Wednesday, 8 September 2010


This year's Raya wishes on this blog, presented a dilemma to me - I had a problem with the imagery I wanted to use as the background.....
With making "polis repot" being the latest past-time/hobby/craze in town & with so many people being very "sensitive" these days, I didn't want one more hobbyist lodging a "polis repot" against me for sincere Hari Raya wishes on this blog.

Wanted to put some ketupat pics - but I thought the chequered image might offend those who believe that it was "unsur-unsur Kafir laknatullah" Masonic.

The Pelita didn't cut it either- some said it had the Illuminati symbolism (after all, the bulb did evoke such perceptions in some).

The crescent - well, some say it is associated with ...... I better not say it ...

The kampung house would've risked offending those who associated it with backwardness. Don't say I'm paranoid- that's what the TV3 ad did!! Don't believe me? Check this out HERE.

The Malay boy in kain pelikat & ketayap walking to the mosque to pray might've offended someone who thought the boy should've been chauffeur driven by a Muthu or Ah Beng ...

Depicting people partying would've offended those who think Raya is a solemn affair, plus "immorality" of dancing could lead to sex - at least that's what some people say.

Those flickering (what do you call them - tinsels?) Lights could be regarded as too "christmassy".

Mercun wasn't "Islamic culture" .... neither were "baju baru" or presents .... Flowers- I'm not sure. Animals were out of the picture. So were cartoons- lest I get banned!!

The green Duit Raya packets would've been associated with decadent Capitalism & the Chinese "ang-pow" (but of course, we all know kids don't give a damn as long as the money comes in ...)

In the end, I settled for the beautiful, the spectacular pedestrian skybridge in Langkawi.
I have no idea what purpose it serves beyond that of a photo op - but it is beautiful nevertheless (despite the cost). Maybe someone made some halal duit raya out of this thing - but at least it was a bridge built between two point that didn't meet earlier.

So- Selamat Hari Raya Guys - have a blast!!