Sunday, 19 October 2008

Social Contracts, Social Betrayals and NEP ....

Addendum From Bodohland:

After a While, The Sucking Comes Easy

An idea of a social contract draws from teleological thinking as opposed to a modern naturalistic view of sociocultural evolution.
A social contract is a hypothetical agreement between primitive, "unsocialized" people, who decided to form a society in order to avoid wars and violence, by instead creating specific rules - laws - that would organize the group life.
A notable founder of the social contract model, Thomas Hobbes, presents a totally rationalistic view on human nature, which is a main point of contemporary critique.
- WikiBooks

Sounds like the "betrayal" has got to many Malaysians ....
But how can one feel betrayed, if one never really trusted or loved the person who was supposedly the Judas? He was never meant to be trusted anyway.
If he were an institution upon which, benefits granted unto you rides on - he has done his job.
Judas was there for a reason, and history shows that he always does his job well ....

The voice of the people has been ignored & Petitions for justice came to naught - it is realpolitik at play.
Haris Ibrahim's last post (HERE) was sad, and I really feel for him (although I'm certain that he knew what was coming).
Civil society, with the help of politicians, have done much to create awareness that we are thankful for. RPK is incarcerated for this same spirit of justice.
RPK knew that the going wouldn't be easy, and they would fight back (and fight dirty).
It is now that leaders of civil society needs to rise to the challenge - and not let them break the spirit/ courage. If that is lost, so is the future to pirates.
Leaders & fighters who have the Nation in mind, cannot let the pirates win. Many things will crop up to break the spirit which RPK & DSAI has fought so hard to revive - the Spirit of Reform, Trust, Justice & Nationhood.

It definitely wasn't a coincidence that the special courts decided against the Yam Tuan prior to this announcement - it was probably meant to send a message to "those concerned" prior to current events.

There will be more "sandiwaras" to come - and it will all be designed to to show "who's the boss" & break the trust and spirit among the citizenry. It is just the attempt to create the sentiment of "helplessness" of civil society. Many will get disappointed that they are powerless to prevent the slide to corruption, "chaos" and the curtailment of liberties - which is what is needed for them to pursue this evil agenda.They'll sow distrust, inflame passions and breed hatred - so as to require barbaric/ "jahilliyah" laws like the ISA.

The Pirates will be playing up a number of issues in the coming days - sensitive or not - so as to divert our attention/ focus from the cause of justice and liberty.
They may create too many issues for us to focus on.
There may even be another "KMM/Al-Maunah" event orchestrated soon. (They already have a very convenient scapegoat in Hindraf after the recent banning anyway). Hindraf is described in the same breath as the above two (fictitious) groups and characterized as "extremist" in nature, when it was actually "the real extremists" who refused to consider Hindraf's repeated appeals for justice though formal/ appropriate channels.

They will have "allied parties" creating/ bringing "sensitive" controversies to the fore so as to heighten the prospect of "conflict" - while they party together in the backyard. There has to be an environment where fear dominates. Fear of dispossession, fear of conflict and fear of thy neighbour, with the haunting spectre of violence.
It is quite possible that things would be pushed to the "brink"(at least in the minds of the people) - so as to facilitate the agenda of piracy that they have in mind. The MSM, (like the sick Utusan Malaysia "cerpen") will of course play a major role to rile up emotions of a certain sector of society. But of course it would be considered fair game by "authorities".
Sectarian interests & conflicts will be given greater coverage in the near future ......

Politicians & Civil society need to start awareness campaigns for true "Malaysian Unity", as opposed to the window dressings on MSM. Civil society needs to reach out to "heartlanders" and those of the lower socio-economic strata - they are the key to "empowerment". Right now, they are the ones who are manipulated by the pirates who assume high office.

At the heart of all this, is the biggest lie told in 50 yrs to the Malaysians - the NEP, sold to the ignorant masses as "Social Contract" - and used as a pretext to plunder the resources of the Nation.
The "beneficiaries" of this evil form of Racism need to realize that they have been shortchanged. They need to realize that they have been reduced to servitude, despite all the chest-thumping "supremacy" rhetoric of their political kings/warlords/ masters/ "guardians".
The people need to realize that they are given mediocrity in return for surrendering their humanity & rights to pirates, while the nation is plundered.
Until and unless the "beneficiaries" reject this immorality which is bankrupting the nation while stripping them of their spirituality, conscience & dignity - there can be no progress towards Nationhood.

Politicians aren't angels, Power corrupts, & Governments don't serve the people - they rule, and serve only themselves - while crumbs are thrown to the masses. (There are rare exceptions, though)
The people are servants to governments. Anyone who says otherwise, is simply lying. The only way to keep a check on them is through decent education, awareness and civilian empowerment.
Once again, to all Malaysians (especially Haris) - Keep the Faith, and build the trust.

There's a long way to go - a long and windy road ......

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Now Does Our World Descend...


by E. E. Cummings

Now does our world descend
The path to nothingness
(cruel now cancels kind;
friends turn to enemies)
Therefore lament,my dream
and don a doer's doom

Create is now contrive;
Imagined,merely know
(freedom:what makes a slave)
Therefore,my life,lie down
And more by most endure
All that you never were

Hide,poor dishonoured mind
Who thought yourself so wise;
And much could understand
Concerning no and yes:
If they've become the same
It's time you unbecame

Where climbing was and bright
Is darkness and to fall
(now wrong's the only right
since brave are cowards all)
Therefore despair,my heart
And die into the dirt

But from this endless end
Of briefer each our bliss--
Where seeing eyes go blind
(where lips forget to kiss)
There everything's nothing
-- Arise,my soul;and sing