Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Media Reports on the RPK arrest

The following are links to various reports on the arrest of Raja Petra Kamarudin, on charges of Sedition.

The article entitled The Guilty one..... is on a blog with related articles, which I found "interesting":-

Just for the record, I was rather disappointed with one blog that mentioned this case, namely Malay Women in Malaysia.
Here's what she/he said:-

"I’m not a big fan of Raja Petra Kamaruddin and his Malaysia Today blog. I really didn’t like his style of outright bashing of fellow Muslims and Malays (no matter how bad they may be) on his blog, very much to the glee and delight of the non-Muslims and non-Malays here in Malaysia."

Her logic appears to be constipated by her zeal for "Islamic Solidarity". - that was the bottomline in all the arguments given.
I wonder if it means that she believes, that all those who are criticised by Raja Petra are exemplary Muslims (or Munafiq?) who need to be "protected from the humiliation of criticism", in the eyes of "the Kufr".

Anyway, I decided to go to earlier posts, and noted the the same constipation of thought in other posts!!

Let's see what May 2, had in store:-
"I would like to welcome Mahathir, our illustrious Ex-premier to the Malaysian blogosphere that is possibly monopolized by anti-Islam cum anti-Malay bloggers while the rest is possibly filled up by munafiqs and ignorant Muslims (very few good Muslim@Mu'min bloggers!)........... I do have fears that he will use the blogosphere to launch more attacks on fellow Muslims and Malays like what he has done via public forums,....... I have been blogging long enough to see that infightings among Muslims and Malays here in Malaysia have benefitted others in a very big away........ You have banged fellow Muslims and Malays (did anybody pay you to do this?) far too long, Mahathir....... It is time for you to do something positive, negotiate talks and discussions with those that you have banged and seek some other quiet ways (behind closed doors perhaps) to get your message across."

Tun Dr. Mahathir Sir (and all other "Muslim leaders" of the world) ..-.. please tell me you haven't tried to talk to people who spout these rhetoric, and ended up banging your head against a brick wall .........

Then, May 6, had this in store:-
"Muslim and Malay Brothers and Sisters, please do not worry too much about Catholics using the word ‘Allah’ in their publications here in Malaysia. Let them have their way for the time being, otherwise they will cry like babies and make a lot of noise somewhere. Nobody likes crying babies, you know."

Somehow I get this nagging feeling that the author has come out of slumberland, and now resents the fact that the Malaysian Govt, Islam or Muslims weren't the first to use the word "ALLAH" for God in Arabic, and have no patent rights for the Arabic word - and is pretty sore about it!
Anyway this "enlightened" blogger goes on to bash "stupid Muslims", by going on to say:
"Just make sure that we as devoted Muslims keep reminding our children and future generations that Islam is the true religion ordained by Allah swt for all mankind. Please refer to the following Fatwa issued by IslamWeb Dot Net on the 17th of February 2004 if you are too stupid (Yes, we have a lot of stupid and dumb Muslims in Malaysia).........."

Hallelujah! (which according to Deedat, apparently means "Allahu" in Arabic)
Praise the Lord!
There are "stupid Muslims" after all .......
How is it that these "stupid & dumb Muslims" don't seem to realize that "ALLAH" is just and Arabic word for "GOD", and not necessarily "the name of GOD" as in Islam?
Do these zealots not know that the word predates the Mohamedan era?
Do they even know that this word was used to refer to pagan Gods of Arabs during the Arab "Jahilliyah" era?
Do they realize that Arab Christians were using this word to refer to their God of Abraham for 500 yrs, when the "Allah" worshiping 'pagan' Arabs were still persecuting the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh), and the Melayu of Tanah Melayu were virtually non-existent?
But then again .... how do you stop these "stupid & dumb Muslims" from making a fuss and being "cry babies" about it .... only God knows, I guess!