Saturday, 24 March 2012

The RPK's Agenda- Throw a Tantrum & Sabotage ABU!!

"It is now very clear that ABU,
although about removing Umno from power,

is not about seeing a better government.
It is about weakening Malay political power.
While there is nothing wrong in ousting Umno
if those Malays in power are evil
and hence need to be removed.

But that is not the real reason why Umno needs to be removed.
It is because Umno represents Malay political power
and by removing Umno then the Malays would be weakened"
~ RPK, ‘The hidden racist agenda‘

UPDATE: Guys- just read RPK's reply to me ... (my comment was edited, btw)- he beats around the bush, and says that I "proved his point".
written by Super Admin, March 23, 2012 20:06:47
cruzeiro, shake the tree and see what falls out of it. It works every time. At least it worked on you. And do you notice that when people can't rebut what you say they apply the strategy of attack the writer and raise personal issues? That was the exact point of this article, which you just helped me prove. This appears to be the strategy of the opposition. Yet you scream when they apply the same tactics to Anwar Ibrahim.

Thanks bro.

What a royal ass .... and he thinks he's being "smart".


If you are thinking that RPK is a hopelessly gullible fool under pressure, and is being an apologist for UMNO's racist policies- you're not alone ... (and mind you- this isn't the fist time).
His heart may be in the right place- but his mind is all so messed up.

Y'see, he- the "not so the great" RPK- knows it all.
He's got it all figured out- and his prophecies have all come true. Well, whaddaya know- He's a prophet!!
You wanna talk sacrifice? Heck, he's done more that Jesus Christ, man- watcha talkin' about!!
He's Da MAN .... and you better not criticise him- or the “petri-fied Petra-philes” will go “Ptooi” on you!!
(Don't believe me- ask Duke … he'll tell you.)

Everybody is wrong ... he's right.
Everybody is racist, he isn't (that's why, cozying up with the "chinese", he "campaigned for DAP" in 2008- after being rejected by PAS & PKR).
Everybody is stupid, he's like fantastically intelligent (like when he was screaming for an Islamist theocratic state those days when he was sucking up to PAS/ Hadi!!)

Anyone who disagrees with him on anything- is against him .... (but in the same breath, he also complains that the politicians do the same~!!) just like when he wrote on MT that I'm against MCLM for not supporting his unworkable & silly "not so independent candidate" plan.

The best part is- he claims that since he isn't a member of any party, he's a "free man" and not a "serf" to the politicians ... but he complains that he's been rejected by ALL parties!!
Waaahahaha- what a laugh!!!

These days he behaves like a very angry person who's spoiling for a pointless fight just to seek attention... just like a kid. RPK seems to be so obsessed with making a Royal ASS of himself.
He twists and turns in his rhetoric, doesn't consult his “allies” on anything-
He “ridicules partners”, works on a different game plan, and discredits a common platform, confuses people- then behaves so royally smug and condescending when people don't understand him.
He thinks that being able to confuse people makes him a “very clever person” … and hence his "English" must be too good for others- when even a country bumpkin or madman can confuse people!!

His problem is- he behaves like a selfish fighter cock who doesn't care about people, lacks diplomacy/tact, reasoning capacity and is so full of himself.
It is therefore not surprising that he has been ostracised by many (maybe most parties).

The way I look at it, this time around, he's teaming up with some "Dog" to sabotage ABU (aka Haris Ibrahim) ..... extremely childish he is- just like when he was having “mamak teh tarik” with somebody, and came up with the silly “Unity Govt” proposal to dance to the devils' tune.

Anyways- the bright side about it is the fact that, for RPK to come out so strongly against ABU, it must definitely be rattling some nerves out there in UMNO!!
Bravo, HARIS!!!

RPK doesn't realise that by being that “royal Ass” he is now, politicians who want/need teamwork don't want him with them- in fact they wouldn't want to be associated with him publicly, and any politicians worth his salt would keep him at arms length.

SO Pete- here's a reality you need to know …
You are not just what you think you are- you are the sum of that, how you are perceived by others, and what the environment makes of you!
So right now- while people do appreciate your ideas & rhetoric/ spin-doctoring, value your contributions, and believe in the many things you preach- nobody believes that you're trustworthy enough to work with.

So here goes from Haris- (to me he's just said, "F#$k U Too, Dude" ... ha, ha).

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own?