Thursday, 9 October 2008

Death of Democracy : Umno(Baru) Transition Recycled ....

"To all appearances, we are beginning to lose grip of the rule of law.
The use of the Internal Security Act and of Sedition Laws to target
particular individuals further erodes the credibility of the
Our actions exacerbate rather than calm the fear that

stokes civil and racial strife.
-Statement from KuLi, of Umno (23.09.08)

Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you;
be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.
-W. Clement Stone

"Abdullah pledged to complete his promised reforms
before leaving office next March.......



At a time when the world is reeling from the financial crisis that's hitting the world markets, local warlords are fighting over the shrunken political/financial pie that they cannot seem to live without.
Politics seems to be all that our leadership seems to care about.

It is a very unsettling development that we see today- when one mild mannered and incompetent CEO, decides to effectively leave the management of state to another although retaining the post.
It is left to the workings of one who has no track record of leadership to his name (beyond the aristocratic bloodline, some "explosive issues" and the reported "Chineseblood-lust" when he declared that "May 13 has begun" ).
An unblushing full page spread of him in one of the MSM dailies, posing with piles of books so as to "look intellectual", comes to mind.
(Reminds me of the story of a politician who went to a bookstore, to buy "25 feet of books" to fill his bookshelf, with which he wanted to pose, for a photograph!).
The choreographed video of him (in his welcome address) on his blog, with his fake accent and amateurish gestures, is at best, laughable.
This is the glorious future of Umno/Malaysian leadership, (which as Anwar expects,) will wield the tongkat/baton with greater ferocity- with the help of a fascist (cum racist) 'godfather'. The "godfather" though, today makes a pretense of distancing himself from this "economist", by calling him names like 'coward' - which incidentally could very well be true.

The baton/tongkat will, in true-blue Umno "tradition", be passed on to this new "emperor designate". The new emperor will meanwhile pass the word through the "grapevine" (or the "little bird"), on his desired accomplice for the deputy,
- and the voices of Umno democracy ends there.
Just as everything else in the Malaysian "system", Umno Democracy is about the little man conforming to the desires of warlord politicians/ leaders, and not vice versa.
Anything else on show, will only be for media hype.

This new "naked emperor" will definitely need the tongkat (maybe a "fig-leaf" too) which will be wielded on behalf of the "old guard". Without the ability to bully the parliament with the two-thirds majority (and the ever present Mongolian ghost), he'll need all the tongkats available to prop himself up - and they'll have to come even from the scum of the earth.
In other words, he'll simply be the pretender on the throne - should he really manage to get there - and the same old game of mega-projects and piracy will go on (unless checked by a change in Govt).
Bakri Musa's "The Limp Replacing the Lame" could very well prove to be prophetic ....

As usual, the anointed successor will disregard the democratic process and assume the mantle of leadership with absolute/dictatorial powers, in an organisation that's supposed to practice and protect democracy.
Accordingly, he'll be showered with nauseating accolades upon accolades from all the underlings hoping for handouts and fresh opportunities to rise through the hierarchy of corruption and decadence, which has become the trademark of a racist & fascist organisation.
Without a doubt, they (the MSM) will be peddle flattery for the simpletons to consume- that he is the best, the wisest, the most fit to rule, the best leader, the most beautiful lips, forehead, chin, and not to mention "family heirlooms" which they'd scramble to kiss and worship.
Anything less would be considered "biadap" or "uncultured". To these "Pak Turuts" who make up the vast majority of the dominant political party, it's called in Umno-speak, "Malay Democracy, Leadership and Culture".
Anything else is said to be - "isn't our culture".

"He's a natural successor, etc, etc ....", said a 'political analyst' from UUM.
Perhaps, rightfully so - as he has nothing to his record, to speak for his leadership skills. He has right from the start rode on political patronage and his family name. In fact, some reports even suggest that he had once resorted to "stealing" an election victory with "postal votes" - in his own "stronghold"!
Just as the outgoing CEO was condemned for his cluelessness, the "natural successor" was apparently equally clueless (according to a "little bird") during his days, about affairs in his education ministry years. This pink-lipped wannabe however got away thus far, due to the "godfathers" who gave him protection with their tongkats, wielded as batons to club competition & dissenters to death (at least politically, if not literally).
He will, more likely that than the current "leadership", hobble along with the "tongkat" along paths thrust upon him, by the real masters at work behind the scenes.

The much publicised pledges for reforms prior to the passing of the current regime is just that - pledges, and nothing more. With real reforms, taking into account the intellectual bankruptcy of the political elite, theBN/Umno political machinery will soon cease to exist.
It is imperative that no reforms take place, if Umno is to survive.
It has to perpetuate the current system, or die
Umno as we know it, cannot co-exist with the independent institutions of state - namely the Judiciary, Security Forces, Civil Service, Ruler's Conference. Numerous toothless commissions will probably be created as window dressing, which we have become so accustomed to.

Umno is incapable of reform - the 10 points P.Gunasegaran suggests in The Star today can only materialize in dreams, and thus, it would be more constructive for Guna to pick his nose (and The Star to stop charging readers for the ads), than advise Umno.
KuLi is there - attempting to lend some credibility to the Umno "pseudo-democracy". Being a political "has-been" and a lonely has been voice in the Umno wilderness, he today has the luxury of being realistic with his posturing, despite all his previous racist rhetoric.
With a mere 5 months to go, Anwar's scepticism on these Dollah pledges, is shared by all Malaysians of sound mind.

Those at the forefront of the campaign in the last elections had become the victims of the Umno aristocratic retribution.
Raja Petra and the Hindraf-5 have become the fall guys thus far.
Infantile attempts at making scapegoats of Teresa Kok and Ms. Tan for their own failures, (with bumbling arguments of "required protection", anti/unIslamic & what not)- and had backfired. Racial conflicts did not erupt despite concerted efforts of some parties.
To divert attention and sabotage the opposition, Anwar has hurdles piled upon him in the form of trumped-up charges. He could very well expect more "saifuls", danger to society/national security and conspiracy charges in the near future. There are others who could possibly "be on the watch-list" in an anticipated crackdown on civil liberties (a la "Ops Lalang II"), in the near future, under the 'new leadership".

As to who eventually runs the show amidst all the "wayang", it remains to be seen - as of now, 'the usual suspects' appear to be in competition, and one has already wished the other "good luck" ....
Rumour has it that one party wields a Mongolian dossier, while the other, is the master of sabotage & political subversion and has "pop appeal". Age/ time however doesn't isn't in favour of the old man - he may at best last another year, as the multiple bypass grafts to his heart have long passed their expiry dates. That he has survived this long, is in itself, one for the medical journals ....

An "Anwarista" I'm not - not by a long shot. However, it appears more than ever, that he is at present the only hope for any salvation from the "droppings" left behind by Mahathir.

This is what the crystal ball says for Malaysia- No Reforms.
Only the Mahathirist Umno (Baru) recycled.
And more than a "tongkat", Najib probably needs a "fig-leaf" ......