Monday, 1 December 2008

Tunku Abd. Aziz/ NST - Misled or Misleading?

I wonder if this is the same Tunku Aziz who has joined DAP after "eyeing" it for the past 30 yrs, and was immediately appointed as a Vice President.
If it is, DAP should probably should consider reversing the title to suit his image better.....
Today, NST published an article (Yes - NST published the DAP VP's letter!!) in the letters section.
It went as follows:-

THE Regent of Negri Sembilan, Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Jaafar, shows great moral courage in arguing for the restoration of the rulers' immunity, stripped so unceremoniously by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who had showed a total disregard for the larger interests of the people of this country, and, equally as important, the constitutional role of the rulers in the rule of law, the basis of our national well-being.

Tunku Naquiyuddin is right to say that royal immunity should not cover criminal acts, for which our rulers should be held accountable, but in performing their constitutional duties, they must enjoy immunity from legal proceedings.
-Tunku Abdul Aziz, Rulers’ immunity: Restore what Dr M removed, NST,
NST Online » Letters 2008/11/30

Here's what Jack wang commented on MT:-

written by JackWang, December 01, 2008 14:56:24

Someone has to show me where in the constitution does it say that the rulers do not enjoy immunity when acting in their official capacity.
Article 183 of the constitution states that
"no action, civil or criminal, shall be instituted against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or the Ruler of a State in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by him in his personal capacity except with the consent of the Attorney General personally".

Article 181 guarantees the sovereignty, rights, powers and jurisdictions of each Malay Ruler within their respective states. They also cannot be charged in a court of law in their official capacities as a Ruler.

So perhaps someone can enlighten where in our constitutional amendments have caused the rulers to be liable when they are acting in their official capacities. If there are ambiguities, then we need to get that clarified and an amendment should be carried out to make this clear.
Below is the Full text of the speech (taken from Malaysia Kini).
Note the highlighted last page (click to view full size)

Did TG Naquiyuddin say what Tunku Aziz claims he did, or is the below a mistake (for which the publisher could be sued for "misprint")?
Somebody is playing the spin doctor.
You be the Judge .....

PJ Anti-ISA Rally 30.11.08

“This life’s dim windows of the soul,
distorts the heavens from pole to pole,
and goads you to believe a lie,
when you see with and not through the eye.”

-William Blake


“HIV/AIDS has now become a pandemic that has literally put the world at risk,
affecting diverse populations in different ways”.
–Dr. Nora Volkow, NIDA Director

Last night's vigil was quite a memorable event for me - I met a long time victim of ISA's evil for the first time in person (Well - second time actually, if Raja Petra is to be taken into account)
Pn. Norlaila Othman gave a very moving account of her predicament after the arrest of her husband, En. Mat Shah Mohd Satray under ISA. He has been incarcerated without charges or trial for the past 7 years!!!
Norlaila's attempts at getting her husbands release have thus far been futile - she even related how someone (was it a Suhakam Commisioner?) advised her that taking to the streets was her only alternative.
Her story on how Sharizat advised her to "ambush" Pak Lah at his designated parking lot was hilarious ....
Each time promises were made for release, the "social contract" was extended!!

She related how the system intimidated her social/ family circles, and ostracised her after the arrest.
What she said reflects very well how "FEAR" is used to rule the contry.
When you listen to her accounts, it becomes clear to one and all, how certain quarters use ISA as an instrument of fear, to subjugate and exploit the people. The method used are meant to create an environment of ignorance, so that the can "preserve the peace & harmony" at the expense of human dignity.
The sad part is, many Malaysians in their self-centred comfort zones, still do subcribe to the idea that human dignity should be sacrificed at the altar of "peace & prosperity".

Haris suggested that GMI puts a face to the names of all detainees, by creating profiles of them on their newly launched website, to which Pn. Norlaila agreed.

We got to see the brave lady who made her presence felt at the "pro-ISA rally" conducted by some goons. She wore a t-shirt with "
Stop I Shall Abuse my power" (or something like that) pinned on it. Apparently she shouted "Shame on You" at these goons, from the pedestrian crossing!!
Hell man - she's got GUTS!!!

Then there was Alloysius Pinto, who sang a little of that song "Malaysia Berjaya" and lamented how we used to love that song those days. He got the whole crowd songing to the tune spontaneously with his lovely voice! He asked, how we could've come from that stage of patroitism and optimism to what we are today. He also sang "Kumbaya" (meaning "Come by You"), which the crowd enthusiastically joined in.
zorro said he couldn't find it on the net - well thanks to, here's the song specially for you, zorro:

Alternatively, it may be downloaded from E-kerajaan Sabah
Looking for the above, I came across some nice emails with regard to the song, exchanged on MGG Pillai's
Obviously, it is one of the most loved patriotic songs till today. When I asked around (some youngsters), apparently it is still taught in schools, and played on RTM 1!!
Maybe as we grow up, with the BN propaganda, little time and more Astro, RTM 1 isn't exactly our medium of choice ......

Richard Yeoh adjourned the vigil (
at about 10pm!!) with the anthem of Selangor, and The Negaraku.

Sorry I can't upload any pics - kinda lost the cable to my camera. Anyways, there are other blogs which will provide it ......
I had a pleasant chat with Lita & LChuah (
who remembered me from our MT - prolly more on Azly Rahman's ROV- discussions).
Mr. Chuah,
You're right in saying that I'm at times quite "hard" -
No offense okay. Will try to polish it up a little. That goes for Temenggong too( .... sorry I didn't say hello - got too engrossed with the speakers, I guess) it's just about "debating" ideas - nothing personal .... didn't know that you guys are so much senior to me.

At three I had a feeling of ambivalence toward my brothers,
and so it follows naturally that I poisoned my lovers.
but now I'm happy I have learned the lesson this has taught,
that everything that I do that's wrong is somebody else's fault.
-Anna Russell