrogation, strip search and body examination, and finally his overnight detention in a barren concrete room, we are profoundly disappointed that not a single leader from Barisan Nasional has expressed any regret over his treatment.

Statements by senior ministers, including the Prime Minister, seem to be supporting the heavy handed actions of the police and amount to interference in the conduct of the investigation reminiscent of the manner in which the government handled the 1998-1999 cases against Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. In particular, their calls for him to offer a blood sample for DNA analyses are out of order and must cease immediately.

Given the history of fabrication of evidence that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has personally witnessed in his case in 1998 involving Gani Patail and Musa Hasan, including fabricating DNA evidence, falsifying the forensic report in the investigation into the assault on him, and the death penalty threat used by Gani Patail on Dato Nallakarupan to obtain false evidence, and the fact that these two individuals are also implicated in allegations of falsifying and suppressing evidence in the Altantuya trial, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has every reason to suspect that fabrication of evidence will take place once again.

The power to prosecute is one of the most awesome powers wielded by the state and we consider the abuse of power in these matters with the utmost gravity and attention. We hope that the Prime Minister will continue to make the right decisions in ensuring that the proper dispensation of justice takes place.



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