Monday, 30 March 2009

Racist Hind-ruffian Trojans? (UPDATED)

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Here's something from on one "disillusioned trojan opportunist" (mentioned below)
who "works with NGOs", & probably hopes to clear his case by jumping ship .....

PKR man faces cheating rap
June 11, 2008 by dewiarjuna
SUNGAI PETANI: Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate for the Gurun state seat
in the last general election B. Kalaivanar was charged at the magistrate’s court
yesterday with two counts of cheating involving RM3,600.

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RPK published a letter from a Naragan who claims to be a "voice of 'Indians'" in the racist BN/MIC Malaysian landscape. As RPK mentioned, this guys keeps on bitching and whining about racist discrimination, while at the same time insisting on speaking on an ethnocentric & racist platform.
After getting "bitch-slapped" in the comments section in his two earlier letters, he decided to take on RPK, and write a letter saying "Bodoh RPK" - (which RPK has published in "No Holds Barred") that too, while complaining about the very same issues brought up by RPK for ages.

Yup - they tried to appeal to racist sentiments of Malaysians first. Then they try to discredit RPK in his attempt to create awareness.
They seem to try recruiting aficionados from Malaysia Today, just as during the time they tried to recruit guys to support their "Putera MIC" (which was supposed to be "an NGO-like" organisation) - and of course failed miserably.

This newbie Naragan, obviously has woken up from a very deep sleep and has realized that his sweet dreams were nothing but a nightmare due to this disease brought about by the racist/ "estate" politics. Either that, or he's just another "Trojan" planted by the SB/ MIC/ BN - just as all the "independents" contesting in Bkt. Selambau, and the "disillusioned PKR members" who sought candidacy under the PKR ticket. It appears that these slogan-savvy "fighters" choose a very convenient time to make demands of a party in an infant electoral pact that has given them voice when their non-existent organisation has no track record any achievement since 25.11.07 ......
BTW - despite their "denials", they've been spotted associating themselves with their political masters in the BN camp (yes - the very ones who treated them like anjing kurap/ sori nai for 50yrs.

The sad part is, although he (Naragan) claims to have woken up, and he now finds himself in a "strange land", with "strange politics" he fails to understand. Sadder still, he peddles the same old race politics which he just cannot shake-off.
Poor Hind-ruffians --- Sigh .... indeed, old habits die hard.

The following were my comments in response to the letter and another commenter called "temenggong" (temenggong's comment directed at me is accordingly published):

written by cruzeiro, March 30, 2009 12:19:24
Dear Naragan Bodoh,
You must be so sore from all the whacking that you decide to let it out on RPK.
You really are an ignorant and Racist piece of work, aren't you?

You must be thinking that everybody else and RPK (me included) are unaware of the "poor old dispossessed morons", who were staunch supporters of that pirate you call "thalaivar".

Now that you guys have woken up from that slumber party you've had for 50yrs, and realized that you have been sodomized & deepthroated by "thalaivar", you presume that the whole world owes you a favour. As such, you believe that all & sundry have to accede to your demands, as you guys demand instant this and that.

Good for you guys - now that you think you are so powerful, you can put about another 10 heroic candidates to contest in bkt selambau & every other area you guys crap on. it will help the thalaivar you guys worship. It may make you look like Tamil movie heroes.
Maybe that will help you feel empowered, even if you get further sodomized.

Meanwhile, keep bitching and whining when you're treated like scum of the earth - your thalaivar will be so elated, he may decide to build a temporary temple or a crappy tamil school for you guys (and maybe another toddy/moonshine shop).
That's Ketuanan Tamil for you ....

I'm really tempted to call you a K#L%#G Bodoh, but I shall refrain.
Cheers, Naragan!

written by temenggong, March 30, 2009 13:56:05
It is MIC's ploy to field 13 more candidates in Selambau to confuse the voters and divide the opposition and malay votes. It has nothing to do with Hindraf.

Cruzeiro, you have issues with Indians and your prejudice is showing!

written by cruzeiro, March 30, 2009 14:31:17
FYI, "Hindraf" doesn't exist - anyone who shouts "makkal sakthi" is apparently in support of "hindraf". And they have been "penetrated" by IPF/MIC/SB thru & thru.
Their show is slipping, and their slip is showing, mate!

You damn right I have issues with "indians" (apparently, despite being one myself) - but only their "stupid pride". The bodoh-sombong ones who pretend that nobody knows the dynamics of BN politics, which they unwittingly support.

You damn right it is MIC/IPF working thru "independents", temenggong - and "Hindraf" is working with them if not against them. Instead of cribbing & whining like babies, they should make a stand for or against Pakatan's candidate.
Tell me you got no "issues" with that, temenggong - then we know where you stand where "prejudice" is concerned.