Friday, 16 May 2008

Brain Drain and the Drained Brains.


We will have to repent in this generation
not merely for the hateful words
and actions of the bad people,
but for the appalling silence of the good people.

-- Martin Luther King, Jr


Dr. Hsu recently published an article entitled "Racial Politics and the Brain Drain" on his blog. Being a well written article, Malaysia Today published it too.
Rightfully, it has generated plenty of comments/ discussions.
No offense intended, Hsu - but I didn't really read the whole article properly - my humble apologies. I'm pretty certain that everything you said in it was the gospel truth - at least pretty close to that. None of it can be disputed, unless you're a supporter of the BTN agenda.

Not that what you mentioned isn't an urgent problem that's killing the Nation, but becos it is a known phenomenon which everybody in Malaysia has known for decades. It has been "urgent" for the last 30 years!
Ask Biro Tata Negara - they'll tell you as it is (You tak suka - keluar!).
In fact even that old goat TDM knew it all for sure when he propagated his brand of elitist, rich-man's "affirmative action", NEP (ie NDP).

This litany about "the brain drain" has been repeated for far too long by politicians who supported that old goat - not just Umno/Baru, but all the other member stooges in the BN coalition too.
It is good that many have now chosen to quit being lackeys, after the last GE.
These stooges in the BN coalition are equally guilty of the policies that has rendered Malaysia an economic backwater in comparison with nations like Singapore, Korea and Taiwan. If one were to take Sabah and Sarawak into the equation, were very much comparable to rural India, China, Pakistan and Vietnam .... maybe even Kenya, Uganda or Zimbabwe .

To all those who have been complaining about this phenomenon of "brain drain", and yet supported the Parties that sought to "work with" the old goat - I pity you for not pulling your heads out of the night-soil that you've subjected yourselves to.
Didn't these guys see that that is what BTN, UMNO, NEP, NDP, Gerakan, MIC, MCA, ABC and XYZ was all about?
It has been quite plain that this was the plan all along, and you guys thought that these "drained brains" were serious about stemming the outflow of human capital?
All that drama/propaganda blitz about encouraging Malaysian to return are just that - media hype and publicity stunts that actually open doors for more corruption, in a system that already stinks to the high heavens.

Wasn't it that spittle spraying lackey who was the Minister of Human Resources?
He has at last (after all these years) admitted being a beggar to the elite capitalist Malay bourgeoisie of the UmnoBaru clan!
Can you imagine what the implication of such a statement is?
It simply means that members of the coalition are all beggars, and are being cheated through and through. It also means that all the "chieftains" in the coalition have been cheating the beggars in the party, and the party has been cheating the beggars who supported them all these years!

They successfully camouflaged all their activities by subscribing and using the divisive and demeaning race/religion politics of UMNO, that reduced the people to "branded cows" in different holding pens.
Within these "holding pens" of race based political parties, the people had little freedom of choice, and are thus doomed to the slaughterhouse at the whim and fancy of the masters.
They have an agenda that makes zombies or monkeys out of their "proud and patriotic" supporters, while they are fed crumbs & slop within these pens.
It basically drains the brains from all their supporters, who are reduced to docile, insecure, begging zombies!
That is why, we have a bunch of morons who suggest Sex Education in NS boot camps, manned by horny ex-army personnel! Certainly, some of our "illustrious Ministers" with "impressive track records" can help with that, too .......
(Who knows - maybe these "brainiacs" think that it was the sex that made Sufiah Yusof blossom into a mathematical genius!)

The govt doesn't give a fig if the world or the citizens think they are idiots for letting go of the brains that they can't drain.
What matters to them is that the brains that remains, are drained for their benefit!
All that matters is that the brains that remain, make the pie from which the plunder can be executed, and taxation on this pie is shared among the elite cronies/ families via dubious projects/concessions.

Who gives a fig if the precious human resource is migrating .... it only opens more doors for the plunder to be perpetuated. Ask Mr. Spittle .... they have invested heavily on a future of/for Racism and Mediocrity!

Do they care if Malaysians die or get raped at the NS boots camps?
Hell - NO!! They can be C4ed for all they care ...

Why do you think the govt gives citizenship/ MyKad to scum of the earth from neighboring countries, but not the educated / spouses of foreign origin?
It is easier to to fool/plunder/rape these guys, or even C4 them into oblivion and get away with it - it's all as simple as that. The "scum" is no threat tto the "planned plunder", whereas the educated are.
These scum don't know the value of human rights - they only know their stomachs and their vice for the day, and that they should support the plunder for "ketuanan melayu" that their masters advise! Their needs are quite simple and the govt wishes it to be kept that way. They'll make do with the peanuts that they get, being the "grateful monkeys" that they are supposed to be.
This is what you call "Asian Values" which any despot loving politician like "that old goat" would defend.

Malaysia is the only country in the world that absorbs the scum of other nations while we "donate" precious intellectuals to other economies.
The govt prefers to keep the people stupid (hence the "Ketuanan Melayu" & NEP rhetoric), so that they can bleed the nation dry.

Meanwhile they work on the Malay ego and insecurity for political mileage.
They also promote politics of hate so as to enhance the sense of insecurity and create a "siege mentality" for "docile" (to their agenda of "rape" & corruption) Malay community, that would be content with a life of mediocrity filled with empty pride.

It is the perfect setting for the nation to be "colonised" once again - but this time, by using the "sovereign govt" of the day as a stooge.
But with the Oxfart idiots subscribing to the racist rhetoric running amok like "mat rempits" in the Parliament defending "Ketuanan Melayu" with their various definitions and spins, which "anak watan" is gonna complain?

Yes siree- To them, (as Lee Kuan Yew said) it isn't brain drain .... only "trouble drain". It is what they have wanted all along, Hsu - and that's the truth.

For any change to take place, for the Malaysian race to face the onslaught of globalisation, for the culture and heritage of Malaysia to survive, we don't have much of an option - UMNO and the BN-lackey culture of "Racism and Religiosity" has to go for good.

We need a whole new world of politics in Malaysia.

"I imagine one of the reasons people cling
to their hates so stubbornly,
is because they sense, once hate is gone,
they will be forced to deal with pain."

-- James Baldwin