Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Don't You Know? We're Talking About A Revolution!

IPOH, March 3 — The High Court here has declared this morning’s emergency sitting of the Perak state assembly which was held on a street under a tree illegal.

"Earlier this morning, Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim had ruled based on the Government Proceedings Act 1965 that five lawyers appointed by the speaker had no locus standi to represent a government officer but that he should be represented by someone from the state legal advisor’s office.....
“How can he now represent a defendant
that his own client is suing?”
said Kula."
~ MalaysianInsider

"It is a very sad day. We have descended into a police state."
~Ngeh Koo Ham,
State DAP chief and senior exco member under the Pakatan government
"Over the last 11 years, thousands upon thousands of police reports have been made against those who walk in the corridors of power. But almost every single report has ended up in the NFA (No Further Action) tray....
You can take to the streets, said the police. You can even win the general elections.
But we own the guns and we decide who gets to form the government...

I remember what one Deputy Director of the Special Branch once told me.
When the
May 13 race riots broke out, Bukit Aman held a briefing for all its officers and the instructions to the officers was:
'you are Malays first and police officers second
Your job is to defend Malay political power and dominance'."

- RPK, Go straight to jail, do not pass ‘go’, and do not collect RM200

"While initially saying no foul play was involved, police have now reclassified the case as murder for the purpose of investigation, at the urging of the Attorney-General.
All 11 policemen allegedly involved in the questioning of Kugan have been reassigned to desk duties pending investigations."
- 2nd post-mortem: Kugan beaten to death



"Whoever, with the intention of inducing or compelling or attempting to induce or compel a member of Parliament or of any legislative assembly or of any state executive council to exercise or refrain from exercising in any manner the lawful powers of such member, assaults or wrongfully restrains, or attempts wrongfully to restrain, or overawes by means of criminal force, or the show of criminal force, or attempts so to overawe, such member shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to a fine."
-Section 124 of the Penal Code

"The police are taking a political stand by preventing a legally constituted assembly from sitting. The pPolice have shown that they are not the guardians of public safety but of Barisan National and this is regrettable."
Lim Guan Eng, Bagan PM and Penang Chief Minister

This is a real test of the whether our institutions are truly independent.
Our institutions, that is the courts, the police and so on,
are being tested and we can judge for ourselves
whether they are acting independently or not.
We are very surprised the police is ignoring the Speaker.
The secretary has absolutely no right nor authority at all
to question the validity and legality of the sitting.

~Ambiga Sreenevasan, president of Bar Council

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From "Eyes Wide Open":

Malaysia - Fastrack To Fascism

There we have it, the last bits of democracy in Perak are being ripped to shreds by the UMNO/BN bastards!

- The Speaker's right to convene the State Assembly's meeting
is being challenged in court.
- His subordinate is openly defying him.
- His employees lock him out of the State Secretariat.
- The Police declaring them to be in illegal assembly if they approach the building.
- The cops openly taking sides by declaring the State Assembly sitting as invalid.
- Lawsuits galore against the Speaker
- Hypocritical howls and shameless shrieks about being disloyal to the Sultan

Hey...BN supporters. WAKE UP!
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